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December 9, 2016
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August 24, 2000
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April 26, 1974
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Approved For R1 ase 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-04202A"001 00' ~- UNITED STATES CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION IN REPLY PLEASE REFER TO WASHINGTON, D.C. 20415 APR 26 1974 YOUR REFERENCE Mr. John F. Blake Director of P t i -- Central Intelligence Agency Washington, D. C. 20505 Thank you for the cooperation of your agency in nominating candidates to the Education for Public Management Program (EPM). The enclosed list announces final selections for EPM for the academic year 1974-75. A letter of congratulations on behalf of the Civil Service Commission will be sent to each nominee five days after the date of this letter. This will allow you enough time to inform your agency's participants personally or arrange for appropriate agency notification. Orientation sessions for participants will be held on each campus: at varying times from now through the summer, prior to commencing the academic year. Individuals will be notified by the program advisor at their university when to report for orientation. These sessions have proved effective in helping the EPM participant prepare for the tran- sition and plan courses of study. To assist in fulfilling an inherent obligation to the universities in their scheduling and fiscal planning, we ask that we be informed of any declinations to participation by June 15, 1974. Thank you for your continued interest in the support of the Education for Public Management Program. Sincerely yours, 'James R. Beck, Jr. Director Bureau of Training Enclosure ES-TSB Distribution: 1 ea - STO - DDI, DDO 1 - DTR 1 - RG/SRS/TR r.T 11pr'oisek RN~E T RINCIRESBASSUREDQU7ALITYOANDOEQUA'R'M(5RTUNITY CORNELL STATINTL Approved For R"se 01/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04202Af100150001-6 PARTICIPANTS IN THE 1974-75 EDUCATION FOR PUBLIC MANAGEMENT PROGRAM ALLEN, John P. GSA Columbia, Maryland DOUGHERTY, Robert D. HEW/SSA Pittsburgh, Pa. FOUNDOS, John P. DOT/FAA Leesburg, Va. HAINESWORTH, Lorna HEW/SSA Forest Hills, N.Y. PETRILLO, Albert F. GSA Centerville, Va. RASCHKE, Jay A. Army Sierra Vista. Ariz SMITH, George E. Interior/BIA Billings, Montana WILDER, Dean M. Navy Arlington, Va. WILLIAMS, Thorton R. HEW/HRA Rockville, Maryland HARVARD STATINTL BLUESTEIN, Jerome N. HEW/OE SCHWAB,Paul M. Rockville, Md. INDIANA BARRETT, James R. DMA Leesburg, Virginia CHLAN, William P. Army Timonium, Maryland CLEVER, Donald G. Army Annandale, Va. COLLINSWORTH, Thomas D. Army Alexandria, Va. COOPER, Robert L. Army Arlington, Va. DAUGHERTY, Byron M. DMA Kansas City, Mo. JENKINS, Robert C. Army Annandale, Va. MORROW, Melvin D. DMA Burke, Virginia WASHINGTON, Therman E. Army Detroit, Mich. MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY BROWN, Shelba P. Army Huntsville Vir inia BROYLES, Joseph W. Army , g Alexandria, Virginia DOWDELL, Joseph L. Air Force Yellow Springs, Ohio GELFOND, Harold E. Army Springfield, Va. LESTER, Juliette N. HEW/OE Washington, D.C. VITEK, Richard L. DMA Rockville, Maryland Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04202A000200150001-6 Approved For Rse 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04202AOW00150001-6 STATINTL POTRYKUS, Robert J. PRINCETON Treasury/IRS STANFORD Dallas, Texas STATINTL CARPENTER, William L. DOL Annandale, Virginia COTA, Jesse A. Treasury/IRS Rowland Heights, Cal. CRAIG, Jerry W... NASA. Houston,?,.Texas , DAVIS, James Jr. HEW/SSA Detroit, Mich. GRUBER, Linda W. DOL San Francisco, Cal. HEBERT, Michael G. EPA Albany, Oregon JENKINS, David L. HEW/SSA Columbia, Maryland MACDONALD, James M. HEW/SSA Baltimore, Ma~yland SCOTT, Betty J. DOL Lanham, Maryland UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BOGATZ,-Larry A. Justice Gaithersburg, Md. CHERNY, Harold Army ' Sheld, Michigan DAWSEY;'Kenneth F Justice' Upp6r*'Marlboro,-Md JOHNSON, Raymond L. Air Force Omaha, Nebraska LAYNE, Richard DOT/FAA Los Angeles, Cal. MACKAY, Gordon A. Army Sierra Vista, Az. O'BRIEN, William J. Navy Arlington, Va. PURVIS, James P. HEW/HSA Rockville, Md. RAZNICK, Alan M. DOL San Francisco, Cal. RIEDER, Richard W. NASA Reston, Virginia WARTH, Dennis DOT/FAA Culver City, Cal. WILLIAMS, Etta M. DOL Washington, D.C. BROADUS, William A. GLEASON, Jacqueline HAIGHT, Patricia HILTON, Howard G. HOMYAK, Michael JOHNSTON, Ronald H. KOENIG, Howard MARTIN, Sylvia C. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA GAO GSA GSA HEW/HSA VA GSA Army HEW/SSA Manassas, Virginia Mt. Ranier, Md. Arlington, Va. Arlington, Va. Springfield, Va. Dunwoody, Ga. Philadelphia, Pa. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04202A000200150001-6 Approved For Rise 2001/08128: CIA-RDP78-04202A(100150001-6 UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIG (CON'T) ORMISTON, James D. HEW/OE Bowie, Md. ROBERTSON.,. Lois .M. NASA STANGt, Thomas Interior/BIA" Sterling, Va. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON CHOCK, Harold Y.S. Air Force Kailna, Hi. CARPENTER, Horace J. HEW/HRA Washington, D.C. ENNIS, C. Duane Navy Bowie, Maryland . TREEMAN*, Robert R. Commerce/NOAA Rockville, Md. JONES, Gordon'S. EPA Alexandria, VA. MCFARLAND, Marquerite Army Alexandria, Va. MFDER, Robert .P.,:.. . .. Air Force St'. Louis , Mo.. OMO, Larry P. HEW/OCR Seattle, Washington THORNBORROW, John C. Navy Bainbridge Iskand,Wa. WARD, Bertha N. Army Detroit, Mi. WHITLOCK, Paul L. Panama Canal Balboa, Canal Zone Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04202A000200150001-6 .