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Croe,s- -27.3 Approved For Release 2002/01/11 : CIA-RDP78-04718A001300200065-6 AGENDA FOR THE CIA CAREER SERVICE BOARD 24th Meeting, Thursday, 4 March 1954, at t&:O0 P. mb DCI Conference Room, Administration Building Minutes of the 23rd meeting; (attached) for approvva 2v Memorandum from AD/Personnel to Chairman, CIA Career Service Board, with attached staff study to DCI, subject, 'Selective Rotation Program", dated 23 February 1954; (distributed pre- viously) for continued discussion, Discussion of Agency Promotion Policy a, Office of Comm+unicatisxae Order No. 23-53, subject, "Commun- ications Career Service", dated 30 November 1953. 21A be co de Proposed Policy on Promotion dated 8 December 1953. -3_0 _r_+uV 1978 Approved For Release 2002/01/11 : CIA-RDP78-04718A001300200065-6 Approved For Release 2002/01/11 : CIA-RDP78-04718A001300200065-6 MINUTES OF THE CIA CAREER SERVICE BOARD 23rd Meeting, `ibursday, 25 February 1954, at 4:00 p.m. DCI Conference Room, Administration Building Presents Messrs. Lyman B. Kirkpatrick, Inspector General, Chairman Matthew Baird., Director of Training, Member Deputy Chief, PP, Member DAD/0, Member AD/Co m unications, Member Harrison G. Reynolds, AD/Personnel, Member Huntington Sheldon, AD/I, A1t. for DD/I, Member L. K. White, ADD/A, Member Frank G. Wisner, DD/P, Member DAD/CD, Guest Executive Secretary secretariat Reporter 1, The Board approved the minutes of the 22nd meeting held 18 February 1954 without change. 2. The Chairman then introduced DAD/CD, 25X1A9A who had been invited to the meeting to discuss Career Planning for individuals as it was being conducted in OCD. prefaced 25X1A9A his remarks by saying that he felt that this type o areer Planning was the keystone to the Career Service Program in CIA and that ro- tation and training were the essential elements of Career Planning. 25X1A9A He discussed the programming of 24 career plans that had been formulated in OCD, stated that these plans had been drawn up for from two to three young professionals selected for their po- tential by each Division Chief in OCD. The 24 plans were developed initially as a joint effort of the individuals and their chiefs. Then these plans were submitted to the OCD Career Service Board. Following review by the OCD Career Service Board, each of the plans has been adopted as an outline covering the individual's prospective development S-E-C-R-E-T Approved For Release'I02Th171"f : CIA-RDP78-04718A001300200065-6 4 Approved For Release 2002/01/11 : CIA-RDP78-04718AO01300200065-6 over a ten year period, It is recognized that the plans must be flexible and responsive to changing requirements of OCD, the Agency and any other circumstances which might arise to require their modification, 3. The Board then skipped to item 4 of the Agenda since it was related to remarks. Mr. Reynolds, AD/Personnel, 25X1A9A stated that he was planning to circulate a questionnaire relating to Career Planning within the Office of Personnel. He had been informed that there were other questionnaires in use and felt that such forms would better serve an Agency-wide purpose if they were standardized. It was noted that there was a possible danger in the general use of such questionnaires as they might encourage a belief that large numbers of people would be involved in rotation at the same time, Mr. Reynolds then discussed briefly the condition of the Agency's personnel records and requested cooperation in acquiring documents which belonged in official personnel folders. 4. The Board then discussed item 3 on the Agenda, Mr.. Reynolds', Staff Study, "Selective Rotation Program", The Chairman started the discussion by saying that he was opposed to raising the Agency ceiling by 120 slots; that he had assumed more of an exchange of individuals who would become active, productive employees in the office to which they were rotated, The Board agreed that no request to raise the Agency personnel ceiling by 120. would be made. Col. White commented on the paper by saying he felt that what was proposed was already being accomplished for personnel in the DD (Administration) area. Mr. Kirkpatrick stated that, as envisaged, the plan was to ro- tate those GS?5's through il's who appeared to possess executive potential. Mr, Baird stated that he felt that the objectives of the proposal could, in many ways, be accomplished by extending the time during which individuals would remain under the direction of the JOT program. He asked that the Board give consideration to this alternative. The Board agreed to carry the discussion into the next meeting. 