Initial Plans for Inspection and Audit Branches

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December 9, 2016
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March 25, 1998
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August 12, 1947
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Approved For Release 21 DP78-04007A001000030041-3 Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-04007AO01000030041-3 Appr~W, rpor ase _,.To, Cam. IfPE;TSC 13 22 Ant 7 25X1A9a 5 25X1A9a 3U8j=: Initial - for I pect u and ? t Braes a ntion is invited to tentative State nent of F t.~ ~? Your attention s attached, of the inspection and Audit Dranchaw. of this offi . 2. In aiddition to your rem g t Chief, Br h, you will initially desi t d as Acting Deputy A, zz'a for I & S, and will in thte wtpacity 5aperv. tie build-up 4y . ,.w4 zation of both the Inspection and Audit Brand. 3? The first priority of acstg ,ent should be the selection highly qaied per z e3. for t~ e t ro off is s. Persomml, ?r t, .,. pry er ' w Inspection Branch must be Intelligence Specialists, who had experience in t field as a Chief of ..scion or as T rata ,if a Officer. 'Upon. their selection., I desire that you and thxe other in- sp tere of the branch k ep y se ' fully and continuo ly ixsfor l of current intelligence operations v.-4 t current :+intel1Igence'., picture* in all offices of CIG. atie your primary function ,inspection a mired by the Director of Central ?. 050 instal tiors abroad,. you will aizo at times be required to and advise as to operations in Waahin-t "' ;: n all other offices. n sore ixpo t .nt is the fact that to be l wise and render good i elligence &orvice to 050 installations,, inspectors t know and 12rr4ere?d the ce lste picture. Al1 o requires that your branch sz 4st be on the distribution list for all finished intelligence such as Daily S uTvrtes, C Situation 'Repf etc* 25X1A6a 4 The records of personnel selected for the t+ pecticzz W Branch" will be ra available for revises by the Assistant in order to satisfy hi i that no cec?xr .ty risk will be er ante use of such personnel abroad. In c. ors :ere inspectors have not h. : previous experience in sez i-covert or covert c rations, ?s A must be made to have them properly L-tdoctrinated by 03D. For planning purposes, the ins ction Branch should to send two inspectors into the field by some tLm during De? 'r r, Meld Inspection tripe will be orde od by r4melf aftor contultatf-,a,n a'1. the Director. Except in u -su l cirz~ ; ? ; s, such trips will b coordin ted with the Assistar t Diet r acer d and in case; of installations b r Zq~ f A p nfei n~4 ~' N/ 3 ~4 $ e b wo m ux--,a if and the chief of the by ? regional branch. Travel w'], be by GIG Special Funds and not c .hr Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78; 04007AO01000030041-3 Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-04007AO01000030041-3 erection as i octet n of per a 1. Study of the current opemtions of all CIO activities. Stud of the ad inistrs,tioz' and = nt of GIG. i Preparation of pvo*edures for inspections as for recxords. Preparation of a suggest, anraxa inspects plan for approval of the Director* Xnit, inspections j pri.o t of the Audit Bra h Will be audit CIO over case be coord that You May tint it feawl o rats of CSO. On the other band t:a satf j, the ction Branch t astride to gain and maintain this conric nee of Assistant Directors and zit thm f4e1 that so far as t i irector"a directives permit.. the make Branch will =-Am every 8tfio rt to of raja service and help to offices and the cerati peraoxsl in the f lain, 7. it appa that t isl activities of the 3cti B h Mi .t ran ow .an this. broad buslas I a regal" Geo . for 6. The basic princip1e of the activities of the fiction Bra h is that it f~=t?ons? through the Xvi=tivs tor.1 c B, dirct for the Director, Therefore, its tiles,,, reports., and recd o tj a highly ems tricte O and not be made avai3 le to r person. outaile the branch e t the Director, Deputy Directar,#' i Oe-ctxt3: Dictor, or cuti for g & 5q, The s& strict security t obtain within the Inspection Branch as is maintainm for tho hi -1- *3AYi~f* held trp cow. to the atten + r of ty uatarr in Performing this Zu i~trination~, For t reason# while five or SIX as ,.tors ham ~. been tentativ ly- soles d,, they Will not c to d until a carem review h4s been made of the sew ty investigations., which should s at$.sfact to both isaistant Director,, 0,S0 and F eutive for 1 9. ? The A u d i t Dratch w i l l h a v e a def inf tt RCurtainft amt it and its poc edInp, files? user, and other activiti 1 l be available only to Director, Deputy, i scut ivv Dlreators ,ti 't r I & B, and D p A, Executive for I & S* before audit. ..~.,. ...+.? se3w+.e-.F. F V,z3 T~3 P The, Audit Branch will be pt physically ap 10. ace trr both the Special =ds Officer, O SO and the Fist. Branch, CIQ. Its personr, l 11, voar,, gigs an Indoctrination tour so in 'ourrent zw.thods 0 ,,. ., & __. _ *__.. _. , ..' _. - . _ - pproved For Relea /b2 : CIA:RDP78-04007A001000030041-3 Mary *over arrangements win in aistant Director, 060. Si f t Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP78-04007AO01000030041-3 Personnel of t Audit Bra=h will be furor givon such Will be made thereafter on a periodic basis, and 1L. Assistant Directors or t* Fiscal or Special Funds Officer am css r7 ndoctt t : by 050 as t enable tbam to r o f pro- blame of intelligetwe rsoz l authorized use Op"JAI i ds end to further into the field wben necessarys or wt*n to c r ct. :rah as t deem raacecs. authorised to request wic'b additional or Waial audits by the Audit 15. In addition, in aeeor'danos with instraction5 from t t Amt flra i review mod, advise on budget estUates oritr job a stir this activation of . tba Audi** a a - fete audit of Spacial Fuaft and report' thereof ; to the erector. SoloctIm and Indoctrination d t tion of s 1.. Std of the o nt , fiscal procedures a methods in CIO. Preparation of pro dux for audit maid audit rew. Audit of 050 Special Pun s. Audit of CIG Speci . p raft of an aza.a1 audit and foal manggemut 16.. The Audit Branch win be prepared to reco=mnd o the Dixec* tox i ro i fiac . aad rant procedures in the irig of funds which 17,6 It appeav that the initial activities of t h* Audit Brand olpht follow along this broad bases v= inpreaso the efficiency of CIC operations.. "'.i.! Colonel, ?k Rwcutt" for Inspection S tj ~ IN a -: 4pproved For Release 701703/02 : - FA-RDP78-04007A001000030041-3