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December 12, 2016
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August 28, 2002
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January 1, 1954
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+c r > yr JANUARY 1954 Approved For Release 2002/09/03 CIA-RDP78=04718A001300070001-1 OFFICE OF COLLECTION DISSEMINATION ere',n', ce,~ervzces CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Approved, For Release 2002/09/03: CIA-RDP78.-04718A001300070001-1 ~i ~aciCi~ies Document Ns,.,. .~ ---- No chants in class. Declassified CI s. Changed ?es IS S C Autb ; 70 URN 4 I 25 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2002/09/03 : CIA-RDP78-04718AO01300070001-1 CONFIDENTIAL GUIDE TO OCD REFERENCE SERVICES & FACILITIES CIA LIBRARY LIAISON DIVISION BIOGRAPHIC REGISTER INDUSTRIAL REGISTER GRAPHICS REGISTER MACHINE DIVISION OFFICE OF COLLECTION & DISSEMINATION CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Approved For Release 2002/09/O3R l DP78-04718A001300070001-1 Approved For Release 2002 }lg4 pP78-04718A001300070001-1 The purpose of this Guide is to make you better acquainted with the people and the tools available in OCD to aid you in your intelligence work. We hope you will establish direct and informal contact with all members of the OCD staff, calling upon them for any services which you feel OCD should be able to pro- vide. Whenever it happens that you fail to get as good service as you desire, discuss the problem with the Division Chief concerned. The only way that we can improve the service is to learn of the things that go wrong. OCD wishes to operate with a minimum of controls, paperwork, and protocol. But it must serve all Offices and Staffs of CIA, as well as the IAC agencies; and it cannot assign highest priority to all requests. Therefore some controls and channels are needed, but there is nothing sacrosanct about them. Division Chiefs can and do find shortcuts when really urgent problems come up. Your suggestions as to ways and means by which OCD might givelyou better service are always wel- JAMES M. ANDREWS Assistant Director Office of Collection and Dissemination Approved For Release 2002/0W'O3FICWR 78-04718A001300070001-1 Approved For Release&R ,gnf CIA-RDP78-04718A001300070001-1 CONTENTS PAGE SUMMARY 1 BIOGRAPHIC REGISTER 2 GRAPHICS REGISTER 3 INDUSTRIAL REGISTER 4-5 LIAISON DIVISION 6-7 CIA LIBRARY 8-9 MACHINE* DIVISION 10 INDEX TO OCD 11 OFFICE OF COLLECTION AND DISSEMINATION Approved For Release QO 2 1 3'k1A-RDP78-04718A001300070001-1 Approved For Release 2002/R,m,RP78-04718A001300070001-1 Central Intelligence Agency Office of Collection and Dissemination SUMMARY OF CENTRAL REFERENCE FACILITIES and Other OCD Services OCD is an intelligence reference and service Office for the use of research and operational personnel in CIA and the intelligence components of the IAC agencies. The reference material collated by OCD has been coded and machine indexed by subject, area, source, date, and security classification. The basic intelligence document file is indexed in accordance with the CIA Intelligence Subject Code, and is maintained by the CIA Library. It is supplemented by specialized intelli- gence materials such as biographic data, industrial data, photographs and motion picture films. The Bio- graphic, Industrial, and Graphics Registers should be consulted when you need such materials. The Intellofax System developed by OCD combines the use of punched cards with electronic facsimile machines. Bibliographic or summary data are printed on the cards, which are also punched to facilitate rapid machine selection of those pertinent to your inquiry. You may then consult the selected cards, or they can be run through a facsimile machine which reproduces the printed data on a continuous paper tape for your use. The services provided by different Divisions of OCD are as follows: CIA LIBRARY - Provides a reference service to answer your queries on any subject or area, helps you determine which documents or books may be pertinent to your request, and loans them to you. Buys books and periodicals that you need, or borrows them for you through inter-library loan facilities. Prepares spe- cial bibliographies and research aids on request. Maintains a reading room with a collection of reference publications, and has a number of branch libraries for special purposes in several CIA buildings. BIOGRAPHIC REGISTER - Supplies information on foreign personalities in the scientific and economic fields, and on the organizations with which they are affiliated. INDUSTRIAL REGISTER - Supplies information on foreign industrial plants, companies, and industries. GRAPHICS REGISTER - Supplies still photos and motion picture films required for