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December 9, 2016
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April 30, 2001
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March 6, 1956
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Approved For Release 2001/05/10 : CIA- 002000330023-0 6 March 1956 SUBJECT 25X1A9a : 25X1A9a 1. of the Office of Security, extension 21.76, advised today that the Appeal Board in the Veterans Administration had made a final review of the case and had rejected the request for additional compensation. 2 d b h f h 25X1A9a . a een urnis ed information from the VA file which showed that had told more than was prudent about his 25X1 A9a activities-within the gency to a VA social worker who had visited him at one point. As a result of this the Office of Security is going to send a representative to talk to and caution him about the 25X1A9a requirements of not furnishing detailed information as to his activities while employed by us. As a result of this proposed visit, it is antici- pated that we will not have further correspondence with I 25X1A9a suggested that the representative also advise that the Agency has done all that it possibly can to help him, and much more than would normally be done for one of our employees. 3. will advise us if any new developments occur 25X1A9a in the course of the proposed visit, and I told him we would keep him advised of any further word we had from 25X1A9a Inasmuch as the file will be forwarded back to the Chile 5X1A9a Regional Office of the VA, it may be two or three weeks before becomes aware of the fact that his appeal has not been favorably ac e 0 upon. cocument No. -------- U-4-11 ------ No Change In Class. ^ ^ Declassified d to: TS S Ch ange 5 v I Next Review Date: ------------~ Auth.: I+117C-3 j/.N Date- -5_jp7a By- - peftlal .asistant to the Deputy Director (Support) 25X1A9a For Release 2001/05/10: 8-04718AO02000330023-0