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December 9, 2016
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July 24, 1998
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May 25, 1956
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Office Memorandum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT NEQ ApprovedMFor I 2 6~RDP78-04720A000100120030 3 TO : Chief, Management Staff FROM : Chief, Records Management Staff SUBJECT: Expansion of Records Center DATE: 25 May 1956 1. This supplements my memorandum of 14 May. Undoubtedly, you and Colonel White wil3_ be interested in some data on the destruction of records by the Center. 2. Material going to the Center is responsive to a records control schedule developed by us and the office concerned. These schedules show retirement dates (to the Record Center) and des- truction dates. On 30 April, the Records Center had disposed of a total of 4289 cubic feet of records. This fiscal year over 2200 cubic feet of holdings were destroyed and the rate of des- truction is equivalent to 25% of our receipts for the same period. 3. It is estimated that the Agency has 110,000 cubic feet of records in active files. Records control schedules covering 70,556 cubic feet (65%) of material have been prepared; 19.5% of these will be retained permanently, and 80.5% kept from one to 75 years. About 47% of the temporary records are in the 5 to 15 year retention period. Consequently, we cannot expect any appre- ciable increase in destruction for some time. 4. Since a certain per cent of all records created must be retained permanently by the Records Center as the Agency Archives, the total holdings of the Center over the years will always be increasing. This rate of increase may vary, and it could occur that during a particular year a balan ld b ce wou e struck between records received and records destroyed. However, it is mathemati- V-,s,a ca11y impossible b the ver nature f th t y y o e opera ion to maintain this stabilization between intak d d t t e an es ruc ion. a 5. As noted above we estimate the Agency's retirement program to be 65% activated. All major offices have transferred some re- cords to the Center except Security which has destroyed some mater- ial in their offices and is earmarking others for early transfer to the Center. 6. Even though we complete schedules for the entire Agency it will take about ten years for the retirement features to become active enough to reach an additional 100,000 cubic feet. Of this total we estimate that about 33,000 cubic feet will be destroyed, leaving us 67,000 additional cubic feet at the Center. The small existing leeway at the Reeords Center, 13,000 cubic feet, together with the requested 60,000 cubic feet, ought to tale care of us for ApprovedR$R#ase 2000/08/28 : CIA-R Director, Communications[