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December 21, 2016
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July 21, 2008
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July 21, 1960
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~s-n:~1 c+ a STANDARD FOR>dApprovsd For Release 2008/07/21 :CIA-RDP78-04836A000300020020-8 ~~ce Memorandum UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Director of Training EYLS ONLY, FROM Chief, Sohool of International Communism svsJ$c~r: Weekly Activities Report No. 27 8 - 21 July 1960 DATE: ,'~j JUly 1960 I. SIGNIFICANT ITEMS None to report. II. 4~ ACTIVITIES 1. On 8 July accompanied by conferred with 25X1 Joseph White -the individual at USIA who is apparently responsible for maintaining the U. S.. Archive of Communist antiAmerioan propaganda. There was an initial reluctance on Whites part to cooperate - 25X1 stemming from a feeling that the Agency was holding out on passing along to him material which the Agenoy had collected and ultimately destroyed. Apparently there is an inter Agenoy agreement that this should go to him - an agreement which is not being honored. However, having explained our purposes in requesting this materiel for the 25X1 J T program, White agreed to let us use whatever he had available. He suggested, however, that we might be limiting ourselves too much by attempting only to point up the theme of the Communist image of the U.S. We are going to reconsider this point and meanwhile he will send us material. covering a whole series of themes which the Communist parties have been pushing in local areas. 2. ICG, has suggested a project to which might be e a e for a brief period. There is in ICG~s possession e series of about 25 tepee in German recorded by a sensitive and high- level asset who attended the Higher Party School in Moscow. Ae recounts the subjects covered, the interpretations, the amount of time devoted to each, etc.Dattempted to get it transcribed through FDD, but leak of knowledge of Communist terminology and organization apparently resulted in a poor effort. I believe that it would be useful for to listen through these tapes and to, at least, outline the basic coverage.( (feels that his Gercaan is sufficiently mood to do the Sob, and ~~as agreed to release the tapes for use 5~~~~T 25X1 25X1 2o~~i_1 Approved For Release 2008/07/21 :CIA-RDP78-04836A000300020020-8 Approved For Release 2008/07/21 :CIA-RDP78-04836A000300020020-8 3. land I were apparently guilty of being overly 25X1 presumptuous in assuming that he would be accepted at Columbia without arty difficulty. He has been turned down - on the basis of the con- sideration that he could not complete his doctorate in one year and that Columbia is accepting only bona fide full-time, doctoral candi- dates. This - even thoug had completed his MA at Columbia. ~ I 25X1 discussed the problem with ld Hinton at FSI who suggested Harvard but this possibility seems remote at this late hour.. However, 25X1 had registered for course work at American IInivearsity some three or four years ago and has found that his oandidacy there is still con- sidered active and that he would be accepted into Lord Lindsay's 7 man seminar. Actually, in discussing the specifics of a program at A. II. with the Assistant Dean he found that it has more to offer in the fields of SIC's immdediate interes~Columbia can currently provide. It appears, therefore, that 11 be in attendance at 25X1 A. U. and that this may turn out for the best in two ways - a better rounded program for him - and his availability to SIC far an occasional presentation. L,.. I'm still puzzled about acceptance of 25X1 proposal for a 90-day puzzled and not a 25X1 little suspicious - since I don't quite understand what I can contribute in that period of time. However, since important and 25X1 since the ea intensely interesting problem I'm pleased 25X1 at the opportunity. I think it will benefit SIC. My health situation should be clarified certainly by that time. It appears now that I will go for surgery dust as soon as SIC's part of the JOT program 1s completed an+d I should be in good condition by late fall. 5. Non Agency Presentations: FSI - 11 ~ia~:y- "Theoretical Background" F5I-11 July "Political System" FSI - 12 July "Economic Potential" Approved For Release 2008/07/21 :CIA-RDP78-04836A000300020020-8 Approved For Release 2008/07/21 :CIA-RDP78-04836A000300020020-8 -~. ,~ ._ 6. Tutorial Trains ~: SEC~~ET Approved For Release 2008/07/21 :CIA-RDP78-04836A000300020020-8