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December 9, 2016
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August 24, 2000
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April 8, 1975
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UNITED STATES CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION WASHINGTON, D.G. 20415 APR 8 1975 Thank you for the cooperation of your agency in nominating candidates to the Education for Public Management Program (EPM). The enclosed list announces final selections for EPM for the academic year 1975-76. A letter of congratulations on behalf of the Civil Service Commission will be sent to each nominee five days after the date of this letter. This will allow you enough time to inform your agency's participants personally or arrange for appropriate agency notification. Orientation sessions for participants will be held on each campus at varying times from now through the summer, prior to commencing the academic year. Individuals will be notified by the program advisor at their university when to report for orientation. These sessions have proved effective in helping the EPM participant prepare for the transition and plan courses of study. To assist in fulfilling an inherent obligation to the universities in their scheduling and fiscal planning, we ask that we be informed of any declinations to participation by June 13, 1975. Thank you for your continued support of the Education for Public Management Program. Sincerely yours, James R. Beck, Jr. Director Bureau of Training proved For RelWe 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-04202A00VM0120009-2 Approy. Fr~Eh)-y gi1/Q8/GUb~I"INVE57Fi0r~ 0MAIN8NOtCT PA&ENT Approved For Reldtw6 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-04202AO00400120009-2 PARTICIPANTS IN THE 1975-76 EDUCATION FOR PUBLIC MANAGEMENT PROGRAM CORNELL STATINTL BARARD, Gary J. Justice/LEAA Atlanta, CA DARSEY, John D. Treasury/Customs Brandon, FL LEEWRIGHT, Earl L. DSA Kansas City, MO LIM, Albert DOT/FAA Torrance, CA MARINI, Francis L. DSA Abington, MA MCCAULEY, Ellen V. D SA Fairfax, VA MOSBAUGH, Paul R. DSA Atchison, KS CIA (1ll~ VA CIA Washington, DC Summit Point, Burke, VA HARVARD KELLY, Mary L. Treasury/IRS Daly City, CA LARSEN, John G. DOT/FAA East Patchogue., NY LASS, Kathryn DOL Boston, MA MELONE, John W. DSA Annandale, VA SPERRY, Roger L. GAO Silver Spring, MD INDIANA STATINTL ACTON, Marie ALLEN, James H. Army Air Force Annandale, VA Oxon Hill, MD CIA Chevy Chase, MD BENSON, Robert H. NASA HUNTSVILLE, AL BERGERON, John P. VA Alexandria, VA CANADAY, Jessie C. DSA Thornville, OH HARRER, Benno F. DSA Elk Grove Village, IL HAUGHTON, Claiborne D. DSA Indianapolis, IN INGRAM, Paula R. Army Huntsville, AL SANDERS, Charles L. Air Force Overland Park, KS SOUCY, Logene Army Springfield, VA WILLIS, Furman M. GSA Fereral Way, WA MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY BACON, Michael J. CALFAPIETRA, Vincent G. GATES, Quentin J. DSA Army DOT/FAA. Allen Park, MI Toms River, NJ Aurora, CO Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04202A000100120009-2 Approved For Releseb 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04202A00G 120009-2 HOGAN, William M. IMFELD, William F. MCCREE, Ramon W. POZIOMEK, Edward J. ROSENTHAL, Harvey A. SLOVIN, Harvey J. DMA Air Force DSA Army Army Army PRINCETON STANFORD COLLINS, Raymond C. STANNARD, Richard M. DHEW CSA St. Louis, MO Dayton, OH Cambridge, MA Bel Air, MD Silver Spring, MD Eatontown, NJ Vienna, VA Seattle, WA Bethesda, MD Alexandria, VA Hampton, VA Bloomington, MI San Mateo, CA Kensington, MD Houston, TX Columbus, OH San Francisco, CA Washington, DC Castro Valley, CA Chicago, IL Reston, VA I S rATINTL ADLER, Ira M. ARMSTRONG, Robert S. BRENDER, Karen D. CHILDER, Harold C. CRIPE, Daniel L. FULTON, Benjamin E. GARRIOTT, Owen K. JONES, LAWTON, George A. MAHONEY, Theresa K. POON, Kenneth K. ROCKWELL o~ Commerce Treasury/Customs NASA Interior/BIA Treasury/Customs DHEW NASA DSA EPA DHEW DSA CSA CIA C / UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CASTEEL, John R. DEAN, Herbert G. FIELDS, Lois A. KILLAM, Phillip P. LAUTHERSTEIN, Kenneth M. MITCHELL, Prentiss PROCTOR, Daniel A. K. SETTLE, Norval D. DCA Air Force Treasury/Customs DHEW DOT/FAA Treasury/Customs Air Force EPA UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON bTATI NTL ALMANZAN, Martin BONIG, Ronald C. DHEW GSA CIA Alexandria, VA Reston, VA San Pedro, CA College Park, MD Washington, DC Long Beach, CA San Antonio, TX Arlington, VA Mountain View, CA Columbia, MD STATSPEC Washington, DC Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04202A000100120009-2 Approved For Reldvab 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04202A00120009-2 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON (CON'T) UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA HAENDEL, Ann R. LINDENHOFFEN, Harold E. MCMAHON, Bernard E. NEELEY, Jerry SCOTT, Jo Ann C. STUTMAN, David SULLIVAN, Daniel J. COOK, Carvin FARRING, Robert M. GELLETICH, Joseph F. LUCK, Joan MOORE, Robert H. O'ROURKE, John E. SANCHEZ, Eugenio G. SCHNEER, Agnes J. STELL, Richard L. TAGTMEYER, Gary E. VAILLANT, Jeffrey L. WEIS, Claudia P. DHEW Air Force EPA DSA EPA Army Navy DOL Interior/BIA HUD Agriculture Army CIA A Treasury/Customs Air Force Air Force Navy Army GSA DSA Bethesda, MD Woodbridge, VA Rockville, MD Powell, OH Seattle, WA Silver Spring, MD Dale City, VA Baltimore, MD Sterling, VA Simsbury, CT Arlington, VA Falls Church, VA Vienna, VA Alexandria, VA San Antonio, TX Arlington, VA Alexandria, VA San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA Annarc]ale, VA Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04202A000100120009-2 Approved F~JNCT~DeSTATE~CIVIL SEr~VIGC:C~Mf I"009-2 1975-76 Participants in the Education for Public Management Program As the time approaches for you to make arrangements with your agency for your move to your assigned university training site, it might be helpful