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November 11, 2016
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March 1, 1999
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May 1, 1947
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Approved For Release I 999/911 em ~78-04864A000100020014-3 25X1A2g CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT JUSTICE R & E D ATE: INFO. V AY 1947 D ST, 10 June 1947 PAGES $ SUPPLEMENT EVALUATION OF t ONTENT Documentary CONFIRMED PROBABLY POSSIBLY DOUBTFUL rv-,zSLY OTHER SOUR. TRUE TRUE LSE .1UD1iED Anti-American comments from Latin American transmitters during May were focused on two main points; the re vocation of the registration of the PGB (Brazilian Coz ies Party),, and the Trt proposal for hwiiephere defense and uniform ar its. The general tenor of such anti.- erioan arguments a were monitored was that the U. S. Goverment "1nflue Iced the Brazilian Government in the trial against the Brazilian Co nuns is"; the sudden "anti-Cam unist turn of the Peron Government" the fault of "Washington"; the "reactionary oapitali.sts" had decided the issues in their mm interests; the U. S. Goverment is "protecting" f 'xth tt abroad. CLASSIFICATION 25X1A6a COUNTRY SUBJECT Propaganda of Anti-American Tendencies 25X1A6a ORIGIN EVALUATION OF SOURCE Do S]llentar t F UALLY COMPLETELY USUALLY FA NOT USUALLY NOT CANNOT BE REUA3LE REUABLE RELIABLE RELIABLE RELIABLE JUDGED DrSTRIt UTION E XX SOURCE Within GIG Approved For Release 1999/09/01 : CIA-RDP78-04864A000100020014-3 Approved For Release I 999/094 4 P78-04864A000100020014-3 APPENDIX LQR7 Buenos Aires, United Pross, in Spanish ?gorse to Latin America, CPYRGI S' 1947, 1:42 p.n. EST (Text) Buenos Aires-The texts of the telegrams sent by the executive committee of the (Argentine Ccxri nisi---Ede) Party to Luis Carlos Prestes, Secretary General of the Brazilian Corm unist Party, and to the Superior Electoral Court: "'Senator Luis Carlos Presteo, Senate of Brazil, Rio do-Janeiro. "'Outraged at the trampling of democratic liberties and popular sovereignty effected by the prohibition of electoral rights to the Brazilian Coiniunist Party, we convey to you our want solidarity with you. "'The attack confirms (our belief-Ed.) that Yankee imperialisu is encourag ing reaction .. countries of the continent for the purpose of enslaving democracy and Ah erican and world sovereignty. We are sure that it will be possible, with the unity of internal. democratic (forces) and American and world popular solidarity, to annul such an iniquitous measure. 'Fraternal greetings from the Argentine Communist Party, Executive Committee. "The other telegram fig as follows: "'Superior Electoral Court, Rio de Janeiro. "'The Argentine Communist Party, certain of interpreting the continents of all the democratic forces of the country, joins its protest to that of the sister people against the measure which is an affront to democracy ei the sovereignty of the American peoples, in denying its legitimate electoral rights to an important sector of the Brazilian people, grouped around the Corr-mist Party. The Argentine Communist party hopes that in view of the recognition of that fact, this resolution, so injurious to Brazilian demoo-, racy, will be annulled. Executive Con: mitt ee,' " (IIJCT) Bogota, in Spanish to Colombia, I" y 9, 1947, 9:30 p.m. EST-4 CPYRGHT (Excerpt) "The Senate has remained silent over the situation created by the closing of the Communist Party, but in the Chamber of Deputies, a Communist Deputy, arlos I?arighela, attacked what he termed, 'forth American imperialism' for riving exerted the greatest pressure so that the Brazilian Communist Party :night be declared illegal. He said that the move was an (attack) on w zilian democracy." Buenos Aires Re ,ort LRS Buenos Aires, in Spanish to Argentina, May 9, 1947, 9:30 p.m. EST--P CPYRGHT (Text) "The most oowerfazl leftist group of the Hemisphere has been put outside the country's political life. Today, the Brazilian police padlocked more than 455 Cor~rnmiat headquarters, besides the metropolitan headquarters of the party, in fulfillment of the verdict issued by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, Popular demonstrations have been prohibited in some states of the country, Approved For Release 1999/09/01 : CIA-RDP78-04864A000100020014-3 T Approved For Release 1999/09/(Iro i78-04864A00010002 CPYRGHT a3.. 