Progress Report of the Executive for Inspection & Security for the Month of July 1947.

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December 9, 2016
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March 25, 1998
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August 7, 1947
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Approved For Releasj~ 1 3 2 :CIA-RDP78-04007A001000030040-4 Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-04007AO01000030040-4 Approved For Re4e se 2001/03/02 : CIAj P78-0447A0910000300,40-4 7 Arl aa" 1947 ty"" MR MMA 111tyTt Tt : t.XEC ':C.I Cfi 71 Y5!M :CTp pm, 11l f.r'wAAN M_YN YVtl % BWJd ? "MM 4f 4% ~1'WP Lcd1 4 tt=1V . o ' ma to of J~~ '19h7- s-7 1. A. cf I. JulFi 2347 tta ccgico of thh cuti *. for Tnipoction c M #i+smU'1t:F cb3orb l t'! #or'rrsr S i 7 D viotc3 of td o 1c3 of ti t?;r C X for Pus cm 1 t db ntratl . At trr c=3 ti "# the himitst sat, Di tc Z, 000,0 " v tc 5cwur1t - ter--7ch., MOO Z. t :-,:t.t ratlcn of tP r-,r ctita ftnat.12-cm of t1 ct ti for ?A a and t! 41curity r ", 3 G-"O, rzra p 2cz :1 t2tm th Cxeutive for A a 11 and by tu:il '~ of t crtiv for I 13 nnd the tantcatuzm'4 PArvotarp 030. t r.7 bt t1 i of this do1Sx. aatton of ;"uUCt: : 3 any to U411 ca falls i 3 La 4^ '1hq cctit1 for 14 (1) rcvj7v7n t to t!:2 Dizator through thi Ez cutive .D .i?c for foz' u* c_ r; . r srr rit' po oo a rd x r ul,atiora OZ CIO) (2) dlrcat1 ' r ;t $ c r tl p riuor 1 mccu Uj of all. CIO p^rCOfl2 - ca v acin=a u,:) evt hm : cm :4 a t- ,d, itr..t`a thi 'G?Y` 4 t",,* ? at tcna Di rcator, 030 t-7.5t t'w'o.-7;t:,ir nocurit; og o a of U a~a; 3 e . must s , 2timji,ern al, znd plrlu; cal c: ur;L elt ,n Wt); (3) rc;j r; : bx5 for (Z1 cccx.tit7 files of CIO 1m r;otira CC9rrww u c=1 c ova Man (to bo i.r,,=plcrmntad u cn cozp1ot .Cn of =31,4 r := iu C tral 'xUdin ); (h) 1MA c c V-.vmri 3. co=j of craploycoo with kIll and TAB (S) rmimult~7 for the raud ,t of opcojul i;uuda Carr th3 D1rQotorp rii h cares b) twdr au k",: ;~:r7 p L t , B3 to DL at , Lv;.nat7 to ctor, or '' ct:t1va 1"'* Vivo ties t:' p 'C sL-,utr i1 In- tafi"~?' .L3 'TL"', i irwz~ t : t nAat ,ivzly i cr , tirt .t* : nthe (' ci Lttin y' CExt ot" r c ctw s ?~tMtc , c-a c-td wU3. rPru:I- rz 25 1u^ . rr; t itr b/ n,ar~"< ua>~~ t3A'"z-t cu~? 25X1A9a T1* rQ r1 3 a tin r= iq~ mrtunt Ct x nt vr+m4c zst; a A* 1 ,,p .ur.-nt t 3 c1' mw jocarit>7 Cu atit S PPa ttt rsta~. r y + ~ t rxsd : c, t; of p s . q. _. 'rte,,, '*)1 ~'. v r ci~ rt Ina po cc nv~i'. rk3k a c n p tdfibdT' L~nf.''.1L~%.r+! -.e.~'"ArL~.Y+k"Q y~~M C?' k.4: "w! L ~.{r ncaa b3, d a'iw ,.i'v r "-'~. [+ &Qtl L 33M1 7 t? m or i"ld '"L w% ' G ~t s iA~+fl ~,1 r"ryy ~ i ii>.pr am cFd: axv $ o .nuura that, rc W.,:L ntrctx L: taken. 1, trot up in ?c #cc trt:2a~3; ~ rw.::~ tcx cCZ tixx7 ru. ,;1' .v * n a 1 ` :s n t an Approved for Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-04007A001000030040-4 41 (1, mrarnticra c3l t n r : rt7= 'Pan cover ,n firm and L? 1 ? "~'.~ij 3. s f2:"x ^tw ' r, - p b1 Gate tc ~ - r1' , ;ac .nuludLrl c=rZpzqr torn to b v ,cn t c In 1 7 1,11 ,:mh of t 000;Etvit i1rz, x rC iQn on #., 4ot v t A or ; uas tad. iwpog S7x1 B1"1". n"t u. C - ::' "4MP. W.c--1 o r :w. w a4 ~d04i1+%~ Iw+w.[c ~1~3( '# Co1oT; w. i ccut4vaa for Tmprict on ecur ty Approved For Release 2001/03/02 CIA-RDP78-04007AO010000300i40-4 Approved For Relepe 2001/03/02: CIA-RDR78-04007001000030040-4