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December 9, 2016
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July 16, 2001
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February 6, 1963
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OPTIONAL FORM NO! 10 pp UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Memorandum AUTH SUBJECT: Monthly Activity Report - January 1963 Ci DECLASSIFIED Director of Logistics Chief, Logistics Services Division DATE: 6 February 1963 1. With the transfer of the Building Supply Office from the Supply Division to the Logistics Services Division the Division is now fully established according to schedule. All functions planned for inclusion in the Division's mission have been assumed. Our personnel strength as of `~ 31 January stands at= on board against an overall ceiling V o4 During the mon the Administrative Staff of the Office e of Logistics assisted us in reviewing the original staffing pattern for the Division and preliminary plans for a revised staffing pattern are in hand. 2. The abrupt reduction of overtime authorization due to the 7/8ths use of Office of Logistics overtime while only 7/12ths of the fiscal year has passed has resulted in some immediate reduction in customer service. So far we have had no complaints. Effected are the before-and-after regular hours operation of the pneumatic tubes, weekend burning of trash, weekend moves, annual telephone equipment inventories, general clerical filing and typing, and the weekend coffee- maker inspection and authorizations for use program. Personnel shortages are still hampering our operations especially in the clerical and pneumatic tube operation fields of activity. 3. We are pleased to report that the upgrading of the positions in the Telephone Branch has been successfully concluded. All requests have been approved by the Office of Personnel and the Comptroller. DOCU elease 2001/08/09: C1 1 -04608A000' 010117-3 Approved For Releas SUBJECT: Monthly Activity Report - January 1963 7. -J IL UVIIU.LO.'-" to the president of the McLean Fire Department, Incorporated who accepted same. The contract has been signed and is now in force. The DDS _rec ,nested the det Division of the Comptroller's office to come up with language to be inserted in the Agency budget concerning reimbursement for fire protection. t move of the OBI out of the headquarters d nen 6. The iiim building is bringing us to the poin of decision re the assign- ment of additional space to DDR, ADPS, Map Library beachhead, Comptroller, Director of Security, ONE and a provision for a staging area. A set of recommendations for the distribution of the space being vacated by OBI has not been acted upon. A result was generation of our need for a blue print of the current space needs based on the September 1962 survey of requirements. Lir '-e-Alternatives have been brought up to date The on and will be presented YU-TH 15DS during February. 7. The Alcott Hall space has been completely renovated for OBI and the move should go as scheduled on 11 February 1963. The move of the DDR Quick Reaction Center has been accomplished according to plan and they should be in operation in the North East corner of the headquarters building before the middle of February. 8. A summary of the staffing of the GSA compliment at the Headquarters Building has been prepared and a letter is being drafted to GSA asking for better service. Approved For Release 2001/08/9 : CIA-RDP78-04608A000200010117-3 Approved For Relea CIA-RDP78-04608A000200010117-3 SUBJECT: Monthly Activity Report - January 1963 9. Snack Bar service has been improved markedly. the Cafeteria Manager, has been given the responsibility by GSI to supervise sanitary conditions, stockage, and service of the Snack Bar operations. We pointedly described our requirement for seven-day a week 24 hour a day food service and would be reluctant to request that the cafeteria be opened on that basis, bnt would not hesitate to do so if the snack bar service proved to be inadequate. 10. We have suggested to Personnel and Training Branch, OL, that LSD could very profitably use LOT's on tha em week, cyclic assignment basis. We have in mind using broad way against our industrial management requirements. 11. Attached are detailed reports from each of the LSD Branches. Distribution: Orig. & 1 - Addressee 1 - LSD (Official) OL/ISD :cld/78o8 (6 Feb 63) Approved For Release 2001/ 8/09 5 \~-,C,IA-RDP78-04608AO00200010117-3 Approved For Rel BUILDINGS FACILITIES BRANCH V Monthly Report for the Month of January 1. South Building - Press Roan, Air Conditioner. $8262, The contractor has been given until 1 February to deliver the air conditioner unit. 2. South Building - Light Fixtures, Basement, PSD. Cost Allowance, $9000. Work is now in progress. Approximate carpletion, 25%- 3. South Building - East Building - Big Beam Lights. Now Big Beam lights have been procured to replace the present deteriorating lights. Now waiting for batteries before the exchange is made. 4+. North Building - Central Building - Relocation Renovations, TSD. Contract has been issued to became effective about 1 February with a 120 day completion clause. Work thould begin on or about 4 February. Work scheduled to 5. Quarters We - 2100 Wing, Security Staff, OL. $789? begin on 28 January. Wings, Supply Division, OL. $31+78? 6. Quarters Eye - 1000, 1200, 1400 Work completed on 25 January. 7. Quarters Eye - 2400 Wing and Second Floor Headhouse RECD, OL. Work scheduled to begin on 28 January. 8. Quarters We - Second Floor Headhouse, PSD, OL. No scheduling at this time on painting the remaining offices. 9. Quarters Eye - 2000 Wing, ICAD. Work scheduled to begin on 4 February. 10. Quarters We - 2900 Wing and Headhouse Area, FE. Referbishing of this area was completed on 23 January. 11. Alcott Hall - Relocation, OS. $1209. Preparation of the 1200 and 2500 wings was completed on 15 January and the area occupied on 16 January. 12. Alcott Hall - Relocation, ORR. $2137. Construction of the secured area in the 11+00 wing for FMB/Om was completed on 21+ January and area occupied on 25 January. $39,264Carpenter work is 13. Alcott Hall - Preparation of Space, OBI. scheduled to be completed on 25 January; electrical work on 29 January; and painting on 1 February. Area is scheduled to be occupied on 11 February. 