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December 9, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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The Honorable Joseph N. Dodge The Director of the Bureau of the Budget Washington 25, D. C. Dear Mr. Dodge: Bureau of the Budget Bulletin No. 54-5, dated September 22, 1953, requests the submission of data on, and recommendations for, financing those interagency committees or boards which are currently financed by cash contribution from the participating agencies. The Central Intelligence Agency does not act as "host" agency for any such committees or boards. However, cash contributions are made in support of the following committee and board for which anotbar agency administers the finances: Committee or Board Operations Coordinating Board Interdepartmental Radio Advisory Committee Executive Order 10483, dated September 2, 1953, established the Operations Coordinating Board which reports to the National Security Council. The Executive Order emserates the functions to be performed by the Board in connection with national security policies recommended by the National Security Council and approved by the President. It further provides that the Board *ball perform such other advisory func- tions as the President may assign to it and shell from time to time sake reports to the National Security Council with respect to the carry- ing out of this order. Since this Hoard perform its functions under the direction of the President and reports to the National Security Council of which the President is the Cbaisarw, it is reeamended that the Board be financed by a separate appropriation made available to the Rational Security Council or by an increase in the appropriation made to the Council. Executive Order 101i60,dated June 16, 1953, provides that the Director of Defense Mobilization shall assist and advise the president with respect to certain telecaewimications functions. It further pro- vides that the Interdepartmatal Radio Advisory Caaaittee shall report to and assist the Director of Defense Mobilization in the perfor?ance of his !unctions as he way request. According to present plans, the Intetdepartmntal Radio Advisory Co wittae is to be financed by contributions true eleven (11) agencies for fiscal year 1955. In order to simplify and reduce the aso nt of work involved. in the financing of this Camaittee, it is recorded that the Comaittee be financed by a separate appropriation side avail- able for expenditure by the Office of Defense Mobilization. L. K. White Acting Deputy Director Coapt/ERStake Rewritten: EO/DDA:JSW:djm Distribution: 0&1 - Addressee 1 - DD/A Subject //l -t- DD/A Chrono. 1 - Comptroller