Reimbursement of Maintenance Costs for CIG Vehicles

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December 12, 2016
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September 18, 2000
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February 18, 1947
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Approved For Release 2002/09/04: CIA-RDP78-04914A000100090006-9 *ARMY Declass/Release Instructions On File* iiQUARTF 8 Military Distrist of Uaahington SUBJiCTs ksimbursement of intir:rance Caste for CIO Vehicles Central Intollii,enoe Group 2450 "B" street, N. W. WashinGton., 0. C. ATTE TI0Ns 18 February 1947 Your attention to invited to the atteohod Standard Parma 1060, Vauohsrs for Adjustments Betwaen Appropriations and/or rondo. covering the reiaibursesiant of aainteaaaoa costs for CIa vehicles for the first six months of the Fiscal Year 1947. This is in accordance with decisions of a m.etinZ attended by tr. Moreland, Office Chief of $inanoo, aIG, Lt. t;olonel Deagle, and Cal. Irish, Head. quarters Military District of Washington, and in compliance with letter this e adquarters (ANKOD 461) dated 17 10ebrunry 1947, sub j t, "Ju.s- tificatioa off' r aiute as ce Costs for GIG Vehicles," FOR T CCWAANIU1IG C RALs /a/ JAL) B,'11AU1B 8 Inols GNU, USA Standard Form 1080 .. k;GI T TT A D ITANT GMr,RAL 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/09/04: CIA-RDP78-04914A000100090006-9