to be aware of general Government policy and regulations concerning payment of long-term training expenses. You should keep in mind, however, that agencies differ in their implementation of these policies according to their assessment of their own overall training needs and available funds. The Federal Personnel Manual, Chapter 410, emphasizes that: The head of each agency should establish a policy to assure that just and equitable financial assistance is provided.' As a guideline, an agency's policy should provide, to the extent possible, that payment of expenses for training results in neither financial gain nor loss to the employee. The legal basis for agencies to authorize the payment of training expenses is in Chapter 41, Title 5, United States Code, Section 4109, Expenses of Training: (a) The head of an agency, under the regulations prescribed under section 4118 (a) (8) of this title and from appropriations or other funds available to the agency, may-- (1) pay all or a part of the pay (except overtime, holiday, or night differential pay) of an employee of the agency selected and assigned for training under this chapter, for the period of training; and (2) pay, or reimburse the employee for, all or a part of the necessary expenses of the training, without regard to section 529 of title 31, including among the expenses .the necessary costs of-- R,6169 i6 '200(1IFOg 2t CFi4Ef 78`-'04-202'x. fl001:0'O120O0'9'.12 R r Approved For Relelleb 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04202A000 0120009-2 (A) travel and per diem instead of subsistence under subchapter I of chapter 57 of this title or, in the case of commissioned officers of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, sections 404 and 405 of title 37; and the Joint Travel Regulations for the Uniformed Services; (B) transportation of immediate family, household goods and personal effects, packing crating, temporarily storing, draying, and unpacking under section 5724 of this title, or, in the case of commissioned officers of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, sections 406 and 409 of title 37, and the Joint Travel Regulations for the Uniformed Services, when the estimated costs of trans- portation and related services are less than the estimated aggregate per diem payments for the period of training; (C) tuition and matriculation fees; (D) library and laboratory services; (E) purchase or rental of books, materials, and supplies, and (F) other services or facilities directly related to the training of the employee. (b) The expenses of training do not include membership fees except to the extent that the fee is a necessary cost directly related to the training itself or that payment of the fee is a condition precedent to undergoing the training. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04202A000100120009-2 Approved For Relee 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04202A000120009-2 -3- Regarding the two alternatives of payment of a per diem allowance to the employee (similar to a temporary duty - TDY - allowance), or the transportation of immediate family, etc., (similar to a permanent change of station - PCS - but with certain restrictions), the Comptroller General has consistently ruled that either one or the other may be paid, but not both. That is, agencies may allow expenses of transportation of the immediate family, household goods, etc., up to the amount not exceeding what the estimated aggregate per diem payments would be to the individual employee for the period of training. Some agencies may have decided to allow only one alternative, per diem or transportation of family, in all cases, some may require employees to take the cheapest alternative, and others may allow the employee to be paid the total estimated aggregate per diem prior to training and move his family, or not, as he wishes. When per diem is paid, the amount is normally adjusted after a period of time to cover the employee's actual extra expenses. Similarly, a sliding scale is often used by agencies in estimating what aggregate per diem would be. As contrasted with allowances for employees on a normal Permanent Change of Station, regulations do not authorize payment of per diem allowances for family members of employees on training assignments, nor do they permit payment of allowances. for expenses incurred in connection with residence transactions for such employees. While employees away on EPM training assignments receive full pay and tuition, agencies vary on such things as the methods of computing per diem and the rate of per diem actually allowed or .used to estimate aggregate per diem, book and typing allowances, and other fees. Normal annual and sick leave regulations apply to long-term trainees, but agencies differ in their leave approval procedures. Additional time at the beginning and the end of the program year for arrangements for housing, school registration, etc., should be negotiated prior to assignment to the program. You are urged to contact your training and travel personnel to become informed of your agency's policies on payment of long-term training expenses and to work out any negotiations which may be required so that you will be fully aware of your allowable expenses in.time to make the necessary arrangements for moving to the training site. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04202A000100120009-2 s Approved Foc Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDW8-04202A000100120009-2 Mr. Rodriguez (via( STATINTL Attached is a copy of the official announcement by the Civil Service Commission of the selections made for this year's Education for Public Management Program. (The original letter, addressed to the Director of Personnel, will be sent to OTR this afternoon.) All six of our nominees were selected. I am notifying all interested parties except John Bacon. I defer to one of you to do that. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04202A000100120009-2