11.2" The Brazilian Congress, for its part, which will soon (have a session to consider) freoclo s of the press, did not comment about Wednesday's verdict. The political situation was not mentioned in tho Senate, and in the Chamber of Deputies, we may point out,, Cori lot Legislator I,arighela said that linperialion is exerting pressure to eliminate the leftist party. "Meannrhile, President Dutra is trying to strengthen the position of his GoverrAnent with the proletarian cl?anses. The Minister of Labor has re- cei ied instructions to hasten the revision of the labor laws, with... tuoweokly days, off, increased wages, and regulations of the right to strike." U. S. Accused by Journal CXA19 Montevideo, in Spanish to Uruguay, Nay 10, 1947, 9:30 p.m. EST -44 CPYRGHT (Text) "The Brazilian Tar I?Zinister today ordered that the state of alert be sus- pended at all national gnrri or, since calm reigns in the entire country... The closing of the office of the Cormuznist Party in Rio de Janeiro was affected without incident, "For his part, the ;'nister of Justice today authorized the reappearance of the Cormmuniat official, organ, A Classe Operaria,.. The Communist rmaorrsinr, paper TRIBUNA POPULAR, ..aaauses the Gov a .,ent of the United States of having influenced the Brazilian Government in the trial against the Cormunist Party. "Up to now no prison sentence has been made effective, except for the sentence of a bus driver for Communist propaganda. "For his part, the attorney of the Cormunist Party declared that he would wait until the bons was published in the Official Record and then he would appeal to the Federal Supreme Court." 46 Rio do Janeiro, Brazilian Press Service, in Portuguese Norse to Brazil, CPYRGHT lay 13, 1947, 800 p.m. EST-1-1 (Fxcerpt) "Rio-In the Ch ber of Deputies, Carlos I2arighela again attacked the President of the Republic in violet term, asserting that the chief of the nation is at the service iof reactionary capitalism.. United States, Carlos flarighela declared that the Chamber was full of police agents keeping the Communist Deputies under surveillance... President Samuel Duarte affirmed that the chair does not admit interference of forces alien to the Chamber, "The Chamber received the cornnunication of the Superior Electoral. Court in regard to the cessation of the registration of the Communist Party, which was sent to the Constitution and Justice ZXM6 Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian Press Service, in Portuguese I orse to Brazil, CPYRGHT 17, 1947, 8:00 p.m. EST--W (Text) "Rio-The Corn unist newspaper which is edited in this Capital published a facsimile of a service order of the t -ericcrs Embazsy here in Rio as being en indication of the instructions emanating from the G vernrment in Dashing ton, prejudging the decision of the Superior Electoral Court in the case of the cancellation of the registration of the Communist Party. Approved For Release 1999/09/01 : CIA-RDP78-04864A000100020014-3 Approved For Release 1999/09/01 : CIA-RDP78-04864A000100020014-3 CPYRGHT ?- 4 M "That system of antagonizing Brazil and the United States is old among the Cor r::unicts. "Brigadier Saville (A Brig. Gen. Gordon P. Saville is now in Brazil EL), member of the military carmnisaion and Co r dcr of the Ai erican Air Forces whose name appears in the Cormaunist newspaper as signor of the note spoke to the newspapers saying that that document was only a precautionary measure in view of the fact that everyone was aware of events from reading the news- papers. Everyone knew that the judgment had been set for Ilay 8 and was advanced to the 7th; and further, frori the reading of the newspapers the result which actually occurred was expected. EVerything was in the field of conjecture. "Brigadier Saville added.: 11 declare on ny word of honor as a soldier who fougit against fascism on the battlefields of Africa, Italy, France, and Germany that I did not have certain knowledge of the closing of the Communist Party on 14'ey 7 when the document in question was issued. That c1ocument was issued as a routine ;neanure to remind that the political questions of Brazil can only interest the Brazilians, and that the personnel under ny co irnand should avoid getting nixed up in those questions.'" CPYR % Rio de Janeiro in Portuguese :iorse to Brazil, May 23, 1947, 6:30 p.m. EST In the CHATTER OF DEPUTIES Carlos i?larighela, Corn unist Deputy, stated that an atmosphere of insecurity is being created. That atmosphere is being created by the Corxiunist party itself through its organswwrhich attack the goverment. A Co:nr:unist attempted to refute the fact that they wanted to create an atmosphere of insecurity. The Speaker then opened the Cor:nunist newspaper which says that Truman imposed the closing of the Corar.iuniat party on Dutra, another page in the cynical and insolent can-pain, and adder' that the Communists should weigh the responsibilities which they are efore the nation. He concluded, that the forces of Baia are in solidarity rith ;?Iangabo ra and will not porrzit the case to become a nilitery