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December 9, 2016
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August 15, 1966
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Approvedr Release 2001/08/08 CIA-RDP78-02R000100080009-5 - CONFIDENTIAL 25X1A 38. SUGGESTION AND INVENTION AWARDS a. POLICY. The Central Intelligence Agency encourages employee participation in the improvement of all phases of Agency operations and grants awards In accordance with this paragraph in recognition of improvements in effi- ciency, security, work conditions, safety, morale, and procedures resulting from employee suggestions or inventions. The awards shall be granted In a manner consistent with Agency security practices and cover considerations. be AWARDS . (1) By law, monetary awards may not exceed $5,000 except when authorized under subparagraph c (2) (c) (5) below for a highly exceptional contribution. (2) The Agency may grant monetary awards for suggestions and inventions as follows: (a) For Tangible Savings to the Agency. When an improvement results in' a monetary saving in Agency operations, the amount of the award shall normally be based on the estimated net monetary saving for the first full year of operation following adoption of the improvement. (b) For. Intangible Benefits to the Agency. When an improvement does not lend itself to appraisal on the basis of monetary savings, the scope of its application shall be fully considered and the amount of the award shall be based on the benefits to Agency operations. (c) For Inventions of Value to the Agency or Government. When an In- vention, made within or outside the inventor's job responsibilities, re- suits.' in the execution of a patent application with a license to the Government or has been used in the public interest, an invention award of $50 for disclosure will be paid the inventor. Finally upon issuance of a patent, or Notice of Allowability by the U.S. Patent Ofiice?if the application is placed under secrecy, an additional inven- tion award of $75 will be paid the Inventor. The employee will con- tinue to be eligible for awards for the invention according to the pro- visions of subparagraphs (a) and (b) above. (3) A certificate signed by the Chairman, Suggestion Awards Committee is granted with all awards. A copy. of this certificate is placed in the sug- gester's Official Personnel Folder. (4) A Certificate of Appreciation signed by the Director of Central Intelligence Is granted with awards of $300 or more. .(5) The Suggestion Awards Committee may grant a Letter of Appreciation when it considers this more appropriate than a monetary award. e. ADMINISTRATION (1) The Suggestion Awards Committee administers the Suggestion and Inven- tion Awards Program. The committee consists of six voting members or their alternates including the Director of Personnel, who acts as perma- nent chairman. The Executive Director-Comptroller and the four Deputy Directors each appoint one member and one alternate to serve on the com- mittee. Appointments are made for one fiscal year and individuals may be reappointed. The Office of Personnel provides the committee with an executive secretary and necessary administrative support. The Office of Se- curity furnishes a nonvoting adviser to the committee on a continuing basis and the Office of Communications and the Office of Finance each furnish a nonvoting adviser to the committee when the agenda indicates a need therefor. A quorum of the committee shall consist of four voting members or their alternates. Revised.: 15 August 1966 (304) CONFIDENTIAL GROUP I Excluded from automatic downgrading and dale., Pcotlan Approved For Release. 2001/08/08 : CIA-RDP78-04072R000100080009-5 Approved- Release 2001/08/08 : CIA-RDP78-04Q2R000100080009-5 CONFIDENTIAL PERSONNEL (2) The committee is responsible for: (a) Developing standards for suggestion and invention awards and for procedures relating to these awards. (b) Reviewing suggestions and granting or recommending suggestion or invention awards. A committee determination or recommendation to grant an award must be unanimous. If an objection is recorded, the committee will refer the issue to the Deputy Director for Support for determination. (e) Granting or recommending, in accordance with subparagraph b above, monetary awards for accepted suggestions or inventions. (1) The Chairman, Suggestion Awards Committee may authorize awards up to and including $50. (2) The Suggestion Awards Committee may authorize awards In ex- cess of $50 up to and including $300. - (3) The Deputy Director for Support may authorize awards in excess of $300 up to and including $1,000. (4) The Director of Central Intelligence may authorize awards in ex- cess of $1,000 up to and including $5,000. (5) The Civil Service Commission may authorize awards in excess of $5,000. r/(3) A special panel of three rotating members is appointed by the Director of Central Intelligence upon the joint recommendation of the Deputy Director for Plans and the Director of Personnel. The chairman of this panel is designated by the chairman, Suggestion Awards Committee. This panel considers suggestions and inventions involving operational activities of the Clandestine Services and makes recommendations to the chairman, Sug- gestion Awards Committee regarding awards for such suggestions and in- ventions. The chairman then takes action without reference to the Sug- gestion Awards Committee. All restrictions imposed in subparagraphs (b) and (c) above on committee actions also apply to panel recommendations. (4) The Director of Personnel, or his designee, shall budget for and authorize payments by the Director of Finance for expenses of suggestion and in- vention awards. (5) Employees shall submit improvement suggestions on Form 244, Employee Suggestion (available from the executive secretary, Suggestion Awards Committee), through their supervisors or directly to the executive secre- tary, Suggestion Awards Committee. When an invention is involved, the employee shall also submit Form 915, Record of Invention (available from the chairman, CIA Patents Board), to the executive secretary, Suggestion Awards Committee for processing and award consideration. (Clandestine Services personnel shall submit Form 915 and any other pertinent informa- tion relating to the invention through the Chief, CI Staff.) Form 915 will then be referred to the CIA Patents Board for concurrent determina- tion-of the inventor's rights and Invention Award recommendations. (6) Adopted suggestions must be submitted in writing within two years after adoption to be considered for an award. Exceptions to this time limit require prior approval of the chairman, Suggestion Awards Committee. (7) Suggesters will be notified of the action taken by the committee. When an award has been granted, the committee will inform the Operating Offi- cial concerned. When a suggestion has been rejected, the committee will notify the suggester of the reason. ..~'? 98 Revised: 15 August 1966 (304) CONFIDENTIAL Approved For'Release 2001/08/08 : CIA-RDP78-04072R000100080009-5