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December 19, 2016
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September 2, 2000
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November 15, 1972
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Approved For Release 2006/1 t,,E1 CON P 2A000200040017-3 -Vor *OGC Has Reviewed" CLANDESTINE SERVICE SUPPORT OFFICERS' MEETING DDS Conference Room 15 November 72 30 November 72 24 November 72 CON FI E TIAl E2 IMPDET CL BY 006163 2. No items of interest from DD/P Staff Meeting. 3. Items of interest from DD/S Staff Meeting - 14 November a. Additional Information on Support Directorate Spouse Day, 9 December 72. As you know, the Directorate is scheduled for two sessions on Spouse Day, 9 Dec. Some questions have been raised on dependents - especially the youngsters. Mr. Coffey reiterated the family visit guidelines pertaining to guests: Guests: Eligible guests are limited to employees, including contract employees and detailees from other agencies and the military services, currently assigned in the metropolitan area, and witting members of their families as follows: spouse, mature and responsible children, mother, father, and other close relatives living with the employee. A Deputy Director or higher authority may further restrict the above list of eligible guests as considered necessary for specific directorate visits. Last year we suggested - on children - that we were talking about high school age children. This may be too restrictive. What should be stressed is "mature and responsible children." This probably excludes third and fourth grades. The youngsters who come should be ones who will get some benefit from the visit and yet who will understand the sensitivity associated with the Agency. b. Retirement of Su port Directorate Personnel During November 72. Approved For Release 2006/10/19: CIA-RDP78-04722A000200040017-3 Approved For Release 200600 F jj 7 .722A000 040017-3 c. Combined Federal Campaign. To Date - The Agency has reached about 70% of its dollar goal. O/DCI has reached 98% of its dollar goal DDS has reached 68% of its dollar goal DDP has reached 53% of its dollar goal DDI has reached 52% of its dollar goal DDS&T has reached 73% of its dollar goal For Comparison At this time (after 4 weeks) last year the Agency had reached 72% of its dollar goal. In 1971 the Agency finished with 101% of its dollar goal. This year our Agency dollar goal is $13, 000 higher than last year. EAF and PSAS to Date $11, 000 for EAF $10, 000 for PSAS d. Foreign Language Training. Mr. Cunningham said that 400 people are presently engaged in language training. This is the highest number of people ever engaged in language training at the same time. He said that lack of space at Headquarters still poses a problem for more language training at Headquarters. (Mr. Blake said he would try to facilitate a solution to the space problem; he said he would get Chief, LSD working with EO/OTR on solutions to the space problem.) a. Briefing on ACT I. I is now ready to provide briefings for Chiefs and Deputy Chiefs of Support for CS components. The briefing lasts for about one hour and beginning Monday, 20 November we may schedule groups of not more than five for each briefing at 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. on a daily basis until all have been covered. Please let know the date and hour you would like to attend and she will arrange groupings and let you know. The groups will assemble in Larry's office in 113 24. b. December Drug Seminars. There will be two, on the 12th and on the 19th; Room GA13 Hqs, 3:00-5:00 p.m. Call Becky on ext 2365 for reservations. c. Fundamentals of Budgeting. Seven additional runnings of this new one-week course have been scheduled for the period 15 January through 22 June 1973. One of these will be a special running for Office of Finance personnel to be given at Hqs. 29 January- 2 February 1973. The rest will be held at the Chamber of Commerce Building. is the instructor. Our announcement for the first presentation of this course, 27 Nov-1 Dec 72 at Hqs, has prompted widespread interest in the course. d. Security Violations. During the month of October, there were 17 violations charged to DDP components. CA and DDP/SG each had three; AF, NE and WH each had two; FI, OPSER, SB, I Ln TSD had one each. MdRUET1 Approved For Release 2006/10/19: CIA-RDP78-04722A000200040017-3 e. Support Officers Conference. Mr. Coffe has decided to hold a conference of "S" officers at I uin March 1973. has been asked to chair 25X1 a planning committee which will include Hal will have his first meeting with the committee next week and intends to send all "S" officers a note which will solicit ideas for the program. He also asked us to invite you to speak with him or any committee member on any ideas you have for the conference. Approved For Release 200 W4) N-4722AO00200040017-3 I"W f. Recently Approved Support Officer Assignments. November November Novembe r Training Announcement: to attend the Advanced Managerial Seminar, March 4-9, 1973 g. Golf Clubs - Accompanied Baggage. We've just reviewed a dispute involving an officer who brought a set of golf clubs as accompanied baggage from his overseas post to his home leave point. Central Travel Branch felt the clubs were not "baggage.' The IG saw no difference between golf clubs and such as playing cards, crossword puzzles, tennis rackets, etc. Nor did we, so long as the clubs were within the authorized weight allowance. C Fh ENTIAL Approved For Release 2006/10/19: CIA-RDP78-04722A000200040017-3 Approved For Release 2006/10/19: CIA-RDP78-04722AO00200040017-3 14 November 1972 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, Central Travel Branch SUBJECT: 11. This will confirm our conversations relating to subject's appeal of your action in suspending $46. 05 in his travel voucher on his PCS move 25X1 sr t?. ,3 ri r It o ______ VA~ V , spoke wit the Office of the Inspector General after your zsallowance of the cost of shipping a set of golf clubs and a golf bag as accompanied bag- gage. The OIG referred the matter to me for review. 2. I ve spoken withi Office of the General 25X1 Counsel, who responded to I request for a legal ruling on ;Whether a golf bag and clubs coigne within the definition of "baggage. " 25X1 (Ot:xC: 72.1526 As pointed out, the question is not one of law, rather one of fact anc a matter for administrative determination. He affix ,ris there is no legal objection to paying for this expense. I am aware that the Department of State routinely authorizes the cost of, shipping golf Clubs as acco:ti1panied baggage but without necessarily regarding that as a pre>cedent. it is my feeling that the Agency should allow this sort of expense ,when the shipment was within the authorized weight allowance, which in this it was. I have discussed this matter with the Assistant Deputy Director Support who concurs with niy view. >. It is requested that you process reimbursement to out of $46. 050 Special Support Assistant/DDS _:: Inspector Gen ral E2 IMPDET CL BY 006163 Approved For Release 2006/10/19: CIA-RDP78-04722AO00200040017-3