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November 17, 2016
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August 21, 1998
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February 9, 1956
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mi fn -r Approved4For Release-04908 PRC No. DD/I-167-56 9 February 1956 Surveys (Sections 76, 45, and 17) in Veterinary Medicine, a by Foreign Agriculture Service, USDA W,MRANDUM FOR: Deputy Director/ Intelligence SUBJECT : Preparation of Contributions to National Intelligence required in support of Sections 76, 45 and 17 of the National Intelligence Surveye0 reimbursable basis, for the preparation of reports on veterinary medicine .. (a) Under the NIS responsibilities assigned to OSI, there are various reports required each year0 (See Tab-A for due dates on Veterinary Medicine NIS Program.) External assistance is needed to produce these sections because (1) it is a newly assigned responsibility; (2) available personnel cannot be diverted from their work on BW Intell- igence which is placed in the highest priority category under DC ID 4/50 (b) Through existing relationships between ASD/USI, ands F&';/USDA, tentative arrangements have been made with Mrn Clayton Ce WhippleF, Osputy Administrator, FAS, who is willing to have FAS finance this pro- jeot0 This will be done on a reimbursable basis, for the period 1 March 1956 through 30 June 1956 in the amount of 05,4OO, and approximately $17,000 per year on a continuing basis. Mr0 Whipple will appoint one professions., and one clerical personnel on a full time basis,$ and one clerical on part time basis in FAS to work on these WE sections. (c) Informal coordinati effected with 25 1 A9a 25X1A9a OBI; ORR; and, CCR/U)e The project proposal also 25X1A9a has been rev ew y &CS/DCIs, who indicated no further 25X1 9a coordination was required 0 30 SECURIT! CLEAR.A.NCES. Personnel assigned to this project will be cleared by FALO However, Agency clearance during the project at the 'Secret' level also will be required because FAS personnel will ae-witting? of Agency sponsorship Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-04908A000100040001-6 4p Q4 Executive Registr G1j6 - Approved For_Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP7804908A000100040001-6 C ONEIA121 .1 AI 4Q FUNDING Monthly or quarterly billings will be submitted to CIA, on standard Form 1080 for the period l ) roh 1956 through 30 June 1956. These billings will include salaried plusq administrative supplies. The salaries will be for one GS-13; one half of a GS-7; ands one GS -5 plus an amount not to exceed $200 for supplies. An approximate amount of $17000 per annum will be required to finance this project on a con- truing basis. 5t= ACTION REC NDED That reimbursement not to exceed $5,400 from vouchered finds, be made available for the preparation of these reports. Funds are available within the OSI FY 1956 Operating Budget. FOIAb3b ACTION BY APPROVING AUTHORITY: EES LO 1956 Approved '*" Distribution : Orig & 6 ? FWD 1-PCS/DCI I - Admin/OSI 1 - AD/SI 1 .> ASD OS I :1 v CS-OSI 1 . LD/OCR FOIAb3b Deputy Director Intepige s Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-04908A000100040001-6 Approved For Release 2bd=9/OA2 JNA4RbP78-04908A000100040001-6 Veterinary 14edioine NIS irogr?am 1 S ti motion 45 Section 76 on L ec ~GL Du-. + 28 ao bo Syria ' Lebanon 1 February 1956 27 1 February 1956 Turkey 1 February 1956 36 Pakie tan 1 February 1956 48 Morocco 26 March 1956 Arabian Peninsula 25 April 1956 39 China 23 April ". Norway 28 May 1956 1956 19 Hungary 25 June 1956 76 Costa Rica 23 July 1956 12 Finland 23 July 1956 43 a, bo c. Cambodia Viet Nam Laos 27 August 1956 5 n Belgium 27 August 1956 34 Afghanistan 24 September 1956 25X6A 27 Turkey 24 Septemt 1956 5 Belgium 22 October 1956 23 October 1956 23 Bulgaria 24 Oetobe3 1956 5 Belgium 26 Novembe France 1956 20 Decemb( 26 South Africa 90 Argentina 39 ao Communist China bo Nationalist China 19 December 1956 2D February 1957 25 March 1957 25 March 10,57 Dates to be established 1956 Dates to be established Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-04908A000100040001-6 ,ion L Approved For Release 2000/( 4 -RDP78-04908A00010004000irg, ra Dt 33 Iran 22 April 1957 -- GoxItr Dates to be es " Ii hed 24 Greece (Due in Fiscal year 1958) 29 Jordon < 25X6A 40 46 y 81 Mongolia Tunisia Iceland n British West Indies Netherland Antilles n - 25X6A (Due in Fiscal year 1959) Ireland Portugr Sweden Libya 25X6A 94 Chile n Brazil CONFIDENT , A . Ow Dall Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP78-04908A000100040001-6