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November 17, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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October 14, 1954
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25X1A6d Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : 0100040013-1 114 October 1954 25X1A6d 25X1A9a 25X1A6d 25X1A9a 25X1A H. GATES LLOYD Assistant Deputy Director (Administration) 11EMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Emergency Planning Approved ftf gse 2000/08/17 1,K='KDP7 1 13-1 l i ._ ADD/A:HOL:mel Distribution: 1 - DD/A Chrono ,.,-1 - DD/A Subject 1. In accordance with DD/A's request, I discussed with Mr EPO, the best means of keeping up to date the list of employees a3signed to M for emergene dut . The greatest difficulty seems to center In the DD/P area where Logistics Officer for DD/P-Admin., is charged with maintaining a emergency list. The EPO now has his current- listing in hands, and requested that he be permitted to needle - 25X1A9e to ge this up to date during the next week or ten days, when we rill have another talk. In the future, it was agreed that a list of the emergency personnel designated by DD/P co onents (about 130 names) should be run off every month and submitted to for approval or correction. The 25X1 A9a EPO felt that the other elements contributing personnel to the emergency center kept their lists fairly well up to date and that a quarterly run of their lists would suffice. 2 It was my view that a list run of the IBM cards currently on file at would be the best source of this information and would serve to verify the basic record on which the emergency center is based. The iPO was insistent that the record in his office was the basic record and wanted a typed list prepared from his cards. This matter will hive to be resolved at a later date, perhaps when the January Quarterly List, of 600 emergency personnel is submitted for checking to all components involved. 3. I agreed to review with , DD/P-PPC, the overall 25X1A9a organization of the emergency staff with a v ew to perhaps reallocating the slots on the most realistic and practical basis.