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Approved For Release 1000/05/08 : CIA-RDP78-d4202A 0100010013-9 :lhi, and was consultant to is during the year include rope-Archiv. Speaking en- rversity of Illinois and the nal Affairs. Andrew Pierre, ear, was the chairman of a :972 meeting of the Ameri- the Brookings Institution, Laboratories, the Fletcher song published articles are n Camps, Senior Research ng the special group else- Ftitution, a member of the national Affairs, and is a tute of Strategic Studies, anal Affairs on European hington, published articles star-News, and The Ripon r moderator at conferences ^ternational r enter for elegate to the Institute of can Friends Service Com- the Senate Ad Hoc Com- rs, Senior Research bellow, dal Handbook and Atlas of rue United States in World nuary, 1973 on a 21/i year opment with special refer- Calgary, Alberta. John S. ow, continued his study of big part in organizing the States-Canadian relations. s work during the year on }ublished articles including December, 1972, and was Richard H. Ullman Director of Studies Report on INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS FELLOWSHIPS THE COUNCIL'S International Affairs Fellowships are awarded annually to between 10 to 14 promising young men and women from the age of 27 through 35 who are working in the field of international relations. Designed to provide professional experience contrasting with the Fellow's background, the program offers Fellows from the academic world an occasion to test their theories in a policy-oriented environment, and gives government officials an opportunity to consider problems in a scholarly atmosphere free from the pressures of daily decision-making. The International Affairs Fellowships are funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Ford Foundation. Since the inception of the program in 1967, there have been 61 fellowship recipients, each chosen in a nationwide competition. During 1972-73, International Affairs Fellows and their projects were as follows: WILLTAM H. RRANSON, of Princeton Unit?^rsty:'"Political Economy of United States Trade" BARRY CARTER, of the National Security Council staff: "Decision-Making in United States Strategic Policy (1967-75)" Louis W. GOODMAN, of Yale University: "Decision-Making in Multi- National Corporations in Latin America" ROBERT J. LIEBER,'Of the University of California at Davis: "Dimensions of Community and Conflict: A Systematic Study of European-American Relations" ABRAHAM F. LOWENTHAL, of the Ford Foundation: "Peru's Revolutionary Government of the Armed Forces" EDWARD L. MILES, of the University of Denver: "The International Decision System for Ocean Exploration and Exploitation" JEFFREY S. MILSTEIN, of Yale University: "The Uses and Limits of Quanti- tative and Systematic Analysis" ALEJANDRO PORTES, of the University of Texas at Austin: "United States Immigration Policy: Effects on Latin America" WILLIAM B. QUANDT, of the RAND Corporation: "The Development Process: Views of the American Foreign Policy Elite" W. TAYLOR REVELEY, III, of Williams, Gay & Gibson, Richmond, Virginia: Approved For Release 2000/05/08': CIA-RDP78-04202A000100010013-9 Approved 'Fo elease 00' 1'45/08 1 LR P=T'S 2@2- a4 00;13-q--?-? "Constitutional Aspects of United States Participation in Foreign Conflicts" WILLIAM RuGII, of the United States Information Agency: "The United States Viewed by the Arab Media" PHILIPPE C. SCHMITTER, of the University of Chicago: "Fascism, Populism and Falangism" FRANKLIN B. WEINSTEIN, of Cornell University: "The Impact of a Resurgent Japan on Southeast Asia" During the year a number of Fellows attended meetings and study groups at the Harold Pratt House. Mr. Lowenthal's project led to the formation of a study group, of which he is secretary, on United States Policy-Making Toward Latin America, which will continue its meetings in 1973-74. In February the Fellows assembled at the Harold Pratt House to discuss their work. Also attending this meeting were Fellows from previous years, members of the Advisory Selection Committee, Council board and staff. In 1973 Alton Frye, now a Senior Fellow of the Council and Director of Special Projects and formerly an International Affairs Fellow, assumed the Directorship of the program. John Temple Swing, Vice President and Secretary of the Council, who has directed the program since its inception, will retain an active interest in it in his continuing role as Chairman of the Advisory Selection Committee. Alton Frye Senior Fellow and Director of Special Projects Approved For Release 2004/05/08 : CIA-RDP78-04202A000100010013-9 Report on EDWARI WALTE MILITA EDWARD R. M The Edward R. Mu enables an Americ special interest in i Council program w In 1972-73 the correspondent in Ir ent for the Intern Fellow for 1973-7 mittee composed of C. Hottelet, Norma WALTER J. LEV Through the genci New York individi United States but Council. Levy Fello free to visit other c In January 1973 at the University Fellow. While at tl policy discussion gi Powers" and led th mittees on Foreign Jean-Jacques Sal Scientific Affairs, has been invited to MILITARY FELL Each year, two pro