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December 20, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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May 20, 1998
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Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP78-04864A000100040001-4 I\L.J I IRIL I CV 00-F-30 L J549 ... The means to be adopted by the U.S. to carry out this policy (of full cooperation with the riddle East area so that the direct obliga- tions between rritain and certain I'er'iterranean States can be kept and stability maintained in this area) are not yet clear, but the tiara case Trill dratr A aeric?an attention to the whole of the ' ddse Fast cation and t ill hel make Psierican policy clear before the e- sentat on of the alest3ne case to the U.~'. next ;enter: ber. At the same time, it is presumed that A riica will try to arouse Arab interest in the present situation in the T3alkens, because this area is considered by the U.S. as surrounded by dangers threatening the whole Arab wor:.t'." (CAIRO, MID IIEI?IS AGIIICY, IIT Afl.M IC '0R3E TO 1MOP J ATD TIM ITEPR 27 JULY 1947) A report that Saudi Arabian princes and tribal chief:ans meetinj wit 2m--SgMl- discuss the Palestine ouestion and "decider' to collaborate a^ f air as possible trIth the 4rab cou?tries on this question, to boycott: Zionist products and goods throughout the various parts of Al Gezerzh, and to prevent the passage of Zionist goods from all harbors along T: ;sra Gulf and. other Arab harbors. All Jews trading in Zionist moods have close l.. doirn their stores as result of the decision." (cAI O, ARAB " "IS AGET3CY, 11?1 AtAEIC I ?RSE TO EUROPE !ID TIM MU` 11 EAST, 9 AUGUST 19/7) in abstract of the meaorandun, subrn-itte'_ by the Arab higher Gom. ;ittee of Palestine to the ",rab Foreign I".inisters before their meetings tri h the UNSCOP,~containing the follow-ring points: (1) the _unacceptability ox-am so Lion other than that "based on corn lete indet,endenoo' air:ce "Palestine is an indivisible part of the Arab whole", 2the threat of "Zionist ambitions" which have "now extender' to the neighboring Arab countries"; the increasing number of Jews in Palestine "as a result of the encouragement of the imperialistic Anglo-12,erican policy"; and (' ) the rejection of "leniency" as a :'help to bring about a solution to national. causes.... " (CAIRO, ARAP NEW AGENCY, IN ARABIC I NORSE TO EUROPE ADD TIME ITEM EST, 17 AUGUST 19,7) A report that Lebanese Deputy Abd--al Asseiran and Dr. Dawoud al Husseini have returned to Beirut from Iran where they had gone on a special assignment (from the Higher Arab xecutive) aimed at " ?t- 3"np Tranit~.rt _leader a with the true atti tulle of the Pales ` tine Arabsa to~sk far Irani sunr~ort in the Palestinian case. 1T'e found then ?.rell acquainted with the details of the case and cherishing a strong desi..e to support the Arabs' rirrhts, - t' (SILLn,.? EL-ADNA, JAFFA, III ARABIC TC THE ITEAR EAST, 20. AUGUST 1947) A oamrie entq thryt claims "a satisfaotory solution of the Palestine ease depends to a certair- extent on settlinr the refurree question, althow acstually the two questions are unconnected. Despite the elegant ex- pressions used by politicians when talking about human and ethical ideals, the Ima. i g r a t i o n regulations of the n a z i ority of the world I s countries are stricter than dyer:" (SIIAQ EL-ADNA, JM+A, Iii ARABIC TO TIM HEAR EAST, 20 AUGUST 1947) A report of the Iraqi Foreign ILinister's (Jena,) statements to the efft- feet "that he believes the Arabs are facing a severe defensive struggle to save this part (Palestine) of the Arab world. He added: 'I truly believe that there no rn~ranlee for the end=end-e o-e ofanv Arab MIMAe 1947 "' (SITAR EL-ADNA 13 -5 , JAFFA, III ARADTO NEAR EAST.. 30 AUGUST RESTRICTIM RESTRICTED Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP78-04864A000100040001-4 Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP78-04864A000100040001-4 ?95'49 ~'I-J I nlt l LV ~ OO-F 30