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December 9, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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November 30, 1949
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CONFIDENT" ,; ER 0-7630 Approved For Reldeme 2001 /08 -04718A00( ,{}0130041-9 30 November 1949 MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Assistant Director, Office of Special Operations Assistant Director, Office of Policy Coordination Assistant Director, Office of Operations Chief, Inspection and Security Staff 1. The following persons will not be employed or used in any capacity nor approached or contacted in connection with any operation without express approval in each instance by myself: 2. No person connected with the' will be approached, contacted or used until either full security or operational clearance has been obtained and concurred in by myself. Rear Admiral, USN Director of Central Intelligence Dist: 1 cy ea to above 1 cy Perso nnel via 1 cy DCI 1 cy AD/ORE 1 Cy AD/OSI Exec and Chief, Admin. Staff 1 cy Personnel Director 1 cy Employees Div. via Chief, SSSr D?oument No. -3-7 -------- No Change In Class. 0 Li Declassified Class, Changed To: TS S CONFIDER TIA:' a Auth.: HR C-2 / Approved For Release L2gQi108(0.Q :--PI7lRDP78- 41Tdn~l9 - By: