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November 11, 2016
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April 23, 1999
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Sanitized - proved For Release : CIA-RDP 04724A000100010005-9 SECRET NOFORN SUPPORT B4LETIN FOR INFORMATION OF HEUARTERS AND FIELD PERSONNEL This document Is part of an Integrated file. If separated from the file It must be SECRET subjected to Individual systematic review. NOFORN Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-04724A000100010005-9 Sanitized - Apprc 1 For Release : CIA-RDP78-04000100010005-9 SECRET NOFORN The Support Bulletin, to be published periodically, is de- signed to keep ,,Headquarters and,Field personnel informed on administrative, personnel, and support matters. The Support Bulletin is not directive in nature but rather attempts to present items which, in general, are of interest to all per- sonnel and, in particular, of interest to those employees occung various support positions. Suggestions and con- struc ive criticism both Xeeadquarters and Field person- nel are encouraged. NOTE: - This Bulletin is for information only. It does not constitute authority for action and is in no way a substitute for regulatory material. SECRET Sanitized - Approved For ReleasFe?f lA-RDP78-04724A000100010005-9 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDPZS-04724A000100010005-9 SECRET NOFORN LEGISLATION IN THE MILL Several proposed changes to our basic legislation have been sub- mitted. No attempt is made here to go into any detail, but a few of the proposals which would result in benefits to personnel are: a. Allowances for employees at foreign posts for the purpose of rtturning their children to go to 'school or college. b. A proposal for home leave in addition to annual leave for employees serving overseas. After two yeari service abroad an em- ployee would be entitled to five working day!) leave for each four months he has served abroad. Such leave would be in addition to his annual leave. c. Authorization for the organi- zation to pay a large part of the cost of medical treatment of depen- dents located abroad and the entire cost where the illness or injury is caused by the fact that the depen- dent is located abroad. d. A provision for earlier retirement and larger retirement benefits for employees who have served :with the additional on benefits to be inirect proportion to the length of their foreign service and the time spent at unhealthful posts. Employees are cautioned that the provisions included in the proposed legislation are far from enactment and are subject to modification or even disapproval. We are, however, taking all possible steps to obtain maximum benefits for our personnel serving overseas with special emphasis on medical and health benefits for employees and their dependents. TRAVEL REGULATIONS It is eeoiz that the absence t ions of appropriate travel regula has created umerable" administra- tive problems, especially for Over- seas stations. We have been con- fronted with many problems in the development of travel regulations; the most bothersome beings problem of adopting by reference other travel regulations, supplemented by certain regulations of our own. This has not proved to be satisfactory since all interested personnel have not had the referenced regulations in their possession, and, in some instances, our regulations conflict with others. ~nsequently, we are writing a complete set of travel regulations which will govern our personnel without reference to any other regulations. Even so, there will always be cases where certain personnel may be governed by other regulations, such as military details SECRET NOFORN 25X1 C Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-04724A000100010005-9 SECRET NOFORN Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-04724A000100010005-9 1400 LANGUAGE INCENTIVE PROGRAM APPROVED The Director has approved a program under which organization employees will earn fixed sums of money for acquisition or mainte- nance of ability to read, speak, or write foreign languages. The rewards for acquisition of skill in additional languages will vary with the level of competence acquired and with the difficulty of the particular language. The program has,been under development for some months under,,,,gjAidence of t h Career Council.. Administravr ive procedures and.deaile. or`era"whiwill govern the program are presently being formulated .end will be published soon. 'Asa companion to the system of incentive pay for attainment and retention of language competence, the organization will undertake a complete inventory of the current langua ompetences off" rso~" Ile_ i is e a question- naiiiMich will permit all staff personnel to record their estimate ?' ieir",own competence. Thereafter, bf- ge pro ci nc tessLL store on a se eu ed basis for the purpose of ascertaining the actual level of competence of each individual claiming proficiency. This document is part of an integrated file, if , 'em the file it b* CAREER SERVICE PROGRAM In the devdlopment and adminis- tration%of a' Career Service Program the need for many improvements in =rsonne management has become min hest. We are working toward a planned and comprehensive training program for the development of career personnel, a system of "directed" assignments (recognizing,, of course, personal circumstances), early notification to field personnel of the next assignment, stabilization and standardization of promotion policies, and replacing fixed tables of organization with flexible staffing patterns. CREDIT UNION FACIL PIE -. All personnel are reminded,:.that the facilities of the Credit Union can be extended to field personnel. This is an excellent service for the deposit of savings, and, if a loan is essential, the Credit Union can loan at reasonable interest rates to employees who are members. The facili- ties of the Credit Union are available to employees after investing-?9.