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May 7, 1974
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Approved roved ForR -- , ~1~g8/_29.a;~?~tRDRtM A000180002-2 May 1974 i E1lMAPWUN FOR: Senior Training Officers O/DCI , 001, OBN&S, DDD, DDS&T SUBJECT : Fellowships in Congressional Operations for Executives 1974.75 1. Attached are aop i es of the announcement on the Fellowships in Congressional Operations for 1974-75. Through oversight on the part of the Civil Service Commission these announcements were not received in the Agency until today. Therefore our dead l i ne has been extended to 15 June 1974, 2. Nominees for the program should be in grade range GS"13 through GS-16 with at least two years of Federal Government service. Our candidates may be nominated for both the Fellowships in Congressional Operations and the section for Foreign Affairs Fellows or for only the Congressional Operations Program. Foreign Affairs follows will begin the program earlier, in mid-September 1974. 3. 1 should like to point out that the Training Selection Board Is currently reviewing the entire Training Selection Board curriculum and and the Fellowships Program is undergoing close scrutiny in terms of Its value to the Agency and our employees. However, strong caand i da tees will be considered by the board. I should also like to remind you that person(s) selected for this Program must attend on a completely overt basis. 4. Please submit six copies of all nomination papers to the ve Secretary, T58 no later than FridaaY, 31 May 1974--an up-to- profile, two most recent fitness reports, .superviros's statement is statement (see Nomination Procedure in announcement). Executive Secretary Training Selection Board cc Director, EEO ES-TSB ~: maq DAa rdt :ReIe fs 2001/08/29 :CIA-RDP78-04202A000200180002-2 2.- ES-TSB w/a tts r: 1. I ,. t,n ~ z - 1 _i `a, SE Q LY t - or_/coc/to /~c Approved For R se 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-04202Ad 00180002-2 ANNOUNCING FOR EXECUTIVES Mid-November 1974-September 1975 U.S. CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION In Cooperation With The AMERICAN POLITICAL SCIENCE ASSOCIATION Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-04202A000200180002-2 FELLOWSHIPS IN CONGRESSIONAL OPERATIONS INTRODUC+R ved For Reese 2001/08/29: CIA-RDP78-04202A0 0180002-2 It is becoming more and more apparent that the effective- ness of managers and executives in the Federal Government is enhanced when they have a thorough understanding of the congressional process. Many of the basic responsibilities of the Federal Government are shared jointly by the execu- tive and legislative branches; others are divided in such a way that interdependence between Congress and the Execu- tive necessarily results. Under our system of government, therefore, it is essential to have a profound knowledge of the legislative branch to appreciate and comprehend fully the responsibilities and operations of the executive branch. Federal executives selected for the Fellowship in Congres- sional Operations will study and learn how the Congress functions. They will attend seminars conducted by scholars studying the Congress and writing about its operations, meet with representatives of different professions and interests who are in daily contact with the Congress, and spend the major part of the Fellowship year in Member's offices or on congressional committee staffs. These experiences will be invaluable to the Fellows and their agencies when they re- turn to the executive branch and as they progress to posi- tions of greater responsibility. PROGRAM ASSIGNMENTS AND PURPOSE Congressional Fellows participate in a variety of activities designed to expand their knowledge and understanding of congressional operations. The American Political Science Association operates the Congressional Fellowship program and selects other Fellows from the fields of political science, journalism and law. Program activities include the follow- ing: ? an intensive and comprehensive Orientation Program, lasting approximately four weeks, conducted by the American Political Science Association in preparation for work assignments, ? full time work assignments, following the orientation period, with Members of the House of Representatives and the Senate and with staff members of congressional committees, ? weekly seminar meetings with leading congressional, governmental and academic figures throughout the Fellowship year. From these and other planned activities, Fellows should gain: ? a thorough knowledge of the organization of the Con- gress, ? a well-balanced understanding of the legislative process and the factors and forces which influence it, ? a congressional perspective of national and local issues and executive branch operations, ? a better understanding of the dimensions and com- plexities of congressional responsibilities and their relationship to the total process of government. FOREIGN AFFAIRS FELLOWS Agencies that have substantial activity wih foreign gov- ernments are invited to nominate candidates from their foreign affairs program areas for both the Fellowships in Congressional Operations and the section for Foreign Affairs Fellows. The addition of this special segment to the regular Congressional Operations program reflects the increasing concern and interaction of the executive and legislative branches in foreign policy areas. Foreign Affairs Fellows attend an eight week course, "Foreign Policy and the Con- gress", from mid-September to mid-November, which is conducted by the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. At the conclusion of this course, Foreign Affairs Fellows enter the regular Con- gressional Fellowship program which commences with the American Political Science Association's orientation pro- gram in mid-November. Agencies are charged an additional $1,000 per person for candidates selected as Foreign Affairs Fellows. Nominations are not accepted for the Foreign Affairs segment only, as all Fellows are expected to par- ticipate in the regular Congressional Fellowship program. Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-04202A000200180002-2 NOMINtiee~~Kse 2001/08/29: CIA-RDP78-04202A100180002-2 In selecting their candidates for the Congressional Fellows program, agency officials should be fully cognizant of the fact that this is an executive training program. Therefore, persons who are nominated should be those identified as executives or mid-careerists designated as high-potential executives. Nominees for the Fellowship should be career employees in grades GS-13 through GS-16 or equivalent, with at least two (2) years of Federal Government Service. Agencies should select persons who have demonstrated flexibility to adjust rapidly to changing work situations; have the ability to work in an environment that is relatively unstructured and may require irregular hours; and be capa- ble of initiating work and working independently with minimum supervision, direction, and assistance. Persons should not be nominated if they are working on an academic degree in night school or have other off-the-job comitments that will conflict with the work schedule and seminars for Congressional Fellows. Nominees should have demonstrated a very high level of ability with rapid progression through responsible positions within the Federal service and supe- rior academic achievement in college or graduate school. Preference in the selection will be given to those who are taking part in an agency's internal executive development program. All nominations for this program must be submitted through the agency's central coordinator; no nominations should be sent directly from a bureau or field establishment to the Civil Service Commission. Each department or agency may nominate up to three candidates. Candidates should be carefully screened by their agencies and only the most promising should be nominated. An Optional Form 37 is to be submitted by agencies, no later than May 15, 1974, to the Director, General Management Training Center, Bureau of Training, U.S. Civil Service Commission, Wash- ington, D.C. 20036. Two Optional Form 37's must be submitted for Foreign Affairs Fellows candidates. Three copies of each of the following items should accompany each nomination: a current and complete Standard Form 171; a statement from the nominee's supervisor (s) briefly describing the nominee's potential for career growth and the types of higher responsibility projected or being planned; a one page typewritten statement by the nominee giving reasons for wanting to participate, goals and objec- tives to be achieved in the program, and how this experi- ence would relate to personal career plans. The cost of the Fellowship in Congressional Operations will be $1,000 per participant, to cover the costs of the Orientation Program, weekly seminars and other functions conducted by the APSA as a regular part of the program. An additional charge of $1,000 per person will be assessed to agencies whose nominees are selected as Foreign Affairs Fellows. OTHER INFORMATION A selection committee will interview all candidates in Washington, D.C. between June 3 and June 14, 1974. Final , selections will be made by July 1, 1974 and will be announced directly to offices making the nominations. The Fellowship in Congressional Operations is a full time, long- term, training program which will commence with the orientation period in mid-November 1974 and will con- clude in August 1975. Foreign Affairs Fellows will begin the program earlier, in mid-September 1974, but will com- plete the program with the rest of the Fellows in August 1975. Agencies may obtain further information on the program from the General Management Training Center, telephone number 632-5662 or code 101, extension 25662. Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-04202A000200180002-2 CALENDAftp "EEft el a 2001/08/29: CIA-RDP78-04202AO 0180002-2 May 15, 1974 July 1, 1974 Mid-September 1974 mid-November 1974 "Foreign Policy and the Congress" course for Foreign Affairs Fellows Mid-November-December 1974 December 1974 April 1975 Early January-mid August 1975 August 31, 1975 CONGRESSIONAL FELLOWSHIP ADVISORY COMMITTEE ASPA Orientation Program (All Fellows) Begin full time work assignments on Capitol Hill Fellows switch to other House for second half assignments Attend weekly seminar meetings Latest date for termination of Fellowship Policy guidelines are formulated and final decisions on selections are made by the Congressional Fellowship Advisory Committee. Member of the Committee are: Chairman: William J. Keefe, Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh Stephen K. Bailey American Council on Education David S. Broder Correspondent Washington Post Honorable Morris K. Udall U.S. Representative from Arizona Honorable Hubert H. Humphrey U.S. Senator from Minnesota Honorable William A. Steiger U.S. Representative from Wisconsin William B. Dickinson Congressional Quarterly Inc. Honorable Charles L. Clapp Commissioner Interstate Commerce Commission Ralph K. Huitt, Ph.D. Executive Director National Association of State University and Land Grant Colleges Donald R. Matthews, Ph.D. Universty of Michigan Honorable Robert E. Hampton Chairman U.S. Civil Service Commission Honorable William E. Brock U.S. Senator from Tennessee John F. Bibby, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin Robert L. Peabody, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University Mavis M. Reeves, Ph.D. University of Maryland Eddie N. Williams Joint Center for Political Studies *U.S. GOVERNMENT PPAPl fV Nf1dr4Release 2001/08/29 : CIA-RDP78-04202A000200180001 1-LOGO (11-73) UNITEId~4 o9 i 1/08/29: CIA-RDP78-04202A 48( )SCE COMM1 S ON,4 Memorandum Subject: Nomination for Fellowships in Congressional Operations Date: 4/23/74 In Reply Refer To: From: Thomas V. Garcia, Director, Legal., Legislative & TWG:EDU Civil Rights Training Your Reference: General Management Training Center Agency Directors of Training This year, the closing date for nominations for the Fellowships in Congressional Operations program is the 15th of May. This memorandum is to urge you to get your nominations in as soon as possible and by May 15th, so that we can schedule interviews with candidates and make our selections by the first of July. If you anticipate any delays in submitting your nominations, please get in touch with me right away so we can make arrangements for extension of the closing date. If you need additional information or more announcements, please call me at 632-5662. In the event you should call when I am out of the office, please ask to speak with Miss Karen Emerson. She will be able to assist you with most of your questions. Approved Fj?r@el4A#0494"JO!1 :] WAPIRO f ggtg'-2 CSC FORM 631 NOVEMEIER 1961