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December 12, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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April 11, 1967
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r- Al Approved For Release 2001/1 1/0'3-] DB4-05054A00010010004,8-5 pm INSTRUCTION NO. LI 45-6 ./ LI 4+5-6 LOGISTICS Revised 11 April 1967 SUBJECT: Receiving Discrepancy Reporting and Processing Procedures GENERAL 1. This instruction establishes the Office of Logistics concept of consequential and inconsequential discrepancies arising from overages, shortages, damages, technical rejections, unacceptable substitutions, losses in transit, and the disclosure of latent defects in connection with materiel received from commercial and U. S. Government sources. It prescribes the procedures and responsibilities of the divisions concerned relative to reporting and resolving such discrepancies. 2. This instruction also applies to -Field Depots, herein- 25X1A after identified as Receiving Activities, where materiel is received as the result of procurement actions effected by the Office of Logistics. Discrepancy standards set forth herein are established to provide mechanisms which will allow for: (a) The acceptance of overages, (b) The cancellation of any portion of a requisition left open due to a minor receiving discrepancy, (c) The disposition of unacceptable materiel in an expeditious manner, and (d) Compliance with the requirements of Office of Finance Instructions (OFI's): (1) No. 71, "Billings from U. S. Government Agencies" S-E-C-R-E-T GROUP 1 Excluded from automatic downgrading and declassification Approved For Release 2001/11/01 : CIA-RDP78-05054A000100100048-5 Approved For Release 2001/11/01 : CIA-RDP78-05054A000100100048-5 S-E-C-R-E-T INSTRUCTION NO. Li 45-6 LI 45-6 LOGISTICS Revised 11 April 1967 (2) No. 99, "Payment of Bills for Supplies and/or Services from Commercial Vendors" (3) No. 102, "Procedure for Processing Property Purchases and Expenditures" 4. Parts I and II, attached, of this instruction set forth policy, responsibilities and procedures for the processing of discrepant deliveries and losses in transit in connection with procurements from commercial and U. S. Government sources. 5. Divisions concerned shall publish internal procedures as may be required for the implementation of this instruction. CONCURRENCE: Robert H. Fuchs , Director of Finance , GEfE E. MELOON Dire ~/or of Logistics Da e Approved For Release 2001/11/01 : CIA-RDP78-05054A000100100048-5