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December 9, 2016
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September 27, 2000
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25X1A 25X1A 2 _ Approved For Release 001/08/2'h v:..-viNFEWIT4A4718A0CM0018001 Security information Chief, Reserve Offioera ffice of 1. Questions by Chiefs of Field Offices concerning reserve status and participation continue to be raised, indicating that our capabilities and limitations in this area aro not generally known to the people who are directly affected, The following outl...Lne is intended to correct prevalent misunderstandings. t ona in the This increased somewhat by individuals who apply to the for a mobilisation designation, This to train with an Army unit where they are located, earn promotion and retirement credits. Upon nobi- they will be ordered to active duty in CIA, but only when CIA initiates the action. 3. Unfortunately, the number of mobilisation designations we have is limited by Army training funds. This meanie that we cannot possibly provide this kind of status to all reservista who want it. The beet we can do is to keep our authorisations filled at all times. The reservists who are left out swat report to correspondence courses for trainang, oromotion and retirement credits, and obviously get no training pay. If they affiliate with a local Army reserve unit, and get a mobilisation designation in awn a unit, it wakens our claim for their services upon mobilization, becaune by accepting such a mobilization designation, they are oresuned to be ready to mobilize with that unit. They can, however, attend training sessions with local Army- units strictly on a volunteer basis, and receive credit for training* 14. Tee-week active duty tours also are governed largely by the Army reserve training budget, and cannot be guaranteed to every individual who wants this duty. Pe has to apply for duty through the Military District in which he lives. If the district has funds, and approves, he gets two weeks of duty, either with troops, in a school t. Documat No. ________ Kto Elaine in Wass. 5. The eituation in. DCCi21Silied fl-ib.,;a1.1 To: TS $ C fc tr:!,.T,-2? I ? ih2 By: 1:41r)5INTLAL Approved For Release 2001/08/21 .-04718A000500180018-0 25X1C Approved For Releerse 2001/0kklqtra7Ae4718A0043600180018-0 CUM' Security Iniormetion tuation in the A analegous. obilitstion Reserve ar-4 limited to reservist& discretion of the Air force or Navy for se CIA does not have mobilisation authorizetime for However, they can affiliate with local Air or Navy reserve for voluntari training. and GIA can block their being called to ?extended active duty" by havIng the Department of Defames carry then in a nnonwavaLlable? category. The volunteer training allows them promotion and retirement credits, but no per. Two-week active duty toure are on an individual Implication basis, throuel a Nuaber.. 04 Air Force (Reserve) or Naval Listriet. 6. Although it is difficult for your peorle of the benefits of reserve statue while =played by C whieb are open to them will welt thqm to paintain reserve et and meet the minimum requirementa without undue effort. Discrimi nation, because of location of their duty station is not evident. Asa FLPDALICihrre (24 October 1952) // L. K. VA1T4 tent Deputy Director (Administration) Distribution: Orig & 1 - Add 2 - A-DD/A Signer)," riA"1144-4-"A-16 . I 1 'P L 1 - AD/P K Ibifr &Air: e P. L 0Yrii e . in i / We fri 1 ... MPD 1 - Chrano gtIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/04 1 . , -RIDP78704718A000500180018-0 mow