= for one share (deposit) plus a fee. The Finance Officers and Adminis- trative officers can provide the forms and information necessary to Credit Union membership, deposits3and loans. In real emergencies, loans can be xequisted and authorized by cable (to be followed by dispatch of required forms). Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-04724A000100010005-9 -r Sanitized - Apprc ved For Release : CIA-RDP78- 724A000100010005-9 SECRE'T' NOFORN SUGGESTION ATARI7S PROGRAM All employees are encouraged to participate in the Suggestion Awards program. Civilian employees whose ideas are adopted are eligible for ,A -to awards ranging from and those whose ideas are exception- ally meritorious may receive up to 000. Employee suggestions sub- mitted should include the following: a. Description of the present practice, method, or problem. b. Details of the change that is suggested,, and where and how it can be used. c. Benefits to be derived from its use* d. Name, job title, and grade of suggester. e. Comments of employee's supervisor including recommendation for approval or disapproval. Awards for adopted suggestions with intangible benefits are based on a scale which gives consideration to the degree of benefit and the extent of application. Award amounts for suggestions resulting in tangible savings are determined in accordance with the following scale in which savings are usually those estimated for the first full year of operation following adoption: Savings Amount of Award /10 for the first 200. in savings and 5 for each additions )$100 or fraction thereof. ,4201741, 0OO I 1,001- $/ 'SO for the first A.,000 100000 in savings and:$5.for each additional-$200 or fraction thereof. 10,001- x','2275 for the first 100,000 X10,000 in savings and '5 for each additional 1,000 or fraction thereof. 100,001- / 1725 for the first or more 4100,000 in savings and 5 for each additional 5,000 or fraction This document is part of an inf9grated file. If separated from the file it must ha sabjacted to individual systematic review. Sanitized - Approved For Reli ' CIA-RDP78-04724A000100010005-9 lb CONFIDE NCBA~8;0 Sanit ized - Ap roved or Release : 4724A000100010005-9 NOFORN CIVIL SERVICE RETIREMENT (This is the first of a series of articles on the liberalized Civil Service Retirement (CSR) Act.) General Re irements for New CSR Benefits You must have had at least five years of civilian service either to retire or for your family to be paid CSR survivor benefits. If you leave with less than that amount of service, you'll be paid the balance in your CSR account in a lump sum. disability retire- han For other ment, you also must have been employed under the CSR Act for at least a year out of the last two years preceding your final separation. Your high-five average salary is used as a key factor in computing your annuity. It is the highest average nnuaisalary produced by your basacT sa ary rates in any `five consecutive years of service. In most cases, it will be the last five.years. Within-grade promotions are a part of basic salary but overtime and allowances are not. Length of service is computed by adding-up all periods of civilian service plus any creditable military service. Length of service does not include any period for which you were paid a refund of CSR deductions or deductions under some other retirement system unless you redeposited the refund with interest. Ceiling on annuity: Your basic annuity can't be more than 80 per-Cent of your high-five average salary. If it works out to a higher figure, simply use the 00 pet cent as your basic annuity. Retirement Options Wide -- ging on Age You must retire at 70 if you have 15 years of service. If you have less than 15 years when you reach 70, you must retire when you complete the 15?Zgars. The Civil Service Commission G has authority to waive the manda- tory retirement provision: for all em- ployees except presidential appointees, whose retention requires action by the President himself. The authority is seldom used because reemployment after retirement is now so much easier. You have the option of retiring on immediate annuities under these condi- tions: At age 62 after five years of service; at age 60 after 30 years; and at age 55 after 30 years. In addition, you can retire on an immediate annuity if you lose your job through no fault of your own a after 25 years of service, or a age j0 after 20 years. If you're totally disabled for service in the position you occupy, you can retire on an immediate disability annuity after five years of service. Finally, if you have five or more years of service and leave.for any reason before you are eligible for an immediate annuity, you may keep your money in the CSR fund and be paid a deferred annuity at age 62. NOTE: The next issue will contain infor- mation on how to compute your annuity. NOFORN Sanitized - Approved F fPfaLn J p4724A000100010005-9 Sanitized - App!: ed For Release : CIA-RDP78-04724A000100010005-9 C 1 1AL ~. 6640116,0 NOFORN PER DIEM EXCEPTION Several PCS returnees from over- seas posts in submitting their travel ivouchers have included c airis r fir, a day per diem for por'on of the travel occurring tour country. These claims are no doub made because *Py,is the rate normally applied for travel in our country. However., regulations further provide that a maximum rate of per diem is payable for travel in our country by airplane or train when the traveler is en route to or from an overseas post. NOFORN L Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-04724A000100010005-9 Sanitized - A provedrf 0 WE XUT-194VO 724A000100010005-9 GEERET NOFORN .,. 66*ET NOFORN Sanitized - Approved Fcczi ffj"fA8C4724AO00100010005-9 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP78-04724A000100010005-9 (PLACE FORM 490 HERE) OFFICIAL RECORD COPY The attached document (s) must be safeguarded. It is the Agency's Official Historical Record and must be preserved in accordance with the Federal Records Act of 1950. For additional information, call the Chief, CIA Archives and Records Center, extension 2468. R T RN IM E IATELY ~7p~ Tq jI- 010005-9 Sanitize C ppW,, IQr, &olXsl Q,~ C RDS ENTER -