Justification of Maintenance Costs for CIG Vehicles

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December 12, 2016
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September 18, 2000
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February 17, 1947
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Approved For Release 2002/09/04: CIA-RDP78-04914A000100090007-8 HUARTFRS Military District of Washington ANEJD 451 17 February 1947 TO: Central Intelligence Group 2430 E Street, No W, Washi ATTNs 1. Ft. Myer is now maintaining an average of 62 CIO vehicles in the Ordnance Maintenance shops involving 3rd, 4th and some 5th echelon. No funding program has been set up for this operation, and the meager appropria- tion of OSSA 410-01 money has been rapidly depleted as a result of support- ing this extra activity. 25X1A 2. Best available figures from Office Chief of Ordnance, Highway Transportation Division, Office Chief of Transportation, and Ordnance Officer, MDV`i, for the cost of automotive maintenance of administrative vehicles in above echelons, indicate that the yearly cost averages fully $400. a year, per vehicle. At the present time, due to the non-availability of replacement vehicles and the condition of these vehicles which are 1942 or older models, the maintenance coats run somewhat higher. However, we have been advised, that for funding purposes the aforementioned $400. per year or $33. per month per vehicle is an accurate cost estimate. These maintenance costs reflect the current high wage scale of qualified civilian mechanics, plus the time consumed in procuring re- pair parts and duplication of sub-assembly repair through reclamation. Re- clamation often necessitates duplication of wont and costly development of non-available parts by improvisation, manufacture and substitution. 3. In order to underwrite this CIG maintenance program, it is requested that,a transfer of funds or reimbursement be effected at the rate of $33.00 per month per vehicle for the number of vehicles being maintained by the Ordnance Maintenance shops at Ft. Myer. This reimbursement would be retroactive to 1 July 46, under which date the present funding program was initiated. On a reimbursement basis, the Finance Officer, ILDW, has agreed to furnish bills for each quarter since 1 July 46, listing by month the number of vehicles maintained and extending the cost at the rate of $38. per month per vehicle. Reimbursement can be effected through normal channels of the Finance Office and filar Department Budget Office to divert these funds into MIW OSSA 410-01 channels. 4. Request that immediate action be accomplished on this trans-action in order that additional mechanics may be hired to reduce the serious backlog of unrepaired vehicles now on hand at Ft. Myer Ordnance iaintenan ce shops. 0.0, Finance Officer, ItIWl Ordnance Officer, Ft. Myer /a/ JASON BENJAMIN CWO, USA ASSISTANT ADJUTANT GENERAL Approved For Release 2002/09/04: CIA-RDP78-04914A000100090007-8 Approved For Release 2002/09/04: CIA-RDP78-04914A000100090007-8 ?IKit)RA DUM 14 February 1947 TO a Chief, Finance Division FROM : ssistent Chief, Finance Division ;)IIBJ T a Conference Pertaining to Reimbursement for Servicing CIC Vehicles After 2 p.A. an 12 February 1947 a conference was held in Room 5C-480, Pentagon Building between representatives of this office aril Col. Irish, Lt. Col. Deagle and fir. Uoreland of the 'soar Department for the parposs of u"ing arren,ements to effect reimbur- sement to the War Department for maintenance services which are being rendered to this Organization in connection with the operation of our motor vehicles. Tentative arranjeaents were made for CIJ to rein burse the ~Rer Lepartmeut tarou~h the Army Transportation Cores fur the number of vskaioies available for servicing at the bsj;inni-n of each month at the rc,to of 443.00 per vehicle, or $400 per arum, on the basis of the m=thly inventory linures available in the Transportation Section, Services I4vision, CIO and La coordination with the information avail- able at the shop in Ft. .Myer. Rillin;a are to be prepared at the class of each quarter. The first CIG billing is to be for the quarter ending 31 December 194b. Colonel Deagle agreed to prepare a memorandum setting forth experience information which could justify the monthly charge of 158.00 per vehicle. As soon as a draft of this proposal has been pre- pared, he will contact the undersigned in order that it may be repared in final tors, after wt*ica it will be trsr_emitted to for conourrea.ce and reply. It is anticipated that final am'; sat is outcry arrar:gements will be completed within the next few days. Document No. ----- 0.11.____-___ t=a Charge In Class. [] Dfs!s.s:"e1 C:ars. ? ~.a;,;^ To: TS S C Auth.: H?t 1C-2 f Date: ---o T ------ Bytl Assistant Chief, Y1. auos Division 25X1A9A 25X1A9A Approved For Release 2002/09/04: CIA-RDP78-04914A000100090007-8