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November 17, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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November 8, 1954
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Approved For Release 2000/08/17: CIA-RDP78- - -?~5f3' AI I of I&W Md& 8 November 1954 MEMORANDUM TO Deputy Director / Administration FROM SUBJECT Additional Housing Facilities 25X1A6d 25X1A6a 1. and other officials have often a vise me that they were o the opinion that there was not sufficient housing available in the barracks for a representative working staff during an emergency program. It is my belief that the number of people authorized at the time of the establishment of the emergency program was considered sufficient; however, full review at the present time would require more people to do the basic job. This would require an increase in housing facilities. 2. I thought it well to mention these facts to you, for at this time the several buildings of a former 25X1A6d The located - are available for purchase . 25X1A6d equidistant from , formerly housing approximately 200 students and had the necessary office building, living quarters, dining room, gymnasium, etc. It is my understanding that the corporation operating this school is now in receivership and that the property could be purchased for approximately $150,000.00. If a firm offer were made I presume it could be purchased at a lower figure. At the present time I understand there is some interest in the property by several Church groups, but nothing definite has been accomplished. 3. The purchase of the above may be contrary to present Headquarters policy, but I thought it my duty to apprise you of -t,his opportunity. JOB NO. ...0.', A ~'a a ?' .d ; ". :y - I N(?, ~:,'7 r^ J.x w rj f a b3 S r'i . 4 ? (?..L NEXT F:'y DA r,...1~..rt;~ uT Df'' ' y ...o -a:i ADC. GO i f ! .3b +R AS . HR 70-3 Approved For Release 200 DP$( '~QC~g4Q14-0