Minutes of Six-hundred-forty-fourth Meeting United States Intelligence Board DCI Conference Room Central Intelligence Agency, at 1030 hours, 28 June 1973

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November 9, 2016
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October 2, 1998
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June 28, 1973
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Approved For Release 19 RDP78-05597A000200010037-4 USIB-M-644 28 June 1973 U N I T E D S T A T E S I N T E L L I G E N C E BOARD Minutes of Six-hundred-forty-fourth Meeting United States Intelligence Board DCI Conference Room Central Intelligence Agency, at 1030 hours, 28 June 1973 Director of Central Intelligence James R. Schlesinger Presiding Lieutenant General Vernon A. Walters, USA, Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Mr. George C. Denney, Jr. , acting for Director of Intelligence and Research, Department of State Vice Admiral Vincent P. de Poix, USN, Director, Defense Intelligence Agency Lieutenant General Samuel C. Phillips, USAF, Director, National Security Agency Mr. J. Foster Collins, Acting Department of Treasury Representative to USIB Mr. Charles A. Sommer, acting for Atomic Energy Commission Representative to USIB Mr. William O. Cregar, acting for Federal Bureau of Investigation Representative to USIB Major General William E. Potts, USA, Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Department of the Army Rear Admiral Earl F. Rectanus, USN, Director of Intelligence, Department of the Navy Brigadier General Lincoln D. Faurer, USAF, Acting Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, United States Air Force Exempt from general declassification schedule of E.O. 1 16 52, exemption category 5B(2). Automatically declassified on: impossible to determine. Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05597A000200010037-4 Approved For Release 19 A-RDP78-05597A000200010037-4 USIB-M-644 28 June 1973 1. Mr. Schlesinger's Last USIB Meeting as Board Chairman Mr. Schlesinger, noting that the Senate was considering his confirmation as Secretary of Defense at that moment, commented that he had very much enjoyed his association with the Board Principals and that he was looking forward to continuing association in a new arena. He said that he had no doubt Mr. Colby would do a superlative job as the new DCI and USIB Chairman. Mr. Schlesinger made several observations about the changing world situation which, he said, would make the job of the intelligence community even more important in the future. He stressed that this job would have to be done and done well in the face of shrinking resources. The Chairman expressed confidence that the intelligence community will live up to this very great challenge. He concluded his remarks by again expressing his appreciation to the Principals for their cooperation. Later Mr. Colby, as Chairman designate, expressed the Board's thanks and appreciation for Mr. Schlesinger's contributions toward strengthening the intelligence community. He commented that all of us had been stimulated by the Chairman's intellectual interests and ideas. Mr. Colby said that he looked forward to a continuing close working relationship with Mr. Schlesinger. Speaking for himself and the Board Principals, Mr. Colby again thanked the Chairman and wished him well in his new and larger job. Farewell to Mr. John W. Huizenga Chairman of the Board of National Estimates Mr. Schlesinger noted that this was the last USIB meeting for Mr. John Huizenga in his capacity as Chairman of the Board of National Estimates. He said that, upon Mr. Huizenga's retirement, he wished to recognize his stalwart performance in the service of both the CIA and the entire intelligence community. He stated that Mr. Huizenga's strength of intellect and intellectual integrity had resulted in invaluable contributions. Speaking for himself and the Board Principals, Approved For Release 1999/09/20: CIA-RDP Approved For Release I 9QW' f IA-RDP78-05597A000200010037-4 USIB -M-644 28 June 1973 Mr. Schlesinger thanked Mr. Huizenga for his many services. He said that Mr. Huizenga had been awarded the Distinguished Intelligence Medal that morning and read the citation as follows: uizenaa thanked the Chairman for his generous remarks. He commented on some of the problems and some of the progre 25X1A9a been made in the estimative process. Mr. Huizenga stressed the impor- 25X1A9a tance of estimates and the contributions they should make towards helping the policy makers understand an enormously complicated world environment. He concluded his remarks by wishing the Board every success in its future course. - 3 - 1--4,n &WOM Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05597A000200010037-4 Approved For Release 199S'0 QiA-RDP78-05597A000200010037-4 USIB -M-644 28 June 1973 Admiral de Poix said that he wished to comment on Mr. Huizenga's valuable contributions from DIA's point of view. He observed that, while there naturally had been stresses and strain, he personally valued his association with John Huizenga and felt that he had done a great job. Admiral de Poix wished Mr. Huizenga every success in the future. 3. Welcome to Mr. J. Foster Collins 25X1A9a Mr. Schlesinger welcomed Mr. Collins to his first meeting as the new Treasury Department Alternate Member of USIB. 4. Watch Report No. 1192 Approved as amended. 