intelligence or training purposes. MACHINE DIVISION - Develops machine methods and equipment for intelligence purposes. Advises on the machine techniques and equipment best adapted to the solution of particular intelligence problems. LIAISON DIVISION - Collects intelligence from all government agencies in Washington through direct liaison, and arranges liaison contacts for CIA personnel with these agencies. Reads all documents and cables received or produced by CIA and disseminates them in accordance with requirements of the research and operational offices. Coordinates requirements for specific collection action and assigns them to the appro- priate collection agencies. Supplies information on international conferences and trade fairs. Approved For Release 2002/09! Fc P ?8-04718A001300070001-1 Approved For Release 200fMg/ 4 A*DP78-04718AO01300070001-1 BIOGRAPHIC REGISTER (BR) SERVICES PROVIDED BY BR 1. Supplies information on foreign personalities whose activities are of interest to intelligence re- search in the fields of science, industry, and economics. NOTE: Biographic data on foreign personalities in the political, social, and cultural fields are maintained by the Department of State, which department is responsible for providing information on all such persons. Biographic data on foreign military personalities are maintained by the three service agencies of the IAC. Biographic Register will continue to give CIA researchers such assistance as it can in obtaining the needed data from these agencies, but it has no responsibility and no staff assigned for the writing of reports on such persons. 2. Answers to miscellaneous questions, such as correct spelling or transliteration of a name, title of an individual, identification of an organization, -etc. Many "spot-information" requests such as these can be asked and answered by telephone without any violation of security. 3. Machine listings of individuals in specified categories, based on data recorded on punched cards. For example: German physicists working for USSR; biological warfare specialists in Western Europe; per- sonnel associated with German shipbuilding industry; members of the Soviet Academy of Sciences; etc. Intellofax tapes giving Who's Who type data on -selected individuals are also supplied to supplement the machine listings. FILES AND FACILITIES IN BR -1. Dossiers and card records on foreign personalities in the scientific and economic fields, including data on their organizational affiliations. 2. A machine index to these individuals which records their nationality, occupation, location, political affiliation, and organizations with which they are associated. This permits the machine selection and list- ing of names under any one or more of these categories as may be required. :3. An extensive collection of "Who's Who" and similar publications, both English and foreign lan- guage, as well as guides to various sources of biographic information. 4. A master phonetic guide to all names indexed in the BR system. Variations in the spelling of a name may thus be identified with the correct name. Requests for service should be submitted in accordance with control procedures established by the office of the requester. Informal contact for assistance may be made with: Office of the Chief, Biographic Register Soviet Branch Non-Soviet Branch Support Branch Ext. Room & Bldg. 119 North 214B North 111 North 110 North CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2002/09/03 : CIA-RDP78-04718AO01300070001-1 Approved For Release 2002/09/03 : CIA-RDP78-04718AO01300070001-1 CONFIDENTIAL GRAPHICS REGISTER (GR) 1. Photographs of foreign areas, subjects, and personalities are supplied in response to specific re- quests, or in accordance with standing requirements. They may be available in GR files or obtained from other sources. Assistance is given in selecting the required photographs, and requesters may visit GRfor this purpose. An index of available aerial photographic coverage on certain areas is maintained. 2. Motion picture films are shown or supplied as requested. They may be available in chefilmlibrary or obtained from other sources. Requesters may ask GR to select films on a required subject or area, or they may identify the particular films that they require. Assistance is given on all questions relating to the selection and use of films for intelligence purposes. 3. GR can arrange film showings in any CIA building or in the special GR Projection Room in Building # 14. In certain cases, films and projection equipment may be loaned to the requester for showing in other locations. 1. A large collection of photographs coveringforeign areas, subjects, and personalities of intelligence interest. All significant photographs received as enclosures to intelligence reports are included in this col- lection. 