Sale of Sideband Selectors to Department of Navy

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December 12, 2016
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September 26, 2001
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July 13, 1949
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Approved For Release 2001/11/01: CIA-RDP78-04914A000100170024-0 Ase;istaxt iuty 5 .oe Otfiour ChioZ, Fiscal branch 14LU of 8ideba d Sc for to Dc t of a 1. Ret"or+euv+e ii as above, 3.a Bch you sa" of sid+sbaue selectors and "k *Vidal** of ahi arAnt. I. ` iais Ac s y Is not yos d wi aurglus . ui t by sale, sua OWI are with t1w twos oZ the .lus Proy At h , tho aquipment in gustion is needed by the and oa be raies"d with the uaderotem-disc that It in kind at a later date, the sale t ul d be val d. 13 July 1949 it is noted the wavy PrOPQ to for the selectors fro l t .oh, of course, o*ot be used by this A n:y to offset roplaos aout as we will be required to use 19bC funds, Moo - ly, chile the sesaun involved is s l3, the transact too world r t in an un, nsvesee ry fusee of 1O CIA fends. This factor should be wei assinst the advantages that nit ht easue in selli , the equipment to the Navy* 3. In the event a sale, is made, , furnished the request of the Navy Department. and into; frees your of `tor as to vhm the ec . t shipped, that the Dsparta st my be billed by use of 8tandsrd FWm 25X1A9A DNOgan:hvw o. a. FPD 25X1A9A Saunders via- Claims Fi1Q' Approved For Release 2001/11/01: CIA-RDP78-04914A000100170024-0