5. Termination of the National Intelligence Survey Program (USIB-D-51.1 /22, 19 June 1973) Dr. Proctor introduced the subject by referring to the memorandum issued by the Chairman, NIS Committee. Dr. Proctor traced the trends of the NIS Program since 1959, noting that there had been steady reductions in resources and output since that time. He said that in the past there were many contributors to the NIS Program. Now, however, the principal contributors are CIA, approximately 75 percent; and DoD, approximately 25 percent. He noted that this allocation of resources did not include the review function performed by the State Department. The principal point was, he said, that the overall reduction of resources required the elimina- tion of this Program at least insofar as CIA was concerned. Mr. Schlesinger commented that the ultimate responsibility for this Program rested with Mr. Colby as the DCI designate. Mr. Colby responded that the decision to cut the resources for the NIS Program was based on the overall reduction imposed on CIA; the problem was being presented to USIB for consideration as a matter under USIB auspices and in view of the fact that USIB Principals represent the primary customers for the product. Approved For Release 1999/09/20: CIA-RD Approved For Release 19&W WL-CIA -RDP78-05597A000200010037-4 USIB -M-644 28 June 1973 Several members stated that the NIS product was most useful within their organizations and expressed regret at the proposed termina- tion. Admiral de Poix, noting that DIA and the Services were the principal users, said he would like to see as much as possible of the Program continued. He reported that a survey conducted by DIA early in 1970 ranked the NIS General Survey 11th in usefulness out of 131 general intelligence products. He said that DIA and the Services would have to examine the problem to see what could be salvaged. Admiral Rectanus stressed the importance of the NIS product to the Navy, particularly to ships at sea. Dr. Proctor said that it might be possible to preserve the Fact Book in some other form but that this would require additional consideration. After hearing Dr. Proctor's comments on the resources devoted to the NIS Program as currently constituted, the Acting State Member expressed regret at the proposed termination especially in light of the relatively small amount of money involved. He said that State was prepared to continue its review function, but that it had no additional resources to devote to the Program. Mr. Colby suggested that Dr. King along with his NIS Committee prepare a proposal for Board consideration. The proposal should take into account the USIB discussion with regard to what could be salvaged from the NIS product. It was also noted that the National Security Council Intelligence Directive No. 3 dealing with the NIS Program would require modification if the Program is not continued. The Chairman commented that first the Board needed to determine what could be salvaged from the current NIS Program. Dr. Proctor concluded that he had proposed the elimination of the NIS Program with mixed feelings. On the one hand, he was faced with resource reductions. On the other hand, he noted that the current NIS publications were excellent products. A great deal of credit he said should go to Dr. John King, and a number of others. Mr. Schlesinger said that Dr. Proctor's comments were well taken and should be noted by the Board. 25X1A9a Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05597A000200010037-4 Approved For Release 199/RM.FIA-RDP78-05597A000200010037-4 USIB-M-644 28 June 1973 a. Agreed that the NIS Committee should prepare a proposal for Board consideration at an early date re- garding how DIA might incorporate the most useful aspects of the NIS product into DIA's production in view of CIA's decision that it will not be able to provide resources for the Program after FY-1974. b. Noted that NSCID No. 3 will require modification if the NIS Program is terminated or sharply cut back. Executive Session 6. The Chairman convened the Board in executive session at 1120 hours to hear and discuss a briefing on a sensitive subject by Mr. Carl Duckett. 7. Objectives for the Intelligence Community At the conclusion of the meeting Mr. Colby distributed a new draft memorandum to the President on the subject of Objectives for the Intelligence Community. He requested that the Board Principals forward any comments they may have, either by memorandum or telephone, to General Lew Allen by 5 July 1973. 25X1A9a Adjournment: 1140 hours -6 - SECRET Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05597A000200010037-4 Approved For Release 19 DP78-05597A000200010037-4 USIB -M-644 28 June 1973 SECRETARY'S NOTES 1. Approval of Minutes 7 June Meeting (USIB -M-643 ) All USIB members as of 15 June telephonically approved the minutes of the 7 June meeting. 2. Watch Report Nos. 1190 and 1191 On 14 and 21 June respectively, all USIB members telephonically approved the subject reports. 3. Approval of Estimates a. NIE 94-73, "Chile" b. NIE 42 / 14.2 - 7 3, "Implications of a ROK Foreign Policy Initiative" As of 14 and 18 June respectively, all USIB members approved the subject estimates. The Office of National Estimates had proceeded with their publication. No member raised objection to the release of these estimates to USIA. 4. USIB -S-29.1 1 /21, 1 June 1973 (Limited distribution through special channels) On 14 June all USIB members concurred in the SIGINT Committee recommendations contained in the subject paper. The Office of the Chairman, SIGINT Committee has been notified of this Board action. car nD 1'T Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05597A000200010037-4 Approved For Release 1 -RDP78-05597A000200010037-4 USIB-M-644 28 June 1973 5. Non-Release of Estimates a. SNIE 28.4-73, "Security Conditions in Iceland" (USIB-D-17.8/584, 31 May 1973) b. SNIE 57-73, "The Short-Term Prospect for Cambodia" (USIB-D-17.8/585, 1 June 1973) c. SNIE 58-73, "The Impact on the Laotian Situation of an Early Reduction or Withdrawal of Thai Forces from Laos" (USIB-D-17.8/586, 1 June 1973) All USIB members have concurred in the Board of National Estimates' recommendation regarding non-release of the subject estimates. Therefore, no further Board action will be taken and SNIE 28.4-73, SNIE 57-73, and SNIE 58-73 will not be released to any foreign government. 6. Report Noted by USIB: Tamper Resistant Packaging System (USIB-D-9.5/14, 30 May 1973) In the absence of a request by a member, the subject report will not be discussed at a meeting and has been recorded as noted by the Board on 8 June. _g_ ___Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05597A000200010037-4