2. A collection of motion picture films that are useful for intelligence and training purposes. These films are available for loan or may be viewed in the GR projection room. 3. Intellofax tapes, giving abstracts of the content of films covering any given subject and geographic area, can be provided on request. 4. Still photographs are indexed by machine, and listings of those available on any subject or area can be supplied. Requests for service should be submitted in accordance with control procedures established by the office of the requester. CIA Form No. 60-72 should be used for such requests. Informal contact for assist- ance may be made with: Office of the Chief, Graphics Register Photograph Branch Film Branch Room & Bldg. 24 # 14 21 # 14 22 # 14 25X1 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2002/09/03 : CIA-RDP78-04718AO01300070001-1 Approved For Release 2002/09/03 : CIA-RDP78-04718A001300070001-1 CONFIDENTIAL INDUSTRIAL REGISTER (IR) 1. Supplies information on foreign industries, industrial resources, individual plants, companies, and related research and commercial activities. Information is also supplied on ports, power plants, pipe lines, inland waterways, communications, storage and other facilities. The personal assistance of experienced IR area analysts will help requesters to satisfy their requirements. (Requesters should make their initial con- tact with IR through the 2. Consultant service on the availability of additional specialized information which may be obtained from other sources. 3. Answers to specific questions on foreign industrial organizations, such as correct name, location, ownership, affiliations, etc. Telephone replies can be given to requests that do not involve classified infor- mation. 4. For special purposes, written reports are prepared that summarize the unevaluated information available on specific installations. 5. Machine listings are supplied that reproduce the data recorded on punched cards concerning each industrial installation. This includes name, location, industrial activity, and other pertinent data. The pat- tern of these listings can be arranged to suit the requirements of the requester. Some examples are:. Air- craft plants in the USSR; All industrial plants in the Leningrad area; Wolfram deposits in China; Pulp mills in Norway and Finland; Oil fields and refineries in Rumania; All heavy industry plants in Yugoslavia. 6. Similar machine listings of the products of the major industries in the USSR are presently avail- able. The product coding necessary to prepare the data for these listings will later include other USSR in- dustries and industries in the Soviet Orbit countries. 1. The Industrial File contains information on individual installations as derived from intelligence documents and other documentary sources. All references to a given installation are filed together and iden- tified by the same IR control number. Related materials such as catalogs, brochures, special reports, plant layouts, maps, charts, and city plans are filed in supplementary Plant or Town Folders. 2. A machine index to the Industrial File contains certain information on each installation which can be reproduced in a machine listing. The names of installations can be listed alphabetically by industry and location in any required combination, and they can also be listed under specified end products of the major industries in-the USSR. 3. Various industrial and commercial directories, technical dictionaries, and other reference materi- als are available to provide further assistance to requesters. Approved For Release 206269'[UNEiADP78-04718A001300070001-1 Approved For Release 2002/09/03 : CIA-RDP78-04718AO01300070001-1 CONFIDENTIAL Requests for service should be submitted in accordance with control procedures established by the of- fice of the requester. Informal contact for assistance may be made with: 25X1 Office of the Chief, Industrial Register Reference Section Soviet Branch: USSR - Asiatic USSR - European. Soviet Satellites Non-Soviet Branch: W. Europe & W. Hemisphere Asia & Africa Index Branch Room & Bldg. 10 D 350-26th Street 7 D 350-26th Street 10 D 350-26th Street 8 C 350-26th Street 9 C 350-26th Street 10 C 350-26th Street 10 D 350-26th Street 10 F 350-26th Street 12 B 350-26th Street 11 E 350-26th Street Approved For Release 2002/098 ~il; g P78-04718A001300070001-1 Approved For Release 200 cp3 j.c! LRDP78-04718A001300070001-1 LIAISON DIVISION (LD) 1. Requests for the collection of intelligence information are serviced by direct contact with U. S. Government agencies in Washington. If the required information is not available in Washington, the Liaison Division will issue a request for field collection to an appropriate agency or CIA Office. (Requests for procurement of specific books or documents from any source should be directed to the CIA Library.) 