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November 11, 2016
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July 30, 1998
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25X1A2g 4. Ffi*f 0 P-1 Vi 7 ??, Executive Regiwtzy4; REFERENCE: Your memo DDS 58-28+1, same subject dated 21 July 1958 1. This memorandum is for information only in reply to your reference. 2. So far as we can determine, the material listed in reference involves a shipment of 100 rifles requested by NEA Division in May 1957. 25X1A6a The shipment was made from the in June 1957 and re- 1A9 5X1A6a MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director (Support) 25X SUBJECT: Materiel Shipment ceipt acknowledged at destination in September 1957. In June 1958 g reported that some of these rifles had broken or damaged stocks, and other minor defects. The Project also requested a different model of the same type rifle because of familiarity with that model, so the 100 rifles originally shipped were replaced by a different model obtained from the Army. Since shipment was made the individuals responsible for making the shipment at the have left the Agency, and the Ordnance Technician in the Supply Division involved in this shipment is now serving overseas; consequently, we are unable to de- termine if these rifles were inspected at the time of shipment. Sub- 0 e uent to the shi ment an ins ection of th it i i t th q p , p ese ems rema ng a n e revealed that they were not in usuable condition and they were shipped to an Army Ordnance installation for rehabilitation. 3. The Supply Division has now in effect a comprehensive sur- veillance program for this type of material, and I feel that this program will preclude any further incidents of this nature. 4. Every possible effort is being made to assure that material shipped from Agency Depots is the material requested and that it arrives at destination in good condition when needed. We have made a particular , effort to resolve support problems as they arise in regard to - 25X1A2g Acting Director of Logistics Approved For Release 1999/08/27 : ClA-RDP78-04727A000300050017-7