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November 11, 2016
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March 24, 1998
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? Approved For ReNose 1999/08/30 : CIA-RDP78-0524)01A000100110053-4 Contract No date emannwl.nn.,??????? ? L. F.; .A. S E between lereaf r c t e "Lessee ISOWIMAME1,11.10,.....M1,04,19,..04?FIMON taNLIIISNIMC TA111.,1.-4.1=010.1?11?0,10!,1101....g..... WITNESSETH: f14.1110.1. 25X1A9a The parties hereto covenant and agree as follows: 1. The lessor hereby let to the lessee, and the lessee hereby leases from the lessor the premises described as follows: elehouee with 2 ump_1212111_1 bathroomL2 kitchens assancLionsanlose. 4.1nn,nner........s....,-???????????onenon.n......a.aawnwanuotartamAnnsenus....emen.nransosna.?*anae,a?mwena?raocusennanuan?nn.??,..........?????,s?zunne????enen.,......., swam- - .....annenwonnorstm....nawn*anneemounaw?rms???*-.....o.saude...san?suost?nast.?????sossa..n.son /2.2.....114110{M ? ?,..-..nnAcn. ? ?? oralwalstr.,??,....0?Aaft,n,,An.....%-ogns.ansspia?imk4rmainnacsnaili...Ata?..niteLann,?,, Mt ? tn. ? a...nn.w.anwin.rnn lin....iin???onvano......nuadanr?aormendruanininewan.....-4.14:16,10.015*..,31.11.1.".. ?? Wialic?flatfi?EEMTEiarure, statement of which is attached hereto as "Exhibit A". 2. The above premises, together with the equipment, accessories and special fittings, will be used by the lessee, hie familye guests and servants as living quarters only. 3. Upon the taking of the premises, the lessor and lessee shall jointly Siga a statement declaring the condition of the premises, furniture, equipment, accereee ries and special fittings; and this statement shall be binding on both and shall 'ef conclusive of such condition. 4. (a) the term of this lease will be for six (6)- - months beginning ? ? (b) The lessee, however, may continue in occupancy of the premises under the same terms and conditions after the term described in the section (a) of this . Article for an additional 6 months by giving notice to the lessor of sueh intention at least thirty da prior prior to the .expiration of the term. c) If the le see is a 1e4ve Greece r are/ re he i-r.m shall se on th the essor of h inteeti h wever, that such t_e less proposed _e balm represen the les ee; provide thin 10 d: o o .receiAt of sue at, assessyries and sie,cial fit expiration of said not ce, and terms as rovided her in and vided hemi igned by hie Goiter ent to another post Or i on prio to the e,eiration f the rm of t last da of the mynth on wh*ch th' esee n to vac te on acciunt of such ci:eT tance ice is ,iVen on r before 5 days.p ior to o vacate. The le or will idertake o refu d b,r any unused p etion of ny advan d peem howeve that i the les or fails o ref notice the.less e may le se the vemises, equIl ings he in descnbed for months fron th at the new, see sh 1 occupy prelises.on .y the, s yenta in drac nee pert month aa for payment by the 1essee. fu 25X1A6a 25X1A1a ' rf74. he date on ehioh to the lees? ?nt,o2 rclt ma? ?the ba.ance The naiture, lessee agreee to pay to the lessor for the use of such premisee equipment, accessories and special fittines a monthly rent payable Upon signing of lease. Approved For Release 1999/08/30 : CIA-RDP78-05201A000100110053-4 irmt 25X1A9a Approved For Releate6 1999/08/30 :-CfA-RDP78-05204A000100110053-4 n. The iezeor agrees to pal all taxes and other charges a public: eatue- shien ere oe may be existing againot the leased premises, furnitaae, equigean:n pc:enveries and special fittings, and will also pay any brokerage fees oe cone esin s relating to the leaeing of the property. The lessor further agrees not to effect any repairs, niterations, or additions to the building without the written convent of the leseee. He also 41g-race to maintain the sewerage eysten in good operating order; includire the draining of the cesspool(s) whenever necessary.- 8. The lessee agrees to pay all (Masses for telephone, electricity, :as and water and other utilities and. services used during the tenancy, except as set foeth In "-axhibit A". 9. The lessee agrees further that reasonable and ordinary care ill be taker of the leased premises, accessories and special fittings, and to pay for any &nage to the premises, equipment accessories and special fittings which may be occasioned by the lessee, his fanny, guests and servants, ordinary wear erd tear to said premises, furniture, equipment, accessories and special fittings excepted. The lessee and lessor have examined the premises, furniture, equipmen accessories and special fittings and have found them satisfactory except that the 1;ssor agrees to effect the folIoringa_ A. The lessee further aEreed to take care-oftl_aCuiCeiLortnthergarclen 10 (a) In the event the premises or installations are dectroyed or becene un- inhabitable, in whole or in part, because of latent or structural defects; in the building or installations, or because of damage for any eauge over rbict the :net has no control, the lessee may terminate the lease without notice or the 7.essce notify the lessor to effect imealdiate repairs. (b) If the lessor fails to institute work for such repairs within 10 days c, the receipt of such notice, the lessee may proceed on his own initiative ne such repairs. The cost of these repairs shall be remitted to the lessee bF tie lessor; or the lessee may deduct the cost from any regular rental payments. (c) In the event the lessee terminates the lease as provided in this art3ce, the lessor shall refund to the lessee the balance of any rent advanced ropreeenefo the unused portion of the advance. 11. In the event the lessee fails to fulfill any of the conditions of this lease, the lessor may terminate the lease without notice; but such terminatien. shall be effective only if the lessor refunds to the lesese any unused portio. of any advance payment of rent made by the lessee hereunder. 12. In the .event the lessor fails to fulfill any of the conditionaof the lease, the lessee may terminate the lease without notice and the lessor shall refund the balance of the rent for the unused part of the term within ten daye, provided, however, that the lessee reserves the right to assert any other aaim damages to Which he might be entitled by reason of such violation by the leseor 13. The English text of this lease shall prevail for interpretation or the provisions thereof. The lessor and lessee may add, prior to the signature thereof, other provisions to this lease by listing then in an "Exhibit 1311 attached hereto. IN WITNESS HEREOF, the parties hereto have hereunto subscribed their' names to onintuplicatee originals as of the day first above written. Approved For Release 1999/08/30 : CIA-RDP78-05201A000100110053-4