5. Under the heading of new business presented two requests for Career Development Slots from OCD. These were discussed briefly and it was decided to commence formal processing 25X1A9A Approved For Release 2002/01/11 : CIA-RDP78-04718AO01300200065-6 Approved For Release 2002/01/11 : CIA-RDP78-04718AO01300200065-6 of the papers, and give formal consideration at the next meeting. The Chairman stated that he had reviewed the number of employees resigning after completing outside training sponsored by the Agency, and in his opinion there were too many such cases o Mr, Baird pointed out that each employee was required to sign a statement, before being approved for non-CIA training, that he expected to make his career with CIA, The General Counsel had ruled that there was, however., no means by which he could be legally bound. 6, The Board agreed that at the next meeting there would be discussion of an Agency promotion policy. 7. The meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m. /a/ 25X1A9A Executive Secretary Approved For Release 2002/01/1.13:.CIA-RDP78-04718A001300200065-6 Approved For Release 2002/01/11 : CIA-RDP78-04718A001300200065-6 OFFICE OF COMMUNICATIONS ORDER N0. 23-53 30 November 1953 CONTENTS General Policy Organization Career Service Board Board Respoasibilitieo'and Functions Scope of Action Authority Procedures 1. General This order defines the over-all policy, organizational structures and procedures within the Office of Communications for administering the Career Service established under CIA Regulation 2. Policy The Communications Career Service is open to all staff employees and staff agents of the Office. 3. Office of Communications Order 24-52 dated 21 July 1952 Organization The Office of Communications Career Service comprises a group of specially qualified individuals who desire to devote themselves permanently to performance of communications functions in the intelligence service of the United States Government, and who are willing to accept the obligations and conditions in that service which are essential to the planning, establishment, operation and maintenance of the classified electronic communications facilities of this Agency. 4. Career Service Board The Office of Communications Career Service Board is composed of the following individuals: a. The Assistant Director and the Deputy Assistant Director for Communications, ex officio, pecument No. ---- b. A chairman and two members s l-ctM from aMong the staff or division chiefs and their alter hte;u. C QNFID&TIAIa Approved For Release 2002/01/11 : CIA-RDP78-04718A001300200065-6 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/01/11 : CIA-RDP78-04718AO01300200065-6 S E C R E T c. Executive secretary, an Administrative Staff member (non voting). d. Communications Training Officer (non voting). e. Secretary to the Board. (non voting), 5. Board Responsibilities and Functions It is the responsibility of the Office of Communications Career Service Board to: as Advise the Assistant Director for Communications on matters affecting career management in this Office. b. Monitor the application and functioning of the Career Service program within the Office of Communications including: (1) The system of rotation within the Office of Communications. (2) Scheduling a periodic review of all individuals assigned to communications duties to insure that they are not overlooked for warranted promotion. (3) Participation in the development and execution of rotation assignments of communications career employees to other parts of the Agency, insuring that they are not overlooked for warranted promotion. (4) Executing relevant decisions of the Central Intelligence Agency Career Service Board and making recommendations to that Board for improve- ment of the Career Service. (5) Sponsoring and developing Career Service in the Office of Communications and reporting periodically on progress of this sponsorship to the CIA Career Service Board. (6) Reviewing personnel evaluation reports and proposed plans for the utilization, development or separation of career employees. (7) Insuring that career employees on rotation from other parts of the Agency are assigned duties pro- viding