2. Assists other U. S. Government agencies in obtaining information from CIA, and in using the ref- erence services of OCD. 3. Assists CIA personnel in establishing contacts with U. S. Government officials for consultation on intelligence problems. Such contacts are governed by CIA Regulations and by procedures established in each CIA Office. 4. Notifies CIA Offices regarding U. S. Government officials returning from foreign duty, and ar- ranges fqr conferences with them as requested. 5. Provides other services requiring CIA liaison or negotiation with U. S. Government agencies. 6. Makes selective distribution within CIA of all intelligence documents and cables received from other sources, and disseminates the documents produced by CIA to other government agencies as well as within CIA. This service is based on general standing requirements of the various recipients, and on short term specific requests. 7. The Cable Branch disseminates intelligence cables received from other agencies, maintains a reference file of such cables, procures required cables from other agencies on request, -and services in- quiries regarding intelligence cables. The CIA Branch disseminates all CIA-produced reports, and coordinates collection requirements within CIA. The State, Defense, and Non-IAC Branches disseminate all intelligence reports received by CIA 25X1 from other sources. They provide liaison with other U. S. Government agencies in Washington for the collection of intelligence information and for other purposes. 1. Current information on the organization, functions, activities, and intelligence potential of U. S. Government agencies. 2. Information concerning key personnel in such agencies who are useful contacts for intelligence purposes on specific problems. 3. Listings of current international conferences, trade fairs, and exhibitions; and information con- cerning them. 4. Complete records of formal requests received and collection directives issued, with a cross index of requests by subject and area. Approved For Release 20WHEMN'1d1ArRDP78-04718AO01300070001-1 Approved For Release 2002D1q,pP78-04718A001300070001-1 5. Records and files of all intelligence cables received and disseminated in CIA. (File copies are currently retained for six months only.) Collection requests should be submitted in accordance with control procedures established by the office of the requester. Informal requests for assistance may be made to: Office of the Chief, Liaison Division State Branch Defense Branch Non-IAC Branch ('TA Rrnnrh 25X1A Room & Bldg. 2 E 350-26th Street 3 D 350-26th Street 1 D 350-26th Street 1 C 350-26th Street 1 B 350-26th Street 3 D 3 50-26th Street 1047 Q Building 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/0g/08rFIOUNRDP78-04718A001300070001-1 Approved For Release 2002/ 9MDX#fhIWP78-04718AO01300070001-1 CIA LIBRARY (LY) SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE LIBRARY 1. LOAN SERVICE is provided on requests for specific documents, books, or periodicals available in the Library files or in other libraries through interlibrary loan facilities. (Circulation Branch - ext. 0 2. REFERENCE SERVICE is provided by trained librarians to assist requesters who do not know the specific publications they desire, but want information on a subject or an area. The reference librar- ians will provide answers to such questions from available source material or will provide the requester with a bibliography of references on the subject. Arrangements can be made as appropriate for access to the resource-, of outside lihrarie s 25X1 3. The CIA Librarian is the liaison officer between this Agency and the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. Reader privileges at the Library of Congress including access to study room, use of reserve shelf, or stack I" it may be arranged via the Requirements Staff of the requester's office. (Librarian's Office - ext. 4. PUBLICATION PROCUREMENT SERVICE is provided for books, government publications, peri- odicals, and newspapers. Requests for the purchase of publications must be approved by the CIA Document Procurement Committee Member representing the requester's office. The Library's Guide to Book Pro- curement should be consulted in preparing such requests. (Book Branch - ext.II 25X1 5. The Book Branch issues a weekly Accessions List of books currently received and cataloged (ext.0 and a monthly Intelligence Publications Index which lists, in a subject and area arrangement, all significant items of finished intelligence recently published by the intelligence community. (ext.l 7F)(i 6. The Foreign Branch issues a bi-weekly Recent Addittos L n t f i s o new periodicals and monographs selected by publications procurement officers of the Foreign Service. (ext.