n=atter. CE1174 Santiago de Chile, in Spanish to Chile, 117`.y 1, 19!7, 11:00 p.m. EST--P CPYRGHT (Text) "Santiago--During todayts Communist demonstration in celebration of Labor Day, a very noticeable feature was the virulent attack rude by nearly all the speakers against the United States and President Truman. "The speakers' insolence on this subject reached the point where one of them declared that President Trummn is the head of a fascist and im- perialist (clique)." Anti Corrmnist Criticized CE1174 Santiago de Chile, in Spanish to Chile, May 1, 194.7, 9100 p.m. CPYRC~ 1T P (Text) "Santiago-Addressing a CTCH arowad today, Communist Deputy Vargas Puebla spoke for 1: hours, referring in unconplinentary terms to the CTovern*tents of Brazil, the United Staten, Argentina, Colombia.., Mexico, and other countries for thicir anti--Conriunist cenpaigs. "Regarding the recent political changes in Chile, which have been explained in the press and over the air by the President of the Republic, Vargas Puebla asserted that the statcrents of the President were inexact and CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 1999/09/01 : CIA-RDP78-04864A000100020014-3 Approved For Release I 999/09jjI - P78-04864A000100020014-3 CPYRGHT - 5. ?2.z 6 6 mistaken. Going; into details on this point, he said: 'You, Sr. Gonzalez Videla, should not forget that you have expressed? on prior occasions that you belong to the riddle class, and that you represent the interest, of that class. 1Ie Cormninists put you into the Presidency (lo ilevanos al poder). " Two Demonstrations CEl180 Santiago do Chile, in Spanish to Chile, hay 1, 1947, 8:1;5 p.m. CPYRGH T-P (Text) "Little Interest was shoran by members of the Chilean Federation of Labor, CTCHI, in attending today's Labor Day demonstrations. "In order to avoid ci:. ne;v between the two factions into which the CTCH is split, the Provincial Intendant ordered that the Coriuniet factions led by Don Bernardo Araya Zuleta, hold its demonstration in the Plaza do is. Constitution, and the Socialist group, headed by Don Bernardo Ibanez Aguilar, in the Plaza troth meetings were attended by a little more than 1,000 demonstrators. "In the Plaza Ercilla meeting, the speakers concentrated on the central theme of attacking the Communists. Sr. Bernardo Ibanez did not speak during the Morning, but he krill do so tonight... over a national radio hook-up. "The Plaza Constitucion demonstration was also not addressed by Sr. Bernardo Arsya, who sent a note saying that he has been confined in bed , or the last 8 days. In his place, a number of speakers addressed the roved, their speeches characterized by violent language. Speech by Vargas Puebla `^ eputy Juan Vargas Puebla, who spoke for 2 hours, was especially violent his attacks on Yankee lnperialism and on the policies of the President f the United States, I ir. Harry Truman, and on everything North A.*~orican general (y to Norte Anericano an general). Sr, Vargas Puebla also mentioned the various countries that are con- cting anti-Co monist campaigns. Then, turning to national affairs, he ferred directly to His Excellency, the President of the Republic, erinding the latter that it was the Coriunists who elected him to the residency. Sr. Vargas Puebla also criticized the President for not being able to orget that he belongs to the middle class. After ending his criticism f the President, he made some critical remarks about Minister of Defense uvenal Hernandez (Tagle), and in conclusion, directed his attack against he National Executive Coriittee of the Radical Party, stating that the -1 should not forget that it was the Comrnanists who made it possible for he Radical Party to hold the reins of Govern uient today." Socialist Demonstration CPYRGFff-U74 Santiago do Chile, in Spanish to Chile, Noy 1, 1.947, 9:00 p.m. EST-?-P (Text) "Santiago-The Labor demonstration held this Horning by then faction of the Chilean Federation of Labor which is directed by the Socialist leader, Bernardo Ibanez, was one of the most widely attended, orderly, and enthusiastic gatherings held here recently. Approved For Release 1999/09/01 : CIA-RDP78-04864A000100020014-3 Approved For Release 1999/09/01 : CIA-RDP78-04864A000100020014-3 CPYRGHT COPTFIDEI-rlIAL, k2- 2, 110 "The sane can be said of the narch through the central streets of Santiago, carried out by the Socialist forces in hornge to the martyrs of Chicago. Sr. Ibanez' speech, i?&ich was warmly applauded, was in effect a strong repudiation of Communism, ar.d an enthusiastic appeal in favor of the policy of continental unity. "During the magnificent speech delivered today by Sr. Bernardo Ibanezr on- the occasion of Labor Day, a special ovation was given to a part that began 'The Cc miunists were thrown out of the Cabinet...' He was unable to finish the sentence, because the thousands of demonstrators shouted: 'Bscause th are thieves (Por ladronea).'" Paris, AFP, in French Morse to Latin America and Caxrada, Tay 8, 1947, 12;18 p.m.PT.