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December 9, 2016
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September 11, 2000
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April 15, 1954
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1. In confirmation of my oral report of 33 April 1954, when Mr. Dulles rand I were discussing awe smatters concerning our 1,iscal Year 195: Budget with hr. Tabor and Mr. s.igglesworth on the sane date, Mr. Taber stated that he had had reports from two different sources that some of CIAas personnel overseas were crtramely heaavy drinkers and were in other ways not a credit to the United States. 2. Mr. Dulles requested tk'.at if possible he be furnished with specific names and instances and that if t?rese allegations could be proven the offend- ere in this regard would be separated from CL% without any hesitation, Mr. Tabor stated that he did not have the mimes but that one of his sources was a Coragreaeman wham he regarded as a very, solid citizen. It readily developed that the Congressman involved was ,Vresentative Thaws and that Mr. Thomas had gained a great deal of his information 25X1A 3. Mr. Dulles told pr. Tabor that he was familiar with the trip made to 25X1A Turope by Congressman Thomas and that had accompanied the Co ressn as a part of this trip. He also stated that he regarded Coptain25X1A as being a pretty good intellice officer but that there were cer- tain circums=tances in connectias with his amployrtent with CIA which had caused him to leave under conditions which would not make him a friend of the `!gency. Mr. Dulles also stated that while he did not wish to hurt 25X1A naval career in any way he had infounation that the Captain had been india- creet in some ways while as this trip with Congressman Thomas. He eaphasized that this remark did not ap?iy to Congressman Thous who, so far as he knew, had conducted himself properly in every way. 4. Mr. Dulles told Mr. Taber that with his pc sanissias he would be very glad to discuss this matter with Congressman Thomas in the hope that the Con- gressman might supply specific names and instances upon which we could take definite actions. Mr. Tabor said that he would prefer that Mr. Dulles not do this but that he, Wr. Taber, would speak to Congressman Thomas. There was no discussion, however, as to tat course of action would be followed after Ir. Tabor spoke to Mr. Thomas. 5. Mr. Duties requested that I pass this information an to you in order that you might insure that there is a proper follow-up. A-DD/A:LIGB:laq /J/ `IL IJ34LOVt RiVYVfa) r,D/A sub: QA..~