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Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP78-04864A000100040004-1 XESTRICTED fatherland which we do not wish to see again in fascist bands, 2670" r We therefore say calmly- to those who once more wish to subject our people to_anti..communist agitation resulting in another catastrophes QDo what you feel compelled to do, but do not rejoice too earlyda" (quotation from KW= DRUTSC LAND, broadcast by the USSR-controlled Berlin radios 5 November 1947) Clay "Bans" Blliott Roosevelt, But Aot Pornograpltvg Instead of proclaiming; the allegedly "democratic" character of Communism and defending it in terms of its claimed non-totalitarian attributes, the Soviet radio attempts to blacken American policy by reports of American actions which Moscow interprets as repressive and anti-democratic. Attention is called to the "banning' of the Cultural League in the U0S,, sector of Berlin *only one day after Gen, Clay ads his statement," Clay is identified with the loyalty tests in Washington, "01 do not intend to keep any of the personnel that does not agree with the United States MG opinions and that is against the views on which military government to based,' declared Gen. Clay, It is obvious that Gen, Clay has just returned from the United States, where the so-called 'loyalty testO of all civil servants is being carried out in all haste," There is an ironic reference to Clay's interest in arts " A- the way, Gen, Clay has shown himself as a patron of the sciences, literature, and art,. He permits, for instance, in the zone entrusted to him, the circulation of U.S, pornographic literature, but Tlliott Roosevelt's book and others are banned,"* (Moscow, in Germ, 3 November) There is also a reference to Franklin D. Roosevelt, as if to invoke his name in opposition to all forms of "fascism" including that attributed to Gen, Clay; "From the point of view of strengthening the democratic forces in Germany and establishing a peaceful and democratic GermwW, which was the aim of Rooseveltes policy, the policy which is being followed today in the U.,S, zone is completely incomprehensible-" (commentary by Heins Schmidt, Director of the USSR controlled Berlin Radio, 2 November 1947) (The above quotation illustrates a general characteristic of Soviet propaganda, *Moscow does not give any background for the interpretation that Elliott Roosevaltus book has been "banned." It should be noted, however, that similar interpretations have previously been made when a particular book was not includ,#jd on the accession list of the American information service or when American aid was not given to having it translated, RESTRICTED Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP78-04864A000100040004-1 Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP78-04864A000100040004-1 RESTRICTED 12G7 02. which is relevant to the Soviet-coveters role of representing "democracy." It is not argued that the Soviet Union to democratic, No reference whatever Is made to the question of the extent of civil rights in the USSR or its satellites, Attention is simply con-= centrated on the real or alleged undemocratic practices of the enemy, and words are tanipulated in such a. way as to suggest that the Identification of the Soviet Union with democracy is completely self-evident, "From the point of view of strengthenleg the. democratic forces of Germany,.,, the policy which is being followed (by the U.S,,) is completely incomprehensible,") c) A West-German State Made "Palatable" by the "Anti-Bolshevist Bogey'.- Clay o campaign is tied up with the currently predominant theme of German unity and with the coming London Conference, by describing it as a way of justifying the division of Germany which is elsewhere said to be the probable outcome of the conference. There are references to the "west-German state,, which one tries to make palatable to us by using the. anti-Communist bogey." There is also a tie-up with the unity theme by picturing the anti-Communist campaign as intensifying the split between East and Wasts "Germans have the most Immediate cause for anxiety, since Germany is in the center of the magnetic field where-to all appearances-tension is growing The line between East and West, which is becoming ever more clearly visible,, will also run straight through Germany.," "The spreading of cAmerican& ideas and the campaign against flun-American", ideas in Germany may be deliberate steps on the road to the division of Germany." (Berlin., USSR controlled, 27,1 October 1847) d) Clay vs. Potsdam, Land Reform, Social Insurance,, etc 8 The announcement of ClrnyLis program is made the occasion for a general review of the evils of American administration in general and Clay0s record in particulars distinguished himself in Germany In a very strange manner. As military governor of the U?S,; occupation zone, he wae.responsible for fulfilling the Potsdam decisions,, But the peasants have not received any land,, and land remained with the landowners. The enterprises in the zone entrusted to him are in the hands of German war criminals, and many of the undertakings have been transferred to U.S,_. monopolists. In the sphere cif social policy, General Clayce military government has left no noticeable imprint, General Clay has not introduced equal pay for equal work for women and. Juveniles., Social insurance is only a dream in the UQS, zone, "In the economic sphere General Clay Dis,guist.- under the slogan 9 fight RESTRICTED Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP78-04864A000100040004-1 Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP78-04864A000100040004-1 RESTRICTED RESTRICTED against Communism.,` he 9#I11 eradicate the weak shoots of demoeraa- which have developed in the UoS? occupation zone in spite of all obstacles." (Moscow, in Germano 3 November 1947) The United Stetes itself is also attacked on miscellaneous grounds "Maybe General Clay will present to the Germans the achievements of U,S, democracy at home, 1kybe he will tell them about lynching and the UnSo precedence over Germany in the matter of racial faxnaticismo,po" (Mo.=*' in Polish;, 11 November 1947) RFJEENCF CFTTFP l Ig,PARY RESTRICTED Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP78-04864A000100040004-1