= 25X1 7. A CLIPPING SERVICE supplies current items from selected newspapers and magazines in re- sponse to requirements of CIA Offices. (Book Branch - ext.0 25X1 8. AN ABBREVIATION SERVICE provides identification of or anizations that are commonly re- ferred to by their abbreviations or symbols. (Analysis Branch - ext.II 25X1 9. BRANCH LIBRARIES provide reference and circulation service for special areas: a. Branch #1 in Room 1401 K Bldg., ext= serves Buildings I, J, K, and L. b. Branch #2 in Room 2100, Alcott Hall, ext.= serves the Office of Training. c. Branch #3 in Room 218A, Central Bldg., ext.= serves the Medical Office. 25X1A d. Branch #4 in Room serves OO/FDD, and provides specialized services concerning foreign publications. 10 are available on TOP SECRET CONTROL PROCEDURES (Document Branch, and on SUBJECT CLASSIFICATION AND INDEXING PROBLEMS. (Analy- sis Bra - 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 26RDP78-04718A001300070001-1 Approved For Release 2001-B?{tpK&pP78-04718A001300070001-1 FILES AND FACILITIES IN THE LIBRARY 1. A collection of intelligence reports produced by CIA or received from other government agencies. This collection is filed by source and date. 2. A card index to intelligence reports and other publications consisting of punched cards with de- scriptive data for each document. Some of these cards also contain abstracts. 3. Facsimile machines are used to reproduce the printed data from the punched cards that are selected as pertinent to a request. These references to the documents are given to the requester in the form of a continuous paper tape which is known as an Intellofax Tape. 4. Inter-Library loan arrangements with governmental, institutional, and other libraries provide access to these sources. 5. A collection of books, pamphlets, dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias, gazetteers and publica- tions of all types that are of interest for intelligence purposes. (1433 M - 6. A READING ROOM where current newspapers, periodicals, and reference publications may be consulted. (1413 M) 7. A MICROFILM ROOM provides facilities for viewing a microfilmed collection of centain intelli- 25X1 gence documents and publications. (1429 M 0 8. A BIBLIOGRAPHY ROOM where various card catalogs a bliographic research aids may be consulted, including a Cyrillic Union Subject Catalog. (1430 M 9. A LINGUISTIC CONSULTANT office, staffed by linguists from OO/FDD, is available in the Library for consultation on brief translation problems. (1416 M Requests for service should be submitted in accordance with control procedures established by the office of the requester. CIA Form No. 60-41 should be used for loan requests, and the Library Order Form (IBM card) for purchase requests. Informal contact for assistance may be made with: Office of the Chief, 25X1 CIA Library Analysis Branch Book Branch Circulation Branch Document Branch Foreign Branch Reference Branch Room & Bldg. 101 350-26th Street 3 C 350-26th Street 6 F 350-26th Street 1414 M Building 5 B 350-26th Street 2224 Y Building 1416 M Building 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/0SSBTF' E78-04718A001300070001-1 Approved For Release 20&2W%YI-DP78-04718A001300070001-1 MACHINE DIVISION (MD) 1. Investigates, develops, and adapts machine processes for identifying, collating, reproducing, and transmitting intelligence data. 2. Provides advisory service for CIA and the other IAC agencies on the availability and use of ma- chine methods and equipment for intelligence operations, and for their adaptation to special problems. As- sists in the maintenance of such equipment. 3. Performs the machine operations required for special projects such as the compilation of aworld- wide gazetteer of place names and physical features. 4. Advises and assists in the development and performance of all machine operations for OCD. Main- tains the machine indexes for CIA Library and Graphics Register, and processes the requests received by them that require machine operations. Biographic Register and Industrial Register operate their own ma- chine indexes under general supervision of MD. Requests for information or service may be made to: Office of the Chief, Machine Division Planning Branch Machine Operations Branch Maintenance Shop Room & Bldg. 9 350-26th Street 25X1 A 9 350-26th Street 3 350-26th Street 11 350-26th Street CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2002/09/03 : CIA-RDP78-04718AO01300070001-1 25X1A L Approved For Release 2002/09/03 : CIA-RDP78-04718AO01300070001-1 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2002/09/03 : CIA-RDP78-04718AO01300070001-1