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June 5, 1964
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Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04305A000100090008-3 A MEMORANDUMFOR: Director of Training Course Report - Special Scientific and Technical Operations Course, China Activities Branch/FE Division - 4-15 May 1964 SUBJECT 5 June 1964 25X1A 1. 1 Scientific and Technical Operations Course for PE Division was conducted from 4 May to IS May at Headquarters on a full-time basis, with a total of twenty students enrolled. Two students were unable to complete the course because of processing for overseas assignments. One student started the course one week late because of illness; she was permitted to attend the balance of the course but was not given credit. A total of 21 other persons audited selected por- tions of the course by pre-arrangements with the chief instructor. 2. The class roster is as follows; 25X1A DEN TIATF 1-7?-::& 1-----1 { ONG COMP ? ON 1/ i i CRIG S _,5__ _ lv:f?;:n. ?,;2ige vav ,,!-,3,-i ,.-C 1 1 JusT ''''Apit'ilYoReFfiiii-- Re1ese:2016'1108/28 : CIA-14DP78-04305A00010009ooth3a- Division FE FE FE PH PE FE SR WE NE NE NE FE FE FE OSI Grade GS-09 GS-13 GS-I2 GS-13 GS-11 GS.14 GS 13 GS.. 13 GS.15 GS-IS GS-12 CS-13 GS-10 CS .12 GS.14 1 W2c! automatic 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08428-: CIAARDP78-04305A000100090008-3 25X1A GS.-12 GS-l0 GS-08 GS-13 GS..09 3. This course was organized and presented in response to a special request from the Par East Division, which desired special emphasis on SU operations in Communist China. Because of the specific requirements laid down by that Division, the course con- tent and duration differed considerably from previously run $AT courses, which stressed Soviet Russia. 4. Most of the lecturers were furnished by the Office of Scientific Intellignce0D/S4T. Members of that office, with the endorsement of DD/SaT, cooperated enthusiastically in presenting this course. During the course a one-day sergaiE on "operations" was jointly conducted by representatives of I. and FE/111111 One day of the course was devoted to lectures by ORR representatives. S. Unfortunately, who had agreed to address the group, was unabae to do so because of unforseen circumstances, though he tried to do so on two different occasions. (See schedule attached.) The following lecturers were also unable to keep their appointments and furnished substitutes ?a 25X1A GSD/OSI? represented by1111111 ACD/OSI, represented by 25X1A C/BMSD/OSI, for whom substituted. The details 25X1A of the course content will not be repeated here, as the attached schedule summarizes the scope of each lecture, and the objectives are outlined in detail in the foreword thereto. 6. Three field trips were made. These included the US Army 8iological Laboratories at Ft. Detrick, Maryland, on IS May, the Brookhaven National Laboratories at Upton, New York, on 14 May, and the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center at Huntsville, Alabama. For this last tour, the class left Washington Sunday afternoon, 31 May, toured the Center on 1 June, and returned to Washington that evening. All of these trips were considered helpful by all of the students; however, the Brookhaven tour was not particularly oriented to the class needs. Although the undersigned had made advance arrangements with the local Brookhaven representative of the activ- ities concerned and explained that emphasis was desired on indi- cators, this word was apparently not passed to the various guides, who gave what appeared to be a standard VIP treatment to their brief- ings. At Ft. Detrick, the various briefers did point out indicators 25X1A 25X1A - 2 - I Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04305A000100090008-3 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04305A000100090008-3 25X1C where possible, There was some overlapping of the coverage ado in the classroom by OSI repro sentatives. The most profitable tour was that of the George C. Marshall Space and Flight Center. While there the class was able to observe equipment and processes characteristic of missile pro- duction and testing activity, and to get a better idea of the many industrial resources required to support such activity. This trip was considered the most useful of all by all the students. Inter- estingly, this trip was to have been made on 21 May, but was post- poned because all key personnel were going to Cape Kennedy to witness the "Moon Shot," which in turn was postponed. 