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December 15, 2016
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September 5, 2002
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January 1, 1967
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Approved For Release 2002,(10/09 4 OFFICE OF LOGISTICS SIGNIFICANT ACCOMPLISEVMTS FY 1967 25X1A 1. Significant Contributions to the Agency a. Support Planning Team, Revolutionary Development Program, Vietnam Chief, Supply Division, OL, was the senior member or e oupport planning Team on TDY to Vietnam. In coordination with the Vietnam Station, this team developed support programs and related management controls for FY 1967 and FY 1968 to measure the resources required to these carry out the Revolutionary Development Program for periods. 25X1A C. Employee Parking Committee At the request of the Deputy Director for Support (DDS), OL established and chaired an Agency employee parking commit- tee. Its membership included representatives of the Offices of Logistics, General Counsel and Personnel, as well as the 'Directorates of Plans, Intelligence and Science and Tech- .nology. The committee report of findings and recommendations has been submitted to your Office. Approved For Release 2002/10/09: CIA-RDP78-04789A SECRET GHUUP i Excluded fins dewnj, .lin; Z:d 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/10/09??- ?PT8-04789A000100050003-9 e. Snow and Weather Emergency Plan A detailed snow and weather emergency plan was developed for the. Agency. This plan was operational during the winter of 19661967 and proved effective. f. Cost Reductions Cost avoidance or reductions through negotiated effort for FY 1967 are projected at $1.9 million. The benefici- aries of these reductions were the Offices of each Direc- torate. The cost reductions were arrived at on the basis of estimated and/or'published prices versus actual prices after negotiation with the vendors. Current estimates distribute these savings as follows: DDS&T DDI DDS DDP $530,000 186, 000 707,000 487,000 25X1A h. Executive Ding Room Responsibility for operation of the Executive Dining Room was transferred from the Office of the DCI to OL, effective 1 July 1966. A special fund has been established, out of dining room funds, to cover maintenance and related costs which previously were charged against the Logistics Services Division, OL. Also, monies have been set aside to maintain liquidity in membership deposits and a fund es- tablished for equipment replacement. i. Temporary Dui Assignments 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/10/09 C L .RD 78-04789A000100050003-9 Approved For Release 2002/10L09 : CIA-RDP78-04789A000100050003-9 SECRET j. Leased Electronic Circuits Budgeting A,management analysis was completed` recently relative to certain leased electronic circuits and facilities which, historically, have been budgeted for by OL. The majority of these circuits are utilized for encrypted transmission of information. The study resulted in a recommendation, which has been approved by your Office, that budgetary re- sponsibility for these items be transferred to the Office of Communications, with the exception of service which is customer related. Assumption of budget responsibilities, as outlined above,'contributes to the fulfillment of Agency responsibility for program budgeting. Significant Management Accomplishments Within OL 0 Progress in Automated Systems and' procurement. subsystems, including requisitioning, warehousing, stock management, transportation, finance (property related), 'OL`.isdeveloping several Automatic Data Processing (ADP) `of,CL,. Additionally, in coordination with the SSS/DDS, contract information and more meaningful reports. In addition, it will provide a data base which can be ex- panded..for.use under the more sophisticated Support Information Processing System (SIPS) now being designed by the SSS/DDS. This System is independent of the DDS Management System and is under the operational control We have designed, with the cooperation of SSS/DDS and the Office of Computer Services, and are now testing an interim, Automated Contract Management System. This System will answer our immediate requirement for current Approved For Release 2002/10/09.: CI E[ "T789A000100050003-9 Approved For Release 2002L10/09 `: CIA-RDP7 4789A000100050003-9 SECRET b. Construction of the Printing Services Building This building is being constructed at the Headquarters Building site and conforms to the same. architecturall, de- sign. For the first time in Agency history, its printing facilities will be housed in a building designed specifi- cally or a ,printing operation. Occupancy of this building is scheduled for early FY 1968. c. New Modular Packing Technique The development and adoption of a new modular packing technique has been most successful. It consists of pre- formed, molded, polystyrene containers for fragile and ,_critical items and has resulted in numerous advantages. This "cocoon" method of packing has significantly reduced damage in shipment and transportation costs. In addition, it offers labor savings in packing, a smaller shipping unit, and, satisfactory long-term safe storage. d. Telephone Service and Facilities Telephone service requirements continue to increase. Additional tieline facilities were created and, at our request, the C&P Telephone Company installed a new 1100 pair cable to improve facilities and provide alternate routing for Agency service. Telephone service to the DCI's residence was improved, and special security measures were installed. Interconnection of the Agency KY-3 system with the Washington Secure Voice Network is being accomplished. Dial tieline facilities are being completed between the Agency secure voice system and the US Air Force and VOCOM secure voice switching systems. When completed early in FY 1968, this interconnection with VOCOM will permit Agency KY-3 users to go worldwide on a., secure basis. Training At the cost of $11,536, OL placed 149 individuals in ill different. internal and external training courses, in- eluding'16 who attended Military Command or Senior Manage- ment;Courses. Of particular satisfaction was the expansion :of the ADP training. A total of 53 employees attended 23 ',participated in six runnings of the course entitled Support Services Review: Trends and Highlights. Six Support Ca reer Trainees were acquired and were given OL orientation by rotation through the divisions , 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/10/09 : CIA-RDP78-04789A000100050003-9 Approved For Release 2002/10/Q p- RDP78-04789A000100050003-9 25X1A g. Awards and Recognition 25X9 Four hundred and fifteen Logistics careerists, including -,Wageboard as well as GS positions, were promoted during this period. This figure is somewhat high because the spring 1966 promotion review carried over into FY 19.67 before those ac- tions were made effective. Twenty-four employees were granted Quality Step Increases. Two employees were awarded the Intel- ligence Medal of Merit, one the Certificate of Merit, and one was awarded both the Certificate of Distinction and the Cer- tificate of Exceptional Service. Nine employees received awards ranging from $15 to $125 as a result of submitting 25X1A suggestions which were adopted. Thel =I Awards Program honored four employees of thel superior 25X1 performance, and twelve Unit Awards were issued. Cash awards ranging from $25 to $100 were made. i. Personnel Staffing STATSPE (1) In y 1967, OL dvised that a reduction in ceiling fro~ositions t ositions would be effected not later than 30 June 1967. Tirogh careful distribution of 25X9 reductions, these positions were identified and deleted and, where necessary, personnel reassignments were eff At the close of FY 1967, the OL on-duty strength was This 25X9 ,figure included 10.clerical personnel assigned fr Office of Personnel pool for strength purposes only. In addition to those employees assigned directly to OL, anotheogistics careerists are serving in positions outside OL. 25X9 n 9. Approved For Release 2002/10/ cI ~ P78-04789A000100050003-9 ? ' Approved For Release 2002/10/09 : CIA-RDP78-04789A000100050003-9 StCRET (2) The 1967 summer rotation pattern has been completed and involved the transfer of 73 Logistics employees either to or between overseas posts during the fiscal year. Initial steps are being taken at this time to plan and implement re- assignments for the summer 1968 rotational period. Approxi- mately 56 employees will complete overseas tours and will be eligible for rotation to the United States. (3) During FY 1967, 88 Logistics employees resigned and 109 new employees entered on duty. (4) During the same period, 20 employees retired and 24 obtained approval for retirement extensions. In conjunction with current emphasis on preretirement counseling, approxi- mately 200 Logistics employees have been interviewed indi- vidually in connection with both the CIA, and Civil Service retirement systems during the past year. Currently, 61 Logistics employees are eligible to retire. j. Reimbursement to Other US Government Agencies Through the joint efforts of OL and the Office of Finance, the concept of "constructive evidence of receipt" was adopted, and, effective 15 December 1.966, all inter- departmental billings resulting from MILSTRIP/FEDSTRIP transactions are being paid upon receipt of billing. Payments are subject to adjustments by the billing agen- cies upon identification and verification of receipt by the Agency. k. Teletypewriter Paper Stockade The requirements for teletypewriter equipment utilized by the Agency, including quantity and color of duplicate copies desired, resulted in OL stockage of approximately 30 types of teletypewriter paper. Standardization actions during the past three years have resulted in current Agency stockage of only 18 types of paper. This number will be further reduced when present stocks of nonstandard items are exhausted. This results in reduced storage space re- quirements, fewer procurement and receiving actions, and lower inventory control costs. 1. Liaison with Operating Division and Staff Logistics Officers Weekly liaison contacts are made with operating divi- sion and staff Logistics Officers to ensure timely support on the part of OL. SECqET Approved For Release 2002/10/09 : CIA-RDP78-04789A000100050003-9 Approved For Release 2002/10/09 : Q1~r n04789A0001 00050003-9 Significant Accomplishments Within the Logistics System a. Real Estate and Construction Activities b. Space Utilization, Renovation, Design, and Modification Space requirement problems continue to be vexing. Reno- vation and modification were performed in 28 areas in the Headquarters Building and in 11 Agency-occupied buildings in the Metropolitan area. Additionally. snare wac P-1111ro1 c. Computerized Phototypesetting The Office of Logistics developed a method of computer- assisted phototypesetting in which a completely formatted page is produced without the conventional composing room operations. It was principally designed for the printing of National Intelligence Surveys, of which 34+ sections have been produced to date. This system was also designed to accept machine language tapes furnished by the customer component as a byproduct of normal manuscript preparation. The first Logistics stock catalog was printed by this method in June 1967, and other applications will follow. 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A e. Purification of Agency Stocks During the past 12 months, purification of Agency stocks has been accomplished by deleting 9,500 stock numbers on non- moving, obsolete, and nonstandard items. SECRET Approved For Release 2002/10/09 : CIA-RDP78-04789AO00100050003-9 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002110/09; Qf78,-04789A000100050003-9 h. Utilization of Excess Materiel A continuous review of lists of materiel declared excess by other Government agencies has resulted in OL obtaining considerable quantities of desired items, at a relatively low cost. Through May of FY 1967, we have acquired excess mate- riel priced at $6,851,927 for only $3+2,751 (packing, hand- ling, and transportation charges), or a cost avoidance of $6,509,176. Materiel obtained included such items as para- chutes, ordnance, 11-50,000 yards of blanket material, elec- tron tubes, and an aircraft engine. i. Contract Procurement Final FY 1967 statistics on overall Agency procurement are not yet available. The trend indicates a higher dollar volume, but fewer and more complex contract actions. An example is hick warranted special handling and attention of contracts involved totaling approximately j. Issues of Excess Agency Property During 1967, Agency excess property, amounting to was issued to Agency components without cost. SECRET Approved For Release 2002/10/09 IA-RDP78-04789A000100050003-9 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/10/09 : CIA-RDP78-04789A000100050003-9 Approved For Release 2002/10/09 : CIA-RDP78-04789A000100050003-9