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December 9, 2016
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April 17, 2001
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February 7, 1964
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QQ/S 4- Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDPT 030013$8 R E0G1,78 a F I L E 7 FEA 1964 OR: Chief, Ttchacai Services Division THROUGH Seeyrnour: I know that yu !saws besn, !saving some problems with your MKULTRA projects. I do a4t 0010 V MM all those prable ar are, but if our recent experience with P4t-ara:*lc Research. Inc., is a fair e i le I think that you might be well adhtaect to reconunand that the scope of this project be greatly re duc*d, and you 1z ht even want to consider its ells i nation. Ci mainly as I see it,, the c?sttrrects with Panoramic Research. Inc . . could have bow handled just as easily without resorting to MK.ULTRA. If you feet so Inclined. I can assure you fiat we will cooperate in every wrey to accomplish your objectives w (Lie cometderadon for security and the special nature and sensitivity of your p rojsx t s. For your *nt rrow ton and possibly to refresh your memory. I attach hereto to summary beet er awing the approval history of this project. If my info aticla is correct, it was last approved in 19$5 --a long time ago. I axn nud-da# suggsa on with the ore be - lief that we can provide you the service and with the hope that it might save both of us considerable headaches to trying to clean up projects such as Panoramic Research, Inc., which for one reason or another have got ton off the rails. Att: As stated DD/S:LKW:jrf Distribution: 0 - Adse w/O of att cc: Inspector General w/T of att Director of logistics w/T of att 1/- DD/S chrono /1 - DD/S subject w/T of att Approved For Release 2001/07/16 : CIA-RDP78-04727A000300130088-0