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December 9, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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October 28, 1947
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Kr. Arthur M. Hill Chairaaan, INttiaaal Seearity kesenrssr Beard Rom 41#t574, The Pntagea fashiar4en., '. C. This lsetter will eonfirn enr actual agrsvmmat relative to the trais- fsr to your Boar4 of the foraor Civilian Promotion Admainistrattat library sew under CIA juriedietion. Approximately 3300 boobs of daily reference value in osssamaticn with foreign iateliigsnes requirements are being retained. A list of these books will be fernishod to your Pacesutive Seaeetary sspsratsly. Attached in M. espy of CI. Purabasu order 49-684 issued to at Assets Adaiaistration, 140booeid, Virginia, in the amount of 43,839.06 oovering egs:ipoant for this library, together with a copy of adviee of caneellatiau of this order'. Also attached is a list of library personnel, with Civil Ssrvia grades .cad salaries, who are being paid by CIA. It is understood that appointment actions will be issued by NSIS to be effective at t`a sloes of business an 31 October 1047, in sassi sass. Security lnvnticatiats wish an nor pending will be oomploted, and yaw will be intoned of any individual who does not wet CIA soaur'ity standards, for such action es you y desire to tales. I an plsaso i that I asuld be of asaistanoo to you in this matter sand hope that you will not hesitate to call on mA at any tine for further No Chanp 'a? 4r .e D Declass v^ Class. CFist & E. a. Be HILL,.f:*7Tf Hear Admiral, :SH Director of Central IntellitsneS 25X1A Attsaehmrente (3) Al nnew(z$ Oot.)LTSaaew(27 Oat.) 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Signors chrono kxso. for AM ~ Linea. for I&S - (Orig.Offio.) P.J. 48-864 CPA Library File Control Iaoords St yback Approved For Release 2 J 1 7tb41t3tJ100030072-0 ORIGINAL DOCUMENT MISSING PAGE(S): fl 2~L~4,.CI~a 4 C. mh E