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December 9, 2016
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September 28, 2000
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July 14, 1952
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Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP7804 A0001001202 -6 " rnnotm s oagat : Director ( ~'Ft'iDtPIO~ : 25X1A 25X1A is hesyby gpmrst. ` . staff stti y refaved to asrrfisd with it a tuft of a resaam ded lsttar of anthoritsa*3cn and isstsasatfras to Allan ctsisf, i?mecosreX Divisiaes C&POrto it 90% forth the specs" alleftneft drafted sari the autditi09A an4 sa vueiCes for the aasSiristtcatire and rIMM14 apport at the SadivSdtml., it is being returned to the s3pnMl Coutsuating Oftioe tar a few ,am` seins>? relstu ns, and be viii be tnaa'uatad to prepare it frith your CCWWVWAft far awmutian b, the a4ent aM the Chief, Perawnel Division ^Cowert. 2. R!a staff stud; will be roftreod to a vorklag group sec up as u. Saint effect at the Forsomal Miss and AWadatrative tuff ( eci.al) to study and .taste reemnsenutions As PAIAry ant psroarinai nalUtias to the pnblaa. 'flat sip, of ea sre, Vail tic'n to your *Mc* send to 060 for infwawtioa, ideas, and specitie m "w aurarsa in atprtyisd out their etuty. hail sumb time as a mochowAss ass be etabti d for routine , the Atirdstrative Staff (sssooisl) Mill hilt itestr in raestiseas tc assist in aftyung fndividttal xttisa cases of 7 / SA/ADD/A:RS47: jeb 0 0 I Att . blame to MIA from Aph/1 dated 35 i A b " s 25X1A s i pseiaX Allastaatss fbs~ 25X1A su I vt+A td b d W &# p an a. 2 Att MM to fsgn ca"ASeiler stated 25X1A 29 My 52j, Sam r*jottt. ec: AB/ (v/pspo*nd latte to Approved P'le2001/08/28 : CIA- ADD/A chrono 471i ADD/A sI..bject (w/ref memo until refeered to working group) MISSING PAGE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT MISSING PAGE(S):