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December 9, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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November 3, 1947
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Approved For Release 2000N020: CIAROP]OLd]18P-001000300102 3Nty-/9y7 Mr.:.. A. Moyer i'xsoutive Director and chief yiuuniner United States Civil Service Commission Washington 25. D. C. Receipt is acknowledged of your letter of 23 October requesting the strength Qipu*es of this aren4y by south, beginning with duly 1947 and ocatimuing in the future. It has been a long atending polioy,whieh has had the support of the Civil Service C.oatSssioz u to this tire, that no strength figures for the Central Intelligence Agency will be published, and that such figures will not be given out by this ahoy except to two specially cleared senior o?ft isle in the '.Aureau of the gadget who are charged with the handling of our budget pr?bleave. The Ruroau of the Budget has also consistently maintained the security xf our strop figures under all eireuastanses. so further sup-,,sort for our policy we have several tines in the asst arum-td with connittege of oonrrress to withdraw requests for our strrtath figures after disouesinc with then our essential security requirements, It was suggested by this Rooney to the representative of the :iauee civil service Coassittee, who recently called for our strength figures, that the report to congress include a footnote that CIA strength is not included for national defense reasons, I as sure you will understand the necessity for complete security in connection with the strength of this agency, which is the basis for not submitting the report called for. R. ff. Hmxxxxorrfl9 Rear Ada ral, !1Sf Signers copy Director of Central Intelligeatee Exec Registry Central Records (w/ basic letter) Dssunient No. ~t ' '1! v Return to LTS'ohrono 25X1A (s1 Oct 47) . _ Na Change to ,a? , Declassi ed Class. Changer, Auth.. HR 70 as __. ,q C By, cpv