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December 9, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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October 3, 1947
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3 /GS7 1. Attached is a letter from 9r. J. Edger hoover, "?ireetar of the i"ederal Bureau of lnveatigatiof, vcidiag, oftsetin 15 October 1847, the arrangement made with that bureau on 25 Seitsabor 1946 to conduct the seairit? Investigatiwu oa personnel employed by and considered for om- ployssast by the Central 1ntolli enoe Agency. 2. in ixie letter Mx. ldaomr requests that this a4-ancy be ready to assemas all responsibility for our personnel investigations an 16 October 1844. 3. The reasons given for voiding the agteemantt are additional responsibilities placed upon the Pal by executive directives and con- gressional actias. 4. The Ceutrial iatolligosce Agenow has moiboverily set, insofar as we are able to dstmratine, the hi iyhest security standard fair enlel yasnt of any goversaost agency. To insure the security of ow operations it is absolutely aasential that we maintain this standard. The seeps of the investigations required covers a detailed cheek Into the satire past history of the individual ooacsrawd, his immediate family, and his bwi- ness sad serial relatieachips. It often isvolns nationwide contacts to adogwtely oeaplete each investigation. S. our agrcammnt with the P31 provides that we reisbmrse that agency on the basis of $100 per investigation. It is understood that this fee approximately savers the somplete field and overhead cost to the ?BI in providing this service. To establish a separate unit within the CT ! with adequate personnel and faellitiss to soot our security stan- dards would undoubtedly be considerably more costly to the governasat than the present errsngeaont. It would also require a nation-pride dupli- cation of PSI functions and fosilitisa. 6. In addition to the expense and obvious dupliostien involved, it would require a aiais:as of from few to six months to recruit and place into prodaative operation a CIA investigative mtit. During this period it would be necessary to curtail essential planned eperntdons in support of national security. During such a period we would not only be usable to further Implement our personnel procuremeat pragres, but would totaally lose considerable pound through attrition of 10 not be replaced ear more than a lour ssntlnee Ps Neumenf Mom -_ 3.----------- ILLEGIB , Mo Change In Cass. l l !fi 4 ass et ec Lj Vass. Changed To. TS S C AuiFh.: HS 70.2 pproved For Release 2000N828:( 13ate:'i~_ A. Our security olaarartoo requiroaents throuet the fiscal year 1940 are estimated as iadieated below, a. Was with FBI and to be completed by that asomay b. Buildup and attrition throw JO June 1808 a. Currently employed but requiring recheck d, ?uildnp and attrition for fiscal year 1919 (1 duly 190?ZC June 1949) Additional Require ant 8. 8firouid the deetaion of the tireetor of the Federal Bureau of Investigatttri to disooatiaue his scrgioe to Unz a agency stared, it is requested that: so The National Reaurity ;*auaoil autherise the CIA to establish eat internal i vasttfgatiw unit on a milt,,-wide basis and provide it with essential facilities and authority to set the standards of intesti,pttion expected of and established bit the P;FX. we should also be given a directive providing the ease standing in gereraasat for the results of sir inmastigatiocss of CIA applicants and peraaanel as the standing new atoorded to the sl investigations. b. the FBI. be instructed luy the ??resident to .satiate to Waal persannel iawstigations for the CIA on the basis of our amrrant agroeaeut:far a further six months' period in order that our per- sosusrl prasureasnt program may not be completely bleakedo with the resultant inability of the CIA to moot its responsibilities in oentEattou with the national security. P. H, IU?hx` OEITEP? Rear Admirals tIM! "ireotor of ."antral ratelligease ec: Exec for Id Signer's copy Eked Registry Central Records LTS chrono 25X1A ~ao (3 Oct 47)