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November 11, 2016
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March 24, 1998
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September 8, 1951
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between 25X1A9a I,IIT TNESSEPH The parties hereto covenant and ague as follows: 1. The lessor hereby lets to the lessee., and the lessee hereby leases from tb(- lessor the premises do-scribed as follows: 25X1 A6a Two rooms, kitchen, bath located at Togo iga~Fi~ u~xn tie, e Amen , acc,~sozn era"?pe?c a '~'? n f -, statement of which is attached hereto as "Exhibit All. 2. The above premises, together with the equipment, accessories and speci. - fittings, vrs11 be used by the lessee, As a Garconierre along with his friends. 3e upon the taking of the promises, the lessor and lessee shell jointly sign a state: nt declaring the condition of the premises,*furniture, equipment, accesses- res and special fittings; and this statement shall be binding on both and shall. -, conclusive of such condition. 44 (a) The term of this lease Will be for _ l _ September 1951. (b the lessee, however, may continue in occupanc s and co it ons after a erm describe months y givi for an,4dditioNqj n owls Articl ( to 1 the howev if the lessee i a: si ve Greece for axxr rea. erm h