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December 9, 2016
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September 28, 2000
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February 19, 1969
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Approved For Re1414 001/08/28 : CIA-R 78-04497A0001 SECRti MONORANDUM FOR: The Deputy Director for Plans 30029-4 SUBJECT : The Cooperative Education Program in TSD SUMV.ARY: Pursuant to your request, this paper covers the purpoae bnaground and procedures of TSD's -C6o9erative Education Program. It disculses financial nod security factors, evaluates the progress and concludes that the program has merit for consideration by other elements of the -Clandestine Service. PURPOSE: We look upon this program vs -a long-term rocruitment effort designed to attract, the most promising technical uud rclone candidates to TSD. The students and their univer- sities look upon it. ne means to gain useful job experience in laboratory facilitien which will give more meaning and nlir;)One to academic studies. The. students also look upon it as n means to .earn money while going to school, and it is ? the happy continence of these three, diverse .objectives which make student co-op programs possible.. . 11ACKGROUND: We mtnxted to think seriously about using thin approach' - in the latter half of 1966 because we found that other govern rent agencies and the privnte sector (who have long employed this device) were draining off many of the most promising candidates. The originnl project wan approved in Uarch, 1V67, sot a ceiling of 16 students and provided the necessnry. funds for their salaries. The mix is purposely flexible nod reflects our recruitment needs. At present we are niming for 10-12 students in the.field of physics/electronics, 3-4 in the field of chemistry. and 1-.2 in, the field of mechanics. Approved For Release 2001/0085aRDP78-04497A000100030029-4 11.40.4wm,.....wrontrremoulmrm 01%if 1 hails.* from rto:esugl, intalfulln An0 25X1A Approved For Rel D I 3? 2001/08/28 :10078-04497A00 030029-4 The Cooperative Nue Hon Pz'oam in TOD In 'la' screening and selection is carried. out on sr by a senior officer of TOD accompanied by Mr. of the Office of Personnel. Following medical end security reviews* the student is brought on board and is ansined to our laboratories 25X1A-' South Building, 20 - 24 weeks per year with us, divided into two work pOriOIS that alternate with academic studies. We, In turn, have blocked out work Activities which roughly correspond with his state of academic development. SEC RITY: 410,????????.....troth,... A primary quest on WAG whether or not we could reolve the security problems attendant to having young people work- ing with us only part of the time. We came to the conclusion that the risks could be reduced to an acceptable level by paying clone attention to the students while they wore here loud by properly keeping in touch with them during their academic periods. We make no bones about the fact that they ore being employed by CIA and we insure that the students are not used in any operational sense. Radical student activities does not appear to be as serious a problem at the technical chooln and our visits ,to the campuses have not been marred by "incidents." If:117 D5W Approved For Release 2001/08/28 ALROP78-04497A000100030029-4 Approved For ReItile 2001/08400ORDP78-04497A00 0030029-4 SIMJECT : The Cooperative Education Program in TSI) FINANCIAL: Salary s Iles rvnge from GS 3 to 03 7, depending Upon the student's level of academie development. In addition, Wr PflY his travel. OXIII0R009 to and from Washington, and, wore recently, we blIve made provisions for a cost of living increment. Students assigned to South Building Can got Rion, ve,y well on their salaries, but students assigned 25X1A to are hard-pressed to mate ends meet. Public trncportnt1on and low-cost board snd room facilities are not available in those areas, and we have found it necessary to provide this latter group lifith au increment of approximately $70.00 pet menth f;TATUS gt% EV LUATION: ????tewV1.1* We now have 11 students in the programt 2 in ChomAstry, 1 in Mechanics and 3 in Physics/Electronics. All of these have completed one or more work periods with us. Two more stndents aro about to arrive for their first work period and we intend to fill the three remaining vacancies with Electronic Engineering ntudents. It in too early to toll whether the main purpose of , thin program, i.e., recruitment, will be realized. Two or three of the students are ot the freshman level and . 'their potential cannot_ be discerned. Throe or four- otters. , havo'been here for two work periods, now, and we feel that they are very able end promising- young mon. Two candidates . wore rejected on medical -and security grounds -prior to? entry end we have terminated one young man because we were not impressed by his attitudes and work habits. Several of our students are now at the junior level and, In 12-18 months we will know whether we have succeeded, in attracting them to Rn Agency career. ?In. the menn,-'. ? time we can comment quite favorably on the. calibre of this group., both in terms of acadomic excellence and .,. suitability for employment. .We ere:vell-pleaed .with them as premixing -young mem:: . ? ? Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP78-04497A000100030029-4 Approved For Rel 001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04497A0490 SECRET 4 : The Coopirntive Mucatton rogre 30029-4 Finally, from the dincuenions they have follow stedentsr it appears that the laborate wbIh we provide compares most favorably to the provided by other employers. C&)NCLSIONS: 4.11111110,4.1110. All??????????-....1?1 Althongh the program has boon singular y fr we ve concluded that it in bett r not to. accept at e freshman level. Over a period of tiee, 1111' we expect to concentrate on three or four schools r ,the large number we new have represented. While this report in based on the experience of a technical divinion, it would appear that a similar program ndostino :)ervice. these programs have the tchaica1 sohools, yet we 'al nr e co1.1eca 4.- particularly ffairm and it h might be effective o1sowhor- 25X1A With the exception of been confined primaril would think that some libe these devoted to area studios, international languages would welcome a similar approach. As a selection device we feel that this type of program has obvious.advantaee. Ono can Study and get to know Individual students relatively well before seeking to roe_ cruit them.- At the same time the student learns- enough, about the nature of our work to provide.' a:goodybasia ,fok peleettng a career in the Agency Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04497A000100030029-4