25X1C 25X1C Student Comments 7. The class is to be complimented on the care and thought they gave to their critiques. Several helpful suggestions were made and these will serve to improve the next running of the course, scheduled for September 1964. The results of the critique question- naire were as follows: a. Do you feel that the course achieved its object Yes - 20 (of 20) b. Was the course sufficiently comprehensive? Yes 17. Too comprehensive - 3. c. Should additional subjects be included in the future? If so, what do you recommend? Yes . Radar - 4; Basic Electronics 10; Computer Principles - 2; China Topography - 3; More on Atomic Energy, Missiles - 3; More on operations - 7; - 3. d. What subjects could be eliminated or condensed? ORR lectures - 9 e. What was your impression of the course as a whole? With one exception all members of the course considered it highly worthwhile, eight described it as excellent, five as very good, and the other three did not make any overall adjectival description of the course. The exception thought the course good, and oddly enough, that it had fulfilled its objectives, but stated that he did not feel that anything less than a scientific background would help in the conduct of ST operations, and that it would obviously take several years to acquire such a background. 3 - Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04305A000100090008-3 Approved ForRelease 2001/08/2 P78-0430t6000100090008-3 Miscellaneous (1) Most of the students complained about the ov sized room (1A-07 He.) and the resultant physical difficulties. This could not be helped, as it was the only room available at Langley. (2) The consensus was that the ORR portion of the course be shortened, perhaps to half its present length. Unfor- tunately, although the ORR lecturers had prepared their lectures well, the subject matter, though important, was by nature not as fascinating as that on scientific subjects. One student suggested that future ORR speakers use more comparisons (on production dis- tribution, etc.), rather than absolute statistics, which are difficult to remember. 25X1A 25X1A 8. By arrangement with the former chief of the FR41111111 only one day of the course was devoted to operations as such. This was done because all the students were experienced in operations, and it was desired that the course emphasize orientation in the basic sciences, and an exposition of hat is known about ST in Red China, and what information is eeded. 9. The dramatic strides made and publicized in the scientific field during the past three years caused an interesting change in student attitude. While students had complained that there was too much emphasis on scientific subjects in the previous SAT courses, this class indicated an almost unanimous desire for more instruc- tion in scientific matters, particularly in the fields of basic electronics and the principles of radar, telemetry, and computer principles. 10. Some of the students suggested that the lectures on bio. logical and chemical warfare be eliminated or condensed. This suggestion was made owing to the fact that an excellent and detailed 25X1C briefing of some four hours was presented at Ft. Detrick during the field trip and furnished ample 11. Without exception, all students commented on the out- 25X1A standing lectures presented by C/Plans A P ABGD/0 25X1A C/General Services Div/OSI; and C/Non Soviet 25X1A Weapons Br/BMSD/OSI. Only three speakers wore mentioned adversely, one by ten members of the class, one by four, and one by one. 25X1A - 4 - Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04305A000100090008-3 Approved For Release 2001/08/4?SIA;IDP78-04304a000100090008-3 f 12. The ultimate test of this or any course of instruction is whether or not it helps the student to do a better Job in the field of operations concerned. As this was the first running of the course in its present form, the students were asked to indi- cate whether they thought that what they had learned would help them in the conduct of possible future ST operations. It was most gratifying to note that with the one exception previously mentioned, all the students felt that the knowledge they accrued from the course would indeed be of use, both because of the information they had acquired and the confidence they had gained by this brief guided tour beyond the shroud of mystery that often insulates the layman from even basic scientific principles. The following excerpts from student critiques are illustrative of this thought; a. "Generally I feel that the whole course was highly worthwhile in that it has served to impress upon me the importance of the ChiCom G&T target. Furthermore, the course has served to enlighten me on many of the basics with some knowledge of the subject matter. I feel that this 'feel' is important in my case because I am scheduled to depart for the field very shortly and I will have ample opportunity to put this acquired knowledge to some use. r highly recommend the continuation of this course for other case officers going out to the field." b. "The course was an outstanding contributiono my own understanding of the importance and significance of the SU field. It was well designed, well presented, most interesting and very comprehensive. I have urged several others to attend It at its next running. The suggestions and criticisms above are really quite small when placed beside the many fine points of the entire program. I should think the high spot occurred during the first several days (not considering the field trips) in the expla- nation of China's atomic energy and missile efforts. This Was done well and done in a manner to interest and teach. The presen. tation left a lasting impression and provided the foundation upon which to fit new information into proper perspective." c. "In general I think that this course opened up what had previously been a closed door to many of the case officers attending it. Like most Americans, I think many of us feel that we are anachronisms in modern day America. The world of science has jumped far beyond the smattering of scientific training we may have had in high school or college. The old fashioned vacuum Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04305A000100090008-3 Approved For Release 2001/08/ DP78-04301.0000100090008-3 tube (which few of us ever understood) 13 now being outmoded by the transistor, the jet plane is being challenged by the rocket as a coming mode of mass transportation, the automated factory is replacing the lathe operator and the computer is replacing the bookkeeper. This course provided some insight into this new world - perhaps only a small peek - but nevertheless a useful one. By so doing I think that we are more attuned to the collection needs of the analysts and of their intelligence customers." d. "Training is wonderful for the morale. This course was particularly good in that respect. The adult method of organization0 the manner of presentation, and the 4130 of visual aids WAS noteworthy. As an NE hand, I, of course, found most of the information new and useful. But more important, the emphasis on the need for collection in a field not usually considered by the NE Division, the stress on the opportunities which exist for such collection . even by persons in other divisions - has opened (if such a poetic term may be excused) new vistas." e. "I have probably been unduly critical of the course. My concern as reflected in my comments has reference to ways and means of tightening up the course, I feel that the course was well worth the effort, and that it should be repeated on a regular basis. I do not agree that there is insufficient experience or useful material available to conduct such a course. Since I am an SU desk officer. I was particularly sensitive to the class reaction. The class reaction was extremely favorable, interest was high, and the class to a man came away with the feeling that he had learned something invaluable. The course was stressed in the right aspects of ST China, and I believe that the class very quickly got the idea that there is no reason to be reluctant to engage in ST operations. I believe that a sufficient amount of confidence was imparted to every class member so that he could participate in ST operations, if called on to do so Discus ion 13. It is believed that the basic ORR lectures might profitably be condensed into one-half day (from the present full day) by covering the light and heavy industries in Red China in two twouphour lectures, rather than be treating industries within those classifications indi- vidually as was done in this course. This portion of the course should not be eliminated, as the practical scientific capability of any country is inexorably linked with its industrial potential. -6.. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04305A000100090008-3 '.!E;17E4 Approved For Release 2001/0.urA-RDP78-043,15A000100090008-3 14, Despite the fact that this was not a graded course, the entire class was most attentive to all the presentations, including those they considered dull. They asked intelligent questions, and showed by them that they had indeed absorbed the key points. As previously mentioned, even their preparation of the critiques showed thought and an earnest desire to see the course continued and improved. 15. The senior representative in the class from NE Division and an observer from WE Division both indicated that they would like to see a similar course with emphasis on the requirements of their Divisions' needs. In view of the fact that neither of these Divisions would have more than a handful of students, however as 25X1A suggested a course be organized that would include common basic lectures given to all students regardless of area specialization. In the later stages the group would be divided into division/area groups for specialized training. This portion would include addi- tional detailed discussions on operations. 16. Prior to the presentation of the next course,divisions concerned will be consulted to determine whether they can spare their students for three weeks, rather than two. This would permit inclu- sion of more instruction on basic electronics, radar, computer prin.* ciples, and operations, which were the principle requests of the students, and with which the undersigned concurs. If this is not 25X1C the case, some, but not all, of the aforementioned instruction could be included by cutting both the ORR and to one-half day each, without unduly detracting from the course. 25X1W-' Chief Instructor Attachment: Schedule Approved For Release 2001/08/28-. CIA-RDP78-04305A000100090008-3