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December 9, 2016
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September 27, 2000
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September 7, 1978
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Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78-04718A000500180009-0 7 September 1978 MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy for Archives FROM: SUBJECT: Destruction of Top Secret Documents 1. In the course of the screening O/DDA records while partici- pating in the DDA records task force, I located multiple copies of the following TS documents in Box 20 of Job 78-04718A: (a) 63544 (5 May 1952) - copies 6 through 10 of 10 (b) 65721 (25 April 1952) - copies 6 through 10 of 10 (c) 65736 (22 August 1952) - copy 4 of 8 (d) 65737 (13 August 1952) - copy 4 of 13. 2. These documents were extras in the file and. after recording them on the Form 3940, I contacted the TSCO for the CIA to discuss their disposition on 1 September. After checking the numbers and finding a record of only one of them, he instructed me to h ve these documents destroyed and the green cover sheets sent to Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78-04718A000500180009-0 CIA T.S. CONTROL SOURCE SOURCE DOCUMENT CONTROL DATE COPY NUMBER NO. PGS ATTACH- D111t ur MENT RECEIPT/ (to) DISPOSITION CtASb SUBJECT/TITLE SCHED. NUMBER 635 h DDA NUMBER -5- 5~ - I 01108/21 CIA-R P78-04718 000500180009-0 i i.LT R " I OF 1 c) F of I ?a~ ~ I C 4 57 5-q-52 2 - Go I Lif C =-N S -=Q i s - It 50 6 t) 9o? I L 25X1A 0573 MPS i3__ or 13 5 y Approved For Release 20011&!2tl liti lAdk[D474"8A000500180009-0 iirrni irTlllhIS Il.n thir a litin n fnr Ii:t(nc T4R Secret documents contained in holdings of Expired Temporary records d. nly, This imnlrmrntiitl2n 2fsthe approved ' Records Controls a