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December 9, 2016
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August 24, 2000
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June 30, 1975
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NOMINATION fOR INTERAGENCY TRAINING ~' 4 Dates of course iJ ~ 2] July - ~ August 175 Moved to Oresent m~analeriai q~o3ition: 1 January 175 registrar, (?ffic+~ of Traintn Central Intelligence Agency `a ~ ~ ~~ ~yac~s b. '~CtT ~ t~~ ~#8VL ~ B~Stt~+~1~ ~C fi~~ ~ i3RIC S'~'+3C@ ~+1~5 - t9C+1~it15'.~ ~:~t~~, ~t3a` t~ ~ 5 S~t14 ~ f!'8C. 7. ~'9~Esdt~~# 3`~.'~#A#"i;l ~t1C5t: p8~it".t'S t+~ --- -- B - ~Gift~~i~t5. 9. - - - ----- - --- -- 10. ----- - - -- ------ ~. Q~~3 ~~'fY~E` 1~~ CC+~ - - ~. 12. _ _ -- -- --- 13. - - -- . 25X1A !.~ ~~ ,~~ ~ ~ ~.. j~,; ---- t s. ----- - -_ - -- Approved For Rele se 2001 08/28: IA-RDP7 -04202A000100130028-0 FORM 610 USE PREVIOUS ^ SECRET ^ CONFIDENTIAL ^ INTERNAL UNCLASSIFIED 3-62 EDITIONS USE ONLY ^ ^ UNCLASSIITr~~Bnved F r~~~~01/08/28 : CIA-RDP7~42QA~II~QAk~1028-0 ^ SECRET ROUTING AND RECORD SHEET SUBJECT: (Optional FROM: EXTENSION NO. EXeCI#t~Y~ Se~cret$ry DATE Tt"a~n~Ti '~ff:~~~t~Qn $oard ~~~~ ~~~~. Bid ~~37 ~r ~[7 June ~~~~ TO: (Officer designation, room number, and DATE building) OFFICER'S COMMENTS (Number each comment to show from whom 25X1A RECEIVED FORWARDED INITIALS ro whom. Draw o line across column after each comment.) 1 f #4 ~ ~r'~~r~~+~F ids ~~L1.lf` ~i~l~~ ~ s.4tw l'+~ ~ ~CI t 34 `I~S~ t i ~ ~~It >~f spaces b? ftrr ~'Y ~6 >u~; have been: assured that we car ct>ut~t tin a sped: (as _ req~ested~ f~rc- this sextr~rt~r, ~. - _ - Please retut-n these papers ale indici~ting yocsr t'ankin~ of the 8. -- __.-- -._ _- sand ~ E!S $~~ . --- 9. --- - 10. -- ~ 11. ~?CeC1.Et~Y@ $EwC~V`tdt'y ---- - . ~fa~T4~ftt,~ ~~~Ct~E~ f3slt'( 1036 Chetrtber of Ccxnnrnerce 12. --- --- . - 13. - - 14. 25X1A ls. - - - Approved For Rele se 2001 08/28: IA-RDP7 -04202A000100130028-0 ~ FORM 610 USE PREVIOUS ^ SECRET ^ CONFIDENTIAL ^ INTERNAL UNCLASSIFIED 3-62 EDITIONS USE ONLY ^ Approved For Re~~~~ :-CIA~~E98 ~~toZav0~100130028-0 23 ..tune i975 MEMORANDIiM FOR: Senior Training Officers 0/DC l . DOA , OD 1 , flDO, DDSf~T ~ittBJECT Space Reservations -~ Executive Seminar Centers for Fiscai Year 1976 1. Attached is a copy of the schedule of Executive Seminars snowing the spaces reserved for the Agency at icings Point, Oak Ridge and the University of Delaware for 1g75-7b. 2. The Civil Service Corronission has requested that in placing our nominations we include the folio~ring information: (aj "Seminar far New Managers" - the date that the nominee was first assigned to a manageriai position since July i, 1974, or (b) "Seminar for Advancing Managers -the date the nominee moved from one managerial position to another since July 1, 197+. A manageriai position is defined in FPM I~.etter ~a12-2, Executive and Manac~,ement Develot~ment, dated January 29, 1974. Piease inciude this information in your supporting documentation submitted with your nominations. Agency nominees far these seminars are approved by the Training Selection Sward. Piease remember that our participants must attend on a completely overt basis and must be identified as Agency to ali concerned. Executive 5ecrezary Training Selection Board Att STATINTL ES-TS maq Distribution: Orig - Adses - 0/DCI, DDA, DDI, DDO, DDS&T w/att 1 - RG/TSS/TR w/cpy att 2 - ES-TSB w/att Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-04202A000100130028-0 [9.iJ4w ..wiwlha?~ 3 L.. ~ .F ~_.. 1i o~(~y Approved For Release 200'~/0~/28 :'~f~=1~1~`P74z0~A000100130028-0 iii March 1975 F"~EMORANDUM FOR: Senior Training OFfic~rs O/DCt, DDA, DD1, DDO, DOSfrT e~USJ#CT Reservations for Spaces at Executive Seminar Centers for Fiscal Year 1976 1. The Civil Service Commission has invited us to submit our ~?equest for spaces at the Executive Seminar Centers for Fiscal Year 1976. Copies of the space reservation forms and a brochure providing guidelines far selecting participants, brief descriptions of the seminars, and other information concerning the Centers are attached for distribution to your training officers. 2. in requesting your spaces, may } ask you to keep 1n mind the =o}lowing points: a. Our participants must attend an a completely overt basis and must be identified as Agency to ail concerned. w3. The seminars are designed for selected employees at the GS-14 and GS-l5 levels; a limited number at the GS'l3 level are eligible to be nominated. (See page i2 of the brochure far criteria For nominees for the three-week "Seminar for New Managers" and the ' "Seminar for Advancing Managers' `. } c. 1f a space request for your Directorate is confirmed you have an obligation to nom}nat$ a candidate at the proper time. Therefore, please have an Individual identified and on record for each space you request. The Agency pays in advance at the beginning of the fiscal year for sit the spaces reserved ror that year. The fee for the two-week sem}Wars this year wilt be $750; the fee for the three-week seminars wit} be $1125. d. We da not use the Center at Berkeley, California. in that connection, the CSC is new woriKing with the General Services Administration to locate space for expanded capability. For your Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-04202A000100130028-0 AIliVlildl:~a_~___._. -- _._.___.---.-__.., .;.,..~ Ui~ILY 7~'~XNib~..,.. _ Approved For Release 2001/08/2$-: CIA=RDP78='b~2'~'2~~0100130028-0 isianning lsurposes, you may assume the additional location wi i i be within a l04 mile arc running north to northeast of Mashington, C.G. 1 recommend, in keeping ivi th the Government-aaide effort to exercise prudence in the use of funds, that to the extent practicable you consider use of this location, which we understand is to be avai lalsle for the 1976 runnings of the s+aminars. 3. ialease return one copy of the reserv~tian form to me by Friday, 18 April 175 indicating the n~ber of spaces you would like trr have for each sernina~r. Executive Secretary Training Selection E3oard cc: OfEEO (Attn: STATI NTL ES-TSB maq Distribution; 1 - Ea STO - 0/DC1, DDA, DDI, DDO, DDS~T 1 - RG/SRS/TR 2. - ES-TSB Approved For Release 2001-/D8/28-: CIA-RDPZ8-0Q,202AA00100130028-0 Approved For Rel~se 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-04202A0(1I,'f00130028-0 UNITED STATES CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION WASHINGTON, D.C. 20415 F. W. M. Janney Director of Personnel Central Intelligence Agency Washington, D. C. 20505 Information is enclosed which will enable you to request spaces in the Commission's FY 1976 Executive Seminar Program. Schedules for Oak Ridge, Kings Point and Berkeley, as well as a fourth location, is enclosed. We are now working with the General Services Administration to locate space for expanded capability. For your planning purposes, you may assume the additional location will be within a 100 mile arc running north to northeast of Washington, D.C. We have scheduled additional "Seminar for New Managers" and "Seminar for Advancing Managers" sessions in the FY 1976 Program to assist agencies in responding to the managerial and executive development requirements of FPM Letter 412-2. We again stand ready to respond to additional requests for spaces in either of these seminars beyond those spaces contained in the FY 1976 schedule. In keeping with the governmentwide effort to hold or reduce expenditures, we plan no increase in tuition. The $750 per two week and $1,125 per three week seminar charge will be retained for the FY 1976 Program because of efficiencies introduced, productivity increases planned, and economies occurring in present operations. This fee covers the full cost of the seminar, meals, and lodging. Typically, agencies provide $2.50 per day to their participants for incidental expenses. Please submit your requests for spaces for next year's program to the Bureau of Training, U.S. Civil Service Commission, Room 7412, Washington, D.C. 20415, so that they may be received by May 1, 1975. (Sooner, if you can do so conveniently.) After requests are received for the four locations, we will negotiate the best match between agency plans and schedule fiexibilities A`p~`~~~i~rr~~n20Q1~~~~ ir~s~E~=01~~~80~~~~~i~vr Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-04202A089100130028-0 in the centers. Next, a calendar of confirmed space will be sent to you and your agency will be asked to sign an agreement underwriting the number of spaces confirmed. Please provide the name, title, and mailing address of the official to whom the agreement should be sent for signature. If you have questions, please telephone Tom Loftis, Area Code 202-632-7626 or IDS Code 101-27626. Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-04202A000100130028-0 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 :CIA-RDP78-04202A000100130028-0 -.o;a~ ~.:!',:~n~>ao c?.c~~~.A~ u1 ~hc hroc?~~xre a~~ Gef~.a~ ~ers~ ~o as r#.6 L 4M ,J /~ Fy :. 9 .t ~s~T ..~?$:.'1Ar If r~.:d.~. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 :CIA-RDP78-04202A000100130028-0