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December 9, 2016
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September 11, 2000
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Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP78-04718A000100220015-2 to 5-4598 mamm" PUS: Deputy Director (Plans) ATT'hNUOA : Chief of Adaiatstratios Miss of the Deputy Director (fleas) I Administrative Plaa for Project 1. I knew that CIA relationships viti~have been developed slowly a" Carefully ant a period of any ,years. I also know that nay problems said policies which at the time an uaigw sad highly debatable were actually developed sod resolved in osnneetion with this project. In spite of the feet that this t was thus, one of our first significant we have never developed an Administrative Plan for the project. 2. In view of the significant policy issues and the large amounts of Government funds involved, I feel that CIA has a heavy res- ponsibility to ensure that wan develop effective and coat Lazing working relationships for the ociatrol and support of - and that all external end internal officials understand and comply with these nls- tionships. 3. At the present tin these working relationships are sitar informal sad unwritten or eau expressed in numerous unrelated docu- s ats veiei do not of themselves constitute a comprehensive working relationship. In addition, these domssnts lack continuity and have net been given adequate distribution to all parties concerned. 4. With your concurrence, sod for toe above cited reasons, I propose to instruct tat Project Administrative Planning Staff to collaborate with the 10 Division in the consolidation of all of our forwal, and informal understandings wtih&nd to develop an 25X1A adequate Adainistrative Plan. To a limited extent, various new working relationships and procedural requirements may of coarse be found neces- wry or desirable. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP7 04718A000100220015-2 3. Althoajs week as 4siaistrative Alas vw-I4 appear to be a reaatias requirement usdsr ^ paay regulations, I as calliaa this proposal to year atteatia- because the Chin, 10 Division, has regwstod that we do mot attempt to prepare as Maiaietative Plan fa~but rattier that various other doccsasato of uadsrstaadiag be sousidorest as consitutia* as A4aialstrative Plea. I press this position to dictated by the fear that is 4mnlopiaa as A4sisistratirs Plan we aiaht wall ft up niatieashipa aM prondwme esaish tan Chief, I0, now behoves to be "equate aM satisfastery. If mw presusptios is correct I as tonfidsst that this fear used mot sad should not materialise. forar4st to the Ghiaf, spa, vita Will as&ertaM, in aofsboratics with your staff, to prepare an appropriate Maiatstrativc Plus. L. X. i UU Aataa #spsty Dins tot (Adainiatratios) aA/DAA:E :mj (15 April 1954) ac: Comptroller aa: C/PAfl (per *fl 1- 1-DDA chrono 1-DDA subject: