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November 11, 2016
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May 27, 1999
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October 28, 1975
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Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05054A000100070001-0 (PLACE REQUEST HERE) OFFICIAL RECORD COPY RETURN IMMEDIATELY AFTER USE TO THE AGENCY ARCHIVES AND RECORDS CENTER Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05054A000100070001-0 WARNING The attached document(s) must be safeguarded. It is the Agency's Official Historical Record and must be preserved in accordance with Title 44 U.S.C.. For information or clarification contact your Information Management Officer or the Information Management Division. Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05054A000100070001- O --~ ' 8OCT1975 A =1DRA LX FOR: Assistant for Information, DD/A : 'T'ransfer of Copier Management from ISAS to GL/P&Pi) REFFY0 E : MWo dtd 11 Aug 75 to Acting DD/A fr C/ISAS, subject: Office Criers 25X1A 1. M . -reca emendation that the management of Agency copiers be transferred from the Information Systems Analysis Staff (ISAS) to the Office of Logistics, Printing and Photography Division (P&PD), is accepted with the following clarifications : a. At least one position i ist be transferred to P&PD to enable a maintenance of activities presently performed jointly by ISAS and P&PD. A minim= transfer would be the GS-06 position on ISAS to PFPD. The ISAS position is now devoted full time to the clerical work associated with monitoring copier use. Preferably, the incumbent of this position would also be transferred due to her accumulated experience with this subject. b. Deputy Director for Administration (DD/A) support may be required to control copier activities in certain areas of the Agency. c. PPPD, with the support of ISAS, will require component Records ~ tage went Officers (Rm' s) to do much of the basic spadework in analysis and justification. P$PD will provide technical assistance and the final review and technical judgment. 2. The professional effort necessary to provide administrative and technical oversight has been split between ISAS and P&PD. Until rently, ISAS dedicated a full-ti GS-12 level sition to the pro- gram. Approximately 50 percent of a GS-12 level PD position was also required. This arrangement resulted in some duplication; e.g., meetings with vendors, equipment examination, and overlapping liaison with copier users in the Agency. 1/ Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05054A00O tODO i 30H1-0 Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05054AO00100070001-0 25X 1A SU C"T: Transfer of Copier 14hnageinent from ISAS to OL/P&PD 3. Bch of the effort in ISAS over the past year was expended in developing the inventory, the systems for centralized collection and analysis of basic data on copier use and costs, and the necessary coordination procedures with key personnel such as component 's. This effort has reached a plateau which, although not perfect in exe- cution, has presumably satisfied management that a necessary degree of control has been established. Although these activities will require some nurturing, it is now more a question of maintenance rather than the concerted initial effort. I, therefore, feel that a reasonable level of ongoing support can be provided by PFPD without the transfer of a professional position. 4. Attachment 1 to I~r. memorandum lists a manber of activities that are required for a reasonable copier management program for the ,Agency. Items 1 through 3 relate to inventory and costs. These are essentially clerical tasks, with some professional supervision. Items 4 and S relating to survey, i.e., systems analysis of new requests and review of ongoing usage, require the most professional manpower. If P&PD, with the support of ISAS, can call upon component RM)'s to do much of the basic spadework in analysis and justification, P&PD can provide final reviews and technical judgment. S. Most of the successes in the existing program have been achieved through customer acceptance of sound technical and economic advice, often mixed with a fair amount of persuasion. We anticipate times when blatant disregard for economics or technology will require management support at the DD/A level to avoid costly mistakes. I am sure that this support will be forthcoming. The remaining items on the list in Attachment 3 are either already being accomplished by P&PD or are attainable with a minimal level of professional support. 6. There are several advantages to PPPD management of this program. Continuity in customer relations and technical competence can better be achieved in the line organization. The technical line between copier/ duplication and printing is rapidly blurring. The Xerox 9200, recently installed in P&PD, is a copier/duplicator and also a major "printi stem." have office copiers, new printing systems such as the Xerox 9200, duplicating presses, printing presses, COM (Computer Output Micro- film) and hard copy printing from computer tape (Xerox 1200). Options are many. The choice of the correct option becomes critical both Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05054AO00100070001-0 Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05054A000100070001-0 Trcr: Transfer of Copier =ar a nt fri ISAS to OL/P4PD economically and in recognition of Agency requirements. Centralized wanageuent and control of these functions, although not absolute control in recognition of those continuing special and unique require Bents that do arise, does make sense. 'Ls/ Michael J. Hams - Michael J. lan c Director of Logistics 25X1A Ref Att Distribution: Orig Addressee, w/orig of ref 1- OL Official, w/cy of ref Ej on of OL 5 4152a 1 - OL/P&PD, w/cy of ref & cy of OL 5 4152a 1 - D/L Chrono, w/cy of ref & cy of OL 5 4152a OL/P&PD: kc/4111 (21 Oct 75) Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05054A000100070001-0 Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05054A000100070001-0 MISSING PAGE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT MISSING PAGE(S): Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05054A000100070001-0