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November 11, 2016
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March 24, 1998
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October 10, 1951
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a. Approved For RelOtrie 1999/08/30 : CIA-RDP78-052Q1A000100110051-6 . Contract No. date ?LE A' S E 25X1A9a ere r c es t e ,Lesseeni--. WITNESSETH: anima. The parties hereto covenant and agree as follows: 1. The lessor hereby lets to the lessee, and the lessee hereby leases from the lessor the nr mises described ast_foilows. 1 house in witn 2 rooms, kitchen and bath. IriFeWi?MThre e urn ure, equ peen accessories an s?a?Tel=finriiii?rrean statement of which is attached hereto as "Exhibit 2. The above premises, together with the equipment, accessories and special fittings, will be used by the lessee, his family, guests and servants as living ialliAMaztalle as a earconierre. 3. Upon the taking of the premises, the lessor and lessee shall jointly sign a statement declaring the condition of the premises, furniture, equipment, accesso- ries and special fittings; and this statement shall be binding on both and shall conclusive of such condition. 4. (a) The term of this lease will be for 12 months beginning lo October 1951. ending 10 OetoberI952. \e. ) Th lease how ver, y don inue 1 1 ame terms and co ditto s aft the 'term de rti e for an ad tio months by gi nten 'on at least'thirty Tar'sprior ti the (c If the lessee is assign t lea e aree, for ae reason t e tee shal cease ,n the 1 t. the ssor o his in ention h.-ever, that su notie,, is g lesse propos-e to vacate. th blanc' repres ted by any b the les e; prov ed, ho ev hin 10 d s o re iPt o s me t, assess ries and asocial of expiratiol of said tics, se te terms as provided ?rein pzovided.herein for payment by occup. y of e pre cribed n the ectiork ng nqti e to e les pirati n of t tern sea dor 'she (a) o thi or of sudh d by his Government to another post or is req prior t iratio of the term o day o th on idh th lease vacate ? t of udh ci umstan on or days rior the da the e the mo n acco fore 1 of a hell ntal as to iven The unuse er, tha uch hoti fittings ncrathe no trod this le,se. gives n taep es provod e on eh.ea essor ?ertake porti adva if th lesso fails essee o the may le erein .scri +-d for lbssee 4 ,coupy to ref d to e less ed pa nt of 'rent nea ref d the xilance the remis e,OcjUi - month from lo e pre pay the same r che lessee. ises ol c. I . drachmae per month ,s The lessee agrees to pay to the lessor for the use of_veh premises, 25X1A68 furniture eguiment, accessories and special fittings ara'Rilc_e rental of payable in advance 25X1A1a ? Approved For Release 1999/08/30 : CIA-RDP78-05201A000100110051-6 25X1A6a 0' Approved For RelehriS6 1999/08/30 :-CIA-RDP78-05204A000100110051-6 5. he lessor arseees to pat all taxes and other charges of a public natu- ehleeb are or may be oxistlne against the leased oremiees, furniture, evutemen eceensories and special fittings, and will also pay any brokerase fees or cen?J? esione relating to the leasing of the property. 7, The lessor further agrees not to effect any repairs, alterations 'es? additions to the building without the written consent of she lessee fle ileo agrees to maintain the sewerage system in good operating order, including the draining of the cesspool(s) ?P .* ,40 Once every. 6 months. The lessee agrees to pay all charges for telephone, electricity, gas and water and other utilities and services used during the tenancy, except as set forth in "Exhibit A". 9. The lessee agrees further that reasonable and ordinary care till be takee of the leased premises, accessories and special fittings, and to pay for any damage to the premises, equipment, accessories and special fittings which may be occasioned by the lessee, his family, guests and servants, ordinary wear and tear Co said premises, furniture, equipment, accessories and special fittings excepted. The lessee and lessor have examined the premises, furniture, uquipmen: accessories and special fittings and have found them satisfactory, except that the lessor agree to effect the following: 1 water pump, 1 electric hot plate with 2 burners, 2 beds with lattresses, 2?taTeb;-4?ohaifg; and?Mitchen - ue/..e.=1r8a.Tief)6eoFre_;. 10. (a) In the event the premises or installations are destroyed or become un? inhabitable, in whole or in part, because of latent or structural defects in the building or installations, or because of damage for any cause over which the les ,:- has no control, the lessee may terminate the lease without notice or the lessee: notify the lessor to effect immediate repairs. (b) If the lessor fails to institute work for such repairs within 10 days of the receipt of such notice, the lessee may proceed on his own initiative to ef:t.-1.e such repairs. The cost of these repairs shall be remitted to the lessee by ,he lessor or the lessee may deduct the cost from any regular rental payments. '(c) I/ the 'vent the le see erninat s the 1 ase as orovi ,e in ti ar,ecTe o 1 ssor 'hall efun o t les ee the alance of any pent a'vaneed epreskne, tJhe unwed p tio of th advice. 11. In the event the lessee fails to fulfill any of the conditions of this lease, the lessor may terminate the lease without notice; but such termination shall be effective only if the lessor refunds to the lessee any unused portion of any advance payment of rent made by the lessee hereunder. 12. In the event the lessor fails to fulfill any of the conditions of he lease, the lessee may terminate the lease without notice and the lessor shall refund the balance of the rent for the unused part of the term within ten daye, provided, however, that the lessee reserves the right to assert any other claim fe, damages to nhich he might be entitled by reason of such violation by the Iesnor, 33. The English text of this lease shall prevail for interpretation or the provisions thereof. 14. The lessor and lessee may add, prior to the signature thereof, other Provisions to this leave by listing them in an "Exhibit B9 attached hereto. 15. The lessee agrees to take care of the garden. ID WITNESS HEREOF, the parties hereto have hereunto subscribed their names to quintuplicstos originals as of the day first above written. Approved For Release 1999/08/30 : CIA-RDP78-05201A000100110051-6