-W CPYRGHT (T) "Buenos Aires (Signed Alex Iiurtig) Iduet the authorization grunted in 1945 serve, above all, to draw the Co* anist organizations out of their clandestine existence and permit the police to know all their activities and ramifications? Numerous Communists, who at present expect the worst, firmly believe so. They attribute the sudden anti--Coricmnist turn of the Peron Government to the in- r uence of ;'Iaohin,ton and denounce the a attcrippt against the national sovereignty' made on the part of the White House. "It is beyond doubt that Peron by no means needs such an injunction, as his program, which is supported by the Army and which has the blessing of the Church, is sufficient to consider Conrman.isn the number one enemy. The crim.mists have already been accused of sabotaging the Five Year Plan, which nstitutes the fundamental program of his regime. 'It was a mistake to ve accorded a legal bads to Cormunisrx in Argentina when world reaction gainst Carnunlsm was already seen coning, 3 writes EL PUEBLO, organ of the Irehbishopric of Argentina. 'But the monent is approaching when we will save to take a step backward,' adds the sane pamper referring to the measure ;rich is now being worked out." COCX Havana, in Spanish to Cuba, May 15, 1947, 7:30 a.n. EST-W (Editorial) CPYRGHT (Text) "The American Senate last Tuesday approved a law tatting array the dcnocratic rights of the working people. Using strikes as a pretoxc, the bill attacks the foundation of social legislation in this country and the d:locratic rort a in general.. ;That is happening in the United States is not strange. A reactionary foreign policy cannot help but have a corresponding Internal :reactionary policy. You cannot protect fascism abroad,, as the Government of the United States is doing., without (adopting) measures of a fascist orientation. How can that Government sacrifice the (principles) of freedom in Greece, France, Italy, Japan, and China and at the sane time maintain freedom in the United States? OR Is not possible.... However, do not think that the reactionary offen- sive is being given an open road in the United States. ?Yorkers are exerting all their efforts and are militantly mobilizing in a battle to rout all these measures of a. fascist nature which both the Govornr_ent and the Congress are (supporting) in the United States. ...corresponding to the rights not only of the American working class, but of all people, ...until the bill becomes law, the battle has not been lost. There is a chance to neutralize the enet:y action. Workers and people.. .in a united front in solidarity with the American people in this important (battle) for their trade union rights." COIIFIDEIITIAL Approved For Release 1999/09/01 : CIA-RDP78-04864A000100020014-3 Approved For Release 1999/09"'1P78-04864A0001000204~4; -7- CPYRGHT Paris, in French to French West and Fcluatoral Africa,, tray 19, 191,7,, 3:15 p.m. EST,t (Press feviaw by Louis Lecain) (Excerpt) ?'LA flABSEILLAISE speaks of the repercussions of the Truman doctrine on Latin American countriesa 'Several sots of violence have already been cormitted in Cuba... and in Chile the Cor.iiats have been eliminated from the coalition Governneatt following the trip of the U. S. Minister of Finance who intisaated that no financial aid was to be expected in Chile, not oven any orders of export oormodities so long as the Cot unisst representatives were on the Cabinet Council. "According to LA I?1ARSEILLAISE, sinilar warnings have boon addressed both to Chile and Brazil. that the influence of Trux= is severely offset in the United States by that of Wallace. 'This man who has been represented by the A- erican press as a (private individual) without isnportanae, suddenly appears to be the victor of the oratorical contest begun by hint in Europe with the American fascists. Thus the project of aid to Greece and Turkey is losing popularity from day to day.'" HCJB Quito, in Spanish to the Americas and the l Torld, I.ay 18, 1947, 7:00 a.m. EM-41 CPYRGHT (Text) "Iioseoi; -Latin American countries are (flooded) by the monopolies and the diplon ay of then Yankee dollar. Under. the disguise of inter nerican co- operation, it Anttyrirenes in internal business of the Western Hemisphere to increase the profits of its cornerce. Loans are not granted without egoist advantages in view, and the free development of the industries which ray heat its monopolizers in those countries is prevented. "The ce npairm against Communism is carried out in a