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December 9, 2016
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September 11, 2000
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August 25, 1952
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D 1. in order to properly record and insure continued agreement on the understandings reached and determinations made at the meeting in the Office of the Deputy Director (Administration) on Tuesday, 19 August, on the related subjects of Covert Coordination 25X1A Committee (cxC), and Administrative Staff (Special)(AS/S), outlined below are, to the best of my recollection, the understandings reachedt a. TheMshall remain part of the Deputy Director (Plans) structure; its specific placement within that structure yet to be deter- mined. It sha11 continue to provide its present management service for thos 25X1C nature. It shall assume the CCC support function presently being performed by the project Support Unit (Secretariat) of the AS/S, insofar as the preparation of the administrative plans for projects of the above-described nature are concerned and for the function of reviewing such plans for determination to insure their continuing adequacy and for compliance therewith. b. The CCC as presently provided for in 5X1A 25X1A will be abolished. Its basic function of etareising the DCI authority for waiver of or exception to Agency regulations will be peerrfforrmmeed by the D/A oory his designated ~reeprreessentaative. In order to insure ~ForKeleasweth 200928:CIARDPz80471$A 00D 100120083-8 tinur, Approve the present chief of AS/S will. be made a amber of the personal staff of the DD/A and shall be provided with such support as is required. He shall insure that early and continued planning attention is given to each special project by the chiefs of the administrative offices as required by the needs of the project and the functions of those offices. He shall further insure that those projects not falling within the purview of the - as described 25X1A above, are given appropriate planning support and that proper administrative plane are prepared for them. c. AS/S shall be abolished with disposition of its functions, T/0, and such personnel as are not otherwise needed or reassigned as function, which will be transferred to the Heal Estate and Oonstrattlan Division, Procurement and Supply Office) Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDDP78-04718A000100120083-8 the transfer of certain of its functions and personnel to= 25X1A d. revision of to provide 25X1A for transfer of certain functions to? and for retention of the others by the DD/Aj e. transfer of the function and its personnel to Procurement and Supply Office. For reasons of security, this should be done by memorandum having restricted distribution. Also required will be specific personnel transfer actions toMon those members of the25X1A not otherwise reassigned. SA/DD/A:RSW:Jeb ADD/A chrono 25X1A (-~ Special Assistant to Deputy Director (Administration) Sent to Mr. Wolf 25 Aug with note: Here is a draft of a memorandum on the results of the meeting Tuesday o' and CCC. I should like your comments and corrections. If you wish we can make enough copies to give to everyone who attended the meeting. Paragraph 2 would not need to go out in this fashion, in that it is only an outline of the actions necessary to accomplish these changes. Please let me know when I Should go ahead with the preparation of the required notices, etc. RSW Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CI~,RDP78-04718A000100120083-8