14. Alcott Hall - Rooms 1110 and 1112, OS. Preparation of 2 bays is scheduled for the week of 28 January to make the area ready for portable oal Completion training room which will be assembled by the occupying component. must be 4 February. Approved For Release 2001/08/09 : CIA-RDP78-04608A000200010117-3 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/09 : CIA-RDP78-04608A000200010117-3 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2001/08/09 : CIA-RDP78-04608A000200010117-3 Approved For Release 20WO Q .: CIA-RDP78-0460?A000200010117-3 CO FI HEADQUARTERS BUILDING Monthly Report for the Month of January 1. Completed Work: (a) DD/S-OP: Relocate and/or provide approximately 95 linear feet of full and part height partitioning for suites 5E07, 5E10, and 5E18. This project completed 18 January. Estimated cost, $1,363. (b) DD/S-OTR: Relocate six motion picture projection port windows in two classrooms. This project completed 3 January. 2. Cancelled: (a) DD/S-OL and OS: Fabrication of metal and plywood classi- fied trash trucks for the incinerator rooms. This office has been advised by the BSO that arrangements will be made with a commercial vender to supply these trash trucks at approximately half of the esti- mated GSA cost for fabrication. Therefore, this office is taking necessary action to cancel this request with GSA. 3. The following job requests have been programmed, are in progress, and/or estimates aresbeing obtained: (a) DD/R-OSA: Performed alterations on sixteen sliding peg- board panels to prevent warping. Project 20% complete. New job order issued to cover the 15 remaining pegboard panels since the sample panel has been approved by the OSA Project Officer. Estimated cost not available. (b) DD/R-QRC: Partition alterations Work order has been submitted to GSA for the installation of approximately 200 linear feet of ceiling high partitioning for this area with a deadline set for 31 January. Work commenced on this job on 23 January and it is contemplated that the above deadline of 31 January will be met. Estimated cost not available. Approved For Release 2001/081Q ,'`6;4A, -FDP78-04P00g17-3 Approved For Release 2001/ RDP7 ?+688 17-3 time for this outage, approximately 2 hours, will be subject to OC's agreement. 4 Sunday morning (d) DD/S-OP: Credit Union Alterations. A re est for esti- mate was submitted to GSA for the removal of approx tely 40 linear feet of ceiling high partitioning and 100 linear feet of birch counters in Credit Union, room 1133. Also for providing and installing approx- imately 80 feet of special part height partitioning. Estimated cost has not been received as of this date. (e) DD/S-OP: Carpool locator system has been 'Purnished by GSA - nonreimbursable. This system was not installduring this report period because of further modifications in p s and discussion regarding location desired. II (f) DD/S-OL: Extend sound system to the table!, service dining room. Project delayed pending completion of higher piority work. Estimated cost, $467. (g) DD/S-Med: Cut an opening, install door perform other carpentry and electrical work to accomodate ten Diebold mechanized filing units. Due to the delivery of the wrong Diebold mechanized filing units. This project held-up pending the arrival of the correct units. Approximate cost, $1,500. (h) DD/S-OS and OL: Exchange lock cylinders d keys for 116 telephone closets. This job is approximately 10% c lete but being held-up pending the Guard Office furnishing the GSA carpenter shop with duplicates of the required master keys. ti (i) DD/S-OTR: Patch, plaster and repaint 11 walls as result of the relocation of peg and tackboa afore-mentioned classrooms have been completed with two. Accessories to these two classrooms will have at the convenience of the Office of Training. Est available. (j) DD/P-OS: Vehicular traffic control stop etc., requested for the DCI garage entrance. No c available. assroom masonry s. All of the e exception of be rescheduled jted cost, not d go lights, Approved For Release 2001/08/09 78-04608A4?4200 1i9' f31 Approved For Release 20649 CIA1I:(j84 010117-3 4. Park Benches at Bus Stops: Erection of additional outdoor type benc ems rheld in abeyance pending completion of priority jobs. 5. Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Complaints: Verbal and written complaints are averaging approximate 20 per day during this report period. Confirmation copies of these complaints continue to be sent to the PBS Buildings Manager daily. ,U/hours 6. Electrical Section: Work being accomplished at a rate of 150 man Ua week. Present backlog stands at an estimated 1100 hours, with an approximate average of 100 hours new work re e'1vea 'y Electrical Section per week. Attempts have been made to schedule old work orders but due to the construction of new priority moves and initial instal- lation of Agency components, it has not been possible to accomplish all of that which has been scheduled. Due to continuing man power shortage, the situation remains doubtful as to an increase in current job comple- tions or a decrease in backlog. 7. Building Cleaning Operations, GSA Custodial Forces: Verbal and written complaints continue to be received at the rate of 15 per day or more. A backlog of cleaning caused by the Christmas holidays is gradually being reduced, however, the lack of a sufficient PBS clean- ing force and inclement winter weather has hindered maintaining a standard cleaning schedule. All complaints continue to be reported to the Buildings Manager daily and emergency complaints are handled directly with the Assistant Buildings Manager who handles these com- plaints personally. ':D A, Approved For Release 2001/08 9 : CIA-RDP78-04608A000200010117-3 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/09 : CIA-RDP78-04608A000200010117-3 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2001/08/09 : CIA-RDP78-04608A000200010117-3 Approved For Release 2001/08QCT ,._', RDP .4~G $ bb8~00~ 0117-3 b. Five requests for the use of the auditorium were made and scheduled during the month of January. 6. Parking: New parking allocation has been completed and is ready to be disbursed, pending release by Chief, LSD/4L. Approved For Release 2001/08/09 : CIA-RDP78-04608A000200010117-3