experience commensurate with the objectives of their rotation plan and that semi-annual personnel evaluation reports on these employees are submitted to the sponsoring component. Approved For Release 2002/01%11 CIA-RDP78-04718AO01300200065-6 Ell E C R E T ~ to Approved For Release 2002/01A ~: iI-78-0471 8A001300200065-6 (8) Reviewing conditions of service and duty and making recommendations based on that review to the CIA Career Service Board concerning working conditions and benefits that would serve to strengthen morale and increase esprit de corps. (9) As required by the Assistant Director for Communications, review files of prospective employees of the Office of Communications in order to assure acquisition of individuals having potential on a long- range basis as career employees in this office. c. Supervise supporting groups or boards having assigned duties and responsibilities in connection with the Career Service Board. 6. Scope of Action _ nthority Authority for action within the Career Service Board system for the Office of Communications is as follows: a. Recommendations for action made by the Career Service Board are subject to concurrence by the Deputy Assistant Director for Communications, and approval by the Assistant Director for Communications. b. Rotation and promotion of individuals holding grades below GS-7 will be handled by administrative action subject to review by the Career Service Board. c. Rotation and promotion of individuals holding grades GS-7 through 12 will be reviewed by the Career Service Board, d. Rotation and promotion of individuals holding Grade GS-13 and above will be reviewed by an ad hoc committee conv' tod, by the Assistant Director for Communications. e, Permanent assignment of individuals to positions GS-ll and above will be reviewed by tho ,parobria;"te 1~3o' d' br bbmriittee. f. Promotions will be based on qualifications and demonstrated ability to perform work in an approved available position at the higher grade. Grade promotions steps are-approved for use in this Office as follows: GS 2 to 3 GS 6 to 8 GS 10 to 11 GS :3 to 4 GS 7 to 8 GS 11 to 12 GS J to 5 GS 7 to 9 GS 12 to 13 GS 4 to 6 GS 8 to 9 GS 13 to 14 GS 5 to 6 GS 8 to 10 GS 14 to 15 GS 5 to 7 GS 9 to 10 GS 15 to 16 GS 6 to 7 GS 9 to 11 GS 16 to 17 GS 17 to 18 Approved For Release 2002/01/11 CIA-RDP78-04718A001300200065-6 1 E It E T Approved For Release 2002/01/ 1E ClA W 78-04718A001300200065-6 g. Individuals will not be rotated to a clot the grade of which is more than two grades higher than that held by the individual, 7. proved Forms The following forms are a2. roved for Board rotation and promotion actions within the Office of Communications: a, Attachment I, Home Leave and Reassignment Request. b. Attachment II, Career Service Board Action, 8. Board Review. "chile a. Rotation assignment action will be initiated six months prior to the end of a duty tour. b. Individuals will be considered for promotion in accordance with listings for each grade group arranged in order of anniversary date-of grado,? The review cycle for each grade group is established as follows: Grades 2, 3, and 4 -- 6 moo. Grades 5 and 6 - 9 moo, Grades 7 and 8 - 12 moo. Grades 9 and 10 - 15 moo. Grade 11 -- 18 moo, Grades 12 and 13 -. 24 mos. Grade 14 .- 36 moo. Grade 15 ?- 48 mos. c. Extra-schedule rotation and promotion recommendations will be considered on an ad hoc basis when justification submitted for such action is approved by a majority of the Board membership. d. Initial assignments overseas for new employees Grade 8 and below, including graduates of the Communications school will be made by the appropriate division or staff, 9. Administration a, The Administrative Officer is responsible for providing essential information which will insure efficient handling of rotation and prom-otion review actions by the Board and ad hoc committees including: (1) A table of organization for the Office including personnel assignments. S Approved For Release 2002/01/11': 8IA-RDP78-04718A001300200065-6 Approved For Release 2002/01/ .E(g 1 8-04718AO01300200065-6 (2) .listing of individuals holding Grades 2 through 15 in order of anniversary date of grade within each grade series. (3) A record of priorities for the filling of vacant positions. (4) Six months prior to the end of an overseas tour the Administrative Officer will provide the follow- ing information on the individual subject to rotation: (a) Assignment preferences to be sub- mitted by the employee. (b) Supervisor evaluation of the employee. (c) Evaluation by the Chief of the Area or Ctation concerned. b. Rotation and promotion actions prepared for Board review under authority 6 b. will be processed in memorandum form, including, as attachments thereto, supporting justification for the action recommended. Co Rotation and promotion actions prepared in accordance with the authority under 6 c. and d. and the schedule under 8 a. and b. will be made on a standard form providing for rotation or promotion as appropriate, made up in two parts: (1) Part I will include data on the present station and the proposed station in the case of rotation. recommendations. It will include present grade, date of grade, the T/O slot including grade of that slot, the proposed grade and slot, calendar months in grade, age of the individual, number and age of dependents, education beyond nigh school level including military training, and employment history including military service. (2) Part II of this standard form action will include rotation or promotion recommendations as appropriate by the division or staff chief. This portion of the action will. provide convenient check-off facilities to insure that appropri&te training records and personal evaluation reports have been reviewed. Further, it will. provide for concurrences by the Board members and the Deputy Assistant Director for Communica- tions, and approval by the Assistant Director for Communications. Approved For Release 2002/0171 T : fClL-RL1P78-04718A001300200065-6 Approved For Release 2002/0'J1i : ,CIS [4P78-04718AO01300200065-6 W Ir M i ~1~ ~r d. Instructions on Preparation of Actions for Board or Ad Hoc Committee Review The following instructions are issued to assist Division and Staff Chiefs in the preparation of actions for review by the Career Service Board and by Ad Hoc Committees: (1) The Administrative Officer will complete the appropriate data under Part I of the standard form. (2) The standard form will be forwarded to the appropriate Division or Staff for completion of the recommended action, (3) The appropriate Division or Staff Chief will complete the rotation or promotion recommendations in Part I as appropriate and will complete the recommenda- tion portion of Part II in the standard form, (4) The following factors will be carefully considered as appropriate and fully developed in discussions supporting rotation recommendations and position assignments; (a) Needs of service. (b) Career development for the individual. (c) Desirability of retaining individual under his present cover, (d) Individual's preferences for reassignment. (e) Area chiofIs recommendations. (f) Present supervisor's comments, (g) Number and age of dependents (h) School facilities at proposed station, (5) The following factors should be carefully considered and fully developed in discussion justifying promotion recommendations: (a) Individual's performance of duty as related to the duties and responsibilities of hie position. (b) Slot availability. Approved For Release 2002/0711 :CIA-RDP78-04718AO01300200065-6 E C R E T Approved For Release 2002/01/11 : CIA-RDP78-04718AO01300200065-6 S E C R E T (c) Individual's growth potential for increased responsibility. (d) The content of Part I data and the Personnel Evaluation Report. (e) Recommendations by supervisors and Division or Area Chiefs. (6) The action will be returned to the Administrative Officer for scheduling on the Board. agenda. (7) (a) Division or Staff Chiefs may initiate extra-schedule review for promoti-n of an individual by submission of a request for such action to the Administrative Officer. Upon receipt of this request, the Administrative Officer will prepare the appropriate Part I data in the standard form and return this form to the appropriate Headquarters Division or Staff for formal submission to the Board. (b) Area Chiefs may initiate an extra- schedule review for promotion of an individual by submission of an official dispatch justifying their recommendations. Upon receipt of this dispatch, The Administrative Officer will prepare the appropriate Part I data in standard form and forward this form to the a propriate Headquarter Divisions or Staff for .formal submission to the Board. Attachments (2) Distribution #5 Approved For Release 2002t11 ~ -IA-XDP78-04718A001300200065-6 25X1A9A