veiled runner to dominate Latin irer1ca. (Recent) events in Chile, Bolivia., and Paraguay, prove (it. This notice) is wmatly as published by the daily, IZVESTIA, of Moscow." : B 2 Duenos Aires, Associated Press,, in Spanish I.orse to Latin Arerica at 10,38 p.m. Saturday, IIay 10, 1947 CPYRGHT (Text) "Montevideo-The Uruguayan OOP nunist Party has issued a state lent characterizing as 'an aggression against liberties' the decision of the Brazilian Suprene Electoral Tribunal, adding that the act 'affects the democracy, independency, and well-being of the sister people.' "The party then irutes responsibility for the measure to 'Yankee imperialism, eager to impose the Trunan plan, the aim of which is to deprive the American peoples of their sovereilmty and to enslave then in order to rwlce then victims of its (the United States--Ed. )unbridled exploitation.' "The ataateriants also say s 'The Yankee imperialist forces and those of internal reaction in each country are engaged in unrestrained anti--Cor nuzist, anti union,, and anti-de ocratic provocation with the aim of putting the blame for the effects of the high cost of living, speculation, and wretchedness on the people.' "The communication also transcribes several telegrams of protest sent, to high Brazilian authorities." Approved For Release 1999/09/01 : CIA-RDP78-04864AO00100020014-3 Approved For Release 1999/09104 :.CIA-RDP78-04864A0001000i l1. YVH,, Caracas, United Press, in Spanish Morse to New York, Bogota and Buenos Aires at 12:20 p.m. I-lay 23, 1947 CPYRGHT .(Text) "Carao s-The Venezuelan Cornunist Youth group sent a message to the National Constituent Assembly asking the Assenbly to begin an investigation into the alleged activities of knerican agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Venezuela. The message was sent to the committee on foreign affairs for consideration. A few days ago the leftist evening paper Suoesos published in headlines a report stating that American agents were operating in Venezuela for the purpose of obstructing Communist activities." YVIt, Caracas United Press in Spanish Morse to Nev York, Bogota and Buenos Aires CPYRGH 12:15 p.m., May 29, 1947 (Text) "The leftist hevispaper EL IIACIONAL is the ,first to corrrient on Truman's proposal for uniformity of arma in the western hemisphere and it states today in its editorial section in boxed off boldface letters: 'Of the arms pronised by. the- United States how neziy will be used in def nse of freodaa. and how many againstthe freedom of the peoples of Latin Anerica?'" i3T Mexico DF in Spanish to Mexico at 11,?3.5 p.n. Saturdn y, TSCW 24, 1947 CPYRGHT C-A) "Panama City (United Press, New York)--.-The goverment (referred today) to the growing popular agitation against the United States, agitation caused by the continued occupation of the defensive (bases) of the canal which were established on Panamanian territory by the North k eri can tarried forces. 4An official coY -mnic?ation % urns that such agitation nay inflame spirits and go to dangerous extremes. It exhorts all conscientious citizens to cooperate so that the government may continue unhindered in its efforts to obtain a decorous and satisfactory solution(to the problem) imposed by the privileges and responsibilities of boing the geographic center of the world." YVR, Caracas,, United Press in Spanish Morse to New York, Bogota and Buenos Aires at 1204 p.m., I-lay 30, 1947 (Text) CPYRGHT 'Caracas- Lhe Communist paper ULTIMAS I OTICI~AS to ay attacks violently Triu an's proposal. on the uniformity of azi arnents in the Western Helishpere stating that t represents (the culmination of the process of interference and domination of ankee financial capital on the life of our nations and this truth cannot be oncealed by any reference made in the message regarding-world peace.-.. nor by e presentation of the problem In terms of a close collaboration of the Anericen epublics- -, when in truth it is not a question of collaboration but of the most lete subjugation to the dictates of the United States General Staff.' The paper concludes by stating that 'the reactionary aina of the plan have been onounceci by Senator Pepper and the difrlcultlos of its application have been pointed ut by the authoritative WWASHINGGOIN POST. It is up to the peoples of Latin Aerica divulge the nature of the Trurn Plan and to mobilize public opinion so that the f-ficulties brought up by the North American paper are made insoluble.'" cum, ant contains infoniation affecting the nab fense of the United States, within the mean he Espionage Act 50, U.S.C. 31 and 32 as an, is transniasion or the revelation of ts conten manner to an unauthorized person is prohibit Approved For Release 1999/09/01 : CIA-RDP78-04864A000100020014-3