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December 12, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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December 10, 1975
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1 Approved For Release 2001/11/01 : CIA-RDP78-05054A000100100011-5 ADMINISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY INSTRUCTION NO. LI 45-5 LI 45-5 LOGISTICS Revised 10 December 1975 1. PURPOSE This instruction establishes the procedures for acquisition,distribu- tion, and disposal of logistical reference publications. 2. GENERAL Responsibility for the effective management, acquisition, and distribu- tion of required publications is assigned to the Executive Officer, Office of Logistics (EO/OL). The handling of publications and distri- bution of material received will be effected through the Records and Services Branch (R&SB), EO/OL. 3. RESPONSIBILITIES PERTAINING TO TECHNICAL REFERENCE MATERIAL a. Supply Division is responsible for: Updating Federal Identification Guide (FIG) and Defense Logistics Services Center (DLSC) manuals as new material is received. b. Procurement Division is responsible for: (1) Maintaining and updating Federal Supply Schedule files. (2) Maintaining and updating the Federal Procurement Regulations and the Federal Property Management Regulations. 4. RESPONSIBILITIES PERTAINING TO PUBLICATIONS ACQUISITION (1) Validate requirements for publications needed for retention by components under their jurisdiction. Authority for vali- dation may be delegated to a senior official at the GS-15 or higher grade level. Approved For Rel@R I T : ClA P#810 A6W100100011-5 Approved For Release 2001/11/01: CIA-RDP78-05054A000100100011-5 ADMINISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY INSTRUCTION NO. LI 45-5 LI 45-5 LOGISTICS Revised 10 December 1975 (2) Each year carefully review and revalidate the standing requests for publication acquisition. This revalidated list will be forwarded to the EO/OL by 15 June annotated with additions, deletions, or new distribution for appro- priate action through Central Reference Service (CRS), DDI, to implement acquisition of publications. (3) For acquisition of publications, Form 1395 or Form 2816 (used to request military documents) should be filled out, listing the requestor by name and/or unit designation on the requestor line and authorized by an appropriate official. The form should be noted to indicate if the request is for a one-time distribution or if it is of a continuing nature. The form will be routed through R&SB/EO/OL to update records. b. The Chief, R&SB, is responsible for: (1) Review of all OL requests for procurement of publications to eliminate duplication and update the master list of publica- tions received by OL. (2) Forward publication requests to CRS/DDI for action. 5.. DISPOSAL OF PUBLICATIONS R&SB personnel will review mail, catalogs, and brochures received in OL and forward requested material to the interested division or staff. Material not specifically requested will be destroyed. MICHAEL V. MALANICK Director of Logistics ADMINISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2001/11/01: CIA-RDP78-05054A000100100011-5