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December 12, 2016
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April 29, 2002
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Approved For Release 2002/06/26: CIA-RDP78-04718AO01500050010-1 r (I The grcnrp hold chat genera' ``(LJiJ~t Lkxilltthecalled its "fir'st anL .l t11B 1( ! ~ final meeting" with the President t today. Certain recommendations IS V K. ICT ON C,I,A,Were made. These will not be made public, whether they, are put into effect or not. General Doolittle, `throuprh the (Doolittle Survey, , However, White House, lasucd thin state- Tells, President.. of' Areas Brat p.ih behalf of the, study nt ? i mproveme That Nees elligende,-, Agency in generals Intel conclude; .(a) that its, place-I W'AS1-IINGTON, Oct. 19--The Central Intelligence Agency wort a creditable job" rating today frunr a special sttnly group act- ling ,directly for President. Eisen- hower The group reported, however, 1 that there were 'important areas in which the C. I. A. organiza- ii n administration and opera- -ment in the over-all organizationt of the Government la proper; (b) that the laws under Whlch' it op- erates are adequate; (c) that the established provisions for ' its financial, support are sufficiently flexible to meet its current oper- ational nerds; (d) drat, in spite lion. can and should be Im-' job; te) that it is gradually im? " proving its capabilities, and (f) roved p . The agency is aware of these that it is exercising care to In- inroblems and in many cases) sure the loyalty of its personnel. s'Leps are being taken toward areas In which the C. I. A, oz'- if hcrr sutuLion, the group informed ganization, administration and the President. operations can and.' should be fIegdin thr? group wag Lieut ;improved, The agency is aware Cen. James Il, Doolittle. Other lot these problems and iri"many 1nurnncers .were William D' cases steps are being taken t rt d th l slut' We are e o son o the Navy; Morris.- Hadley, New York attorney, and William D. Paw}ey, former Ambassador to Brazil. The White House said the group liar] bccn asked by the, President "Lo look at r:ertahr phrases of the work of the C. I. A." "'Phe President feels that such nw,?i,xlic reviews are conducive of the limitations inrposgd by its relatively short life and rapid ex- pansion it is doing a Creditable , r well ,aware of the tremendous problems .facing the director. and staff 'of; an cirganization such ad C.-.I: A. and appreciate .the aln. y acre offorte,;beitsg made, to solvq them. "Itr, an attempt to'be construc~;,f t.l e and in the hope that we may be helpful,'w,e,havo made.Certalr. reepmmendatio'ns to ..the mesh- ,-work of tht task force of the Hoover Commission under Gen. Math W. Clark which' is par- titularly studying the . over-all nrgnnizational problems of the 1f'rnt,e,l States . InteWgepce Approved For Release 2002/06/26 : CIA-RDP78-04718AO01500050010-1 Approved For Release 2002/06/26 : CIA-RDP78-04718AO01500050010-1 Approved For Release 2002/06/26 : CIA-RDP78-04718AO01500050010-1