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November 11, 2016
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March 24, 1998
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November 13, 1951
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1.1111.1insaamagoliNIWWwW 25X1A6a on parties pp rove as rou.owe connecting of his own and rental For Release 1999/08/30 : ii05000019,1)11,21488 25X1A2g Lease the 13th November 1951 day of the week Monday. The undersign ng_ (hereinafter called for brevity the lessor) and 4r.25X1A5 dentity card serial No. residerAs, aidAlei 1 4 ? lets (as the lessor) to other parties the 25x1A5E rooms, bearing identifying numbers twn rind four, on the seventh r14 'building located at The agreement terms are as follows: I. Duration. It. a/ The duration of the present lease i unIted, beginning on N .ember 14 1950 and ending on November 14, 1951. b/ The lease ended, the lessee ts obliged tad oliver, without excuse, tht premises In the same excellent condition he received it today. The lessee is responsible for any tear and/or wear he caused, excepted tte ones due to the normal use. In the conception of the normal use are excepted: breaks of window glass, loss of keye, and any damage done to locks, electrical, hy2raulic and internal telephone installations, all of whichare at his expense. c/ The lessee states that he fully and unreservedly a,'aedona any privileg arising from the present rent price control and/or any which. Is possit to be given by any future legislation. re states lilso that he constde and admits that the agreed rental is legal, right, and fair, and ac- cording to his bainess. The lessee abandons any request for reducing the rental. Rental. 25X1A6a a/ he ren 25X1A6a 11 be at the rate of onth and shall he paid as follows: six mil on e.g., fiv mont a rentafrom 14.11.50 till 14.4.51 simultaneously with thee lent of the present contract today. On t he 14.4.51 are going to -.41 paid in advance the remaining seven rentals e.g., till the expiration of the present lease on 14.11.51. In this sum shall be balanced and the de- posited guarantee. A written receipt shall 1::e giver by the leesor or his pleniOotentiary to the lessee. Any other evidence is eTcerted eve! the oath. The payment shall he done at the house and orrice of the lessor in time. b The lessee will pay also every month todether with the rental any owed sum dependent to this contract. 0/ The toleration of lessor, in receiving the r en al one or more days after the first days of each month, cannot be conceived RS an amendment to the terms and agreements ef the present contract. It cannot be con- sidered also as creating any right in favor of the lessee. He is al- ways obliged to pay the rental as it bas been previously stipulated. III. Destination and use of the premises. a/ The premises shall be always used as a wanes' office. It is prohibit to the lames to U$0 It otherwise. b/ The lessee states in the present contract that he has received the premises which happen to be of his full Approval and suitable for the purpose he wants, in excellent condition. That the window glass, locks keys, and in general the installations: specially the hydraulic, electr lighting and Interior telephone, betng examined by ).-iri if n 'Approved For Release 1999/08/30 : CIA-RDP78-05201A000100110058-9 ma i Ami.7041 eon ? Ig/ DE;-79/4 lee hti Coen P1-$ 7E e s.) CAP Approved or Releasa4999/08/30 : CIA-RDP78-05201V0100110058-9 2 C/it is eXpresslz prohibited tnat any Person is going to stay during the night at the premi_sea. d/ It is expressly prohibited to put in the premises inflammable items, !per items with smell1 any items making noise and/or disturbIng esiMailsow the lessees of the other apartments. Also Items that mig4t tear or wear the premises. .1 It is prohibited for the lessee to put in the premises a UX. and/or any items heavier than lb() kilograms, witnout an atithoriaing special letter of the lessor. The positions in whieh the lessee shell place the safes or other heavy items shall be indicated by the lessor to the lessee in a le tter. gi The sublease and/or the cession of the premtees and the chesege of its professional use to anyone c yen without the pezelent of a rental is permitted only after _a written special parteassion of the leaser. It is permitted also to engage a partner after a written approval of the leseor. The lessee essmains always responsible f or the fulfilment of L he terms and agreements of the present contract and the peyment of the rental. h/ It is prohibited for the lessee to light fire inside the premises and/or use a stove for heat!ng except an electric one. 1/ It is prohibited to install any electrically moved and/or any machine except ventilatoi se without an explicit approving letter of the lessor. It is prohibited also to charge electric batteries of any kind, any time of the day or ni61 t. j/ It, due to the purpose for which the premises are inteneed to be used and/or due to the kind of items that shall be Stored into the premises, the insurance c ?miserly to which the house shall be or is already insured, should ask a greater inserance Premium than the regular one against fire for t te vitae house (to which the ;remises is an apartment) the lessee is obliged to pay to the lessor the difference which the lessor tight pay to the insurance c ompany. The insure ante premium is fixed by the lessor. k/ It is prohibited for the lessee to put and/or expose boxes and/or any items in the corridors and halls in front of his premises. Repairs accessories, titles, etc. a/ Durine the present lease, the lessee is free from any repair and/or mending of the premises. Any such repair carried out by the lessee is at his expense and mut be done with the approval and ugelepg the supervisions. of the lessor. The lase ended or somehoe tersanated, any improvement r comics in the 4i4vanta e f tle lessor end Approweitlieoes tisaltS2a18)3810%19 :tgaA Wtigt s FAS II Approved For Release '19991%730 ::QIA-RDP78-05201A000100110058-9 Especially the lessee is obliged to uee a technician an- pointed- by the lessor In order to repair the electrical instegations and/or to put eny additions whirl, have been appreeed by the lessor. b/ It ,is prohibited for the lessee to put any aceessories or to make any changes to the premises except to put timber partitions, rt is prohibited also for the lessee to change the cc/or ,of the facade and the'frames. The lease ended, the lessee is obliged to ,eliver the preelseilithoUtthe timber partitions he may have installed, otherwise they shall remain as a profit for the lessor. It isortrittly prohibited for the lessee to put and/or heng inscriptions or adVerti sement s , also to put a web or any kind. Of items in the facade of the premiSes, the balCiteries the stairs and the --corridors of the building. Those i totes can be p-.:Lt only the office doors and the board which is In the e ntrance of =====11 t ut without projecting. 25X1A6a On the b cards which exist for this purpose In the min en- trance of the building, it is p ermi. tted to put signs Of the same dimensions of the boards. d/ The lessee d oes not have the premises are his own e/ The lessor ha a the rieht wants in the premises or he can make additions or being obliged to ask the reduce '_the rental, the richt to put in the houae where mail box. to perform any repair whenever he at any place in the tnildine. Plea changes to the buildine without lessee, to pay him an indemnity or to The lessee is obliged to ilimediatelyrestore, even before the and of the leases any wear, tear, and demege that hem been Elide to the premAses by himeelf, his e-eployees An(' his laborers. Electric light,water, cleanliness a/ The lessor is responsible to issue electric light for the ifesees if the electrical company provides any to him. The les*** 'most pay to the lessor the price or the current he uses, whith is indicated in the meter that exists in U-le premiees* The bill shall be paid to the lessor in the same time the, rental is paid. See article no. 6 of the ni-esent contriCt. If the lessee delays the payment of the bill, the lessor has the right to out off the light Without any warning, He shall also undertake the eviction or the lessee as in article $5, b/ The lessees have the rieht to use the building's elevator in order to go upsters and e cmnstairs. The loteer is obliged to take care of the gobd and regular function of the elevator, but ht 0 no respOnSIbility if Atte- to a break the operation of the stsvator deltYt. In any stet, the lessee has not the rig0-tO k the'leesor the ntriant of an indemnity or the termination of the lease beeattit the elevator does network. Approved For Release 1999/08/30 : CIA-RDP78-05201A000100110058-9 Approved For Release 199408/30 : CIA-RDP78-0 01A000100110058-9 c/ The lessor undertake no responsibility to provide a tele- phone communication to the lessee except the interior one with the coffee-house of the building, the lessee being obliged to take his coffees and drinks from that particelar *bop. The lessee can have his own telephone with his ex- penses after getting a written aPproval from the lessor. The lessor undertakes no responsibility to pro,ide water to the premises. The lessee is obliged to pay the obligatory water supely. d/ The cleaning of the premises is the responsibility of the lessee and mustbe carried out at hours the lessor suggests. The lessee Cannot hire his own cleaners and must use the special ones of the building. he is obliged to throw the rubbish ma waste basket, the place of which the lessor is going to sug- gest. The lessee is responsible for paying the rubbish tax. e/ The lessee promises to Seep the regulations of the building in which the premises belosg. VI.? Judiciary: a/ The lessee assigns from now on, as. his representative, the secretary of the levier court, to which the lessor, In ease of an absence of the lessee, can legally and validly serve any legal document and lawsuit which emanates from the present contract. Eviction Lawsuit is included. Proper court to try any difference in the payment of the rentals and any sum disputable in tne lawsuits and/or any indemnity Is the magistrates court. VII. Guarantee VIII. The lessee id todas to the lessor a guarantee ofm=1111110. wdA ich shall remain deposited an 4 returne to the lessee the date the expiration 6f the contract, if he fulfills all his obligations of the present contract. The furniture the lessee Is going to bring into the premises shall remain as a guarantee for the fulfillment of the terms of the present contract. The lessee can balance any claim against the lessor in part or in full with the .guarantee he already paid. Put in case the lessee is late in paying the rental, this gearantee goes at the benefit . of the lessor. Generalities. 25X1A6a 25X1A6a 25X1A6a 25X1A6a a/ The lessee is obliged durin, the last two months of the lease to permit the visiting ,to the premises of persons wishing to lease the premises after tLe present lease is ovee. Visiting hours every day from 32 till 1 Am., and from 5 till 6 p.m. b/ Opening hours for tlJe building in which the premises belong in sumker time 7 a.m. - U. p.m., winter time e a.m. - 11 p.m. Cl It is prohibited fpr the lessee to purchase coffee-house drinks from outside, if tixre is a coffee-house functioning 211 mo. ? ma Approved For Release 1999/08/30 : CIA-RDP78-05201A000100110058-9 ApproVirear RAtene.01,94540.8/30 : CIA-RDP78-05201A000100110058-9 *or' 0/ The The delay in paying the rental even for one month and/or any sum emanating from this contract, and the break of a tirm of the print contract olves the right to .r e lessor to -'break the present lease and ask theevi ctlen of 1ss800 from the premises according to the articles of the law about evicting peevish lessees. In case or evIction of the lessee, the latter is obliged to pay to the lessor all the rill ntals up to the end of the lease, even if t'hose rentals are not served. Those rentals shall '-cs claimed as a fine and indemnity. d/ The lessee is obliged to rental. and with the same ors, n er 1.lght of utilities, etc. pay e acb month, together with the terms and obligations, one hum- for his obligatory use or t ep ones, cleanliness and 1.8see t,ald today to the lessor the sum of as a guarantee for the e xpendl tl.Are of tl,,e e se' ric light. This sum shall remain deposited witb(ut interest till the end of the present lease and shall be re- turned to tile lessee after the payment of all ti-ie tills concerning expenditure of electric light. The present has been written In twr) copies and ach of the contracting parties reeeivad one. The contractors (ogdide,,) A.: /aaezac, "1"*4441 o. /eij Approved For Release 1999/08/30 : CIA-RDP78-05201A000100110058-9 ? 25X1A6